नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः ||

Namastasyai- Namastasyai -Namastasya -Namo Namah”

Salutations, salutations, salutations to thee again and again

Like shower of Rain, comes shower of arrows. Each arrow carries fire that is being carried by Ram in his heart seeing the death of innocent lives . Looks like demons move towards Ram to get Mukti from his hand. ???

Ram’s body bend in the same way as his bow when it is being stringed. His bones in his hands looks like an arrow.

Wonder!!! Which is bow and arrow ??? Whether it is the one which Ram holds in his hands or it is Ram himself. Power of a flower… Yes!! Ram’s eyes are like lotus flowers. His lotus eyes is one side giving peace and calmness and on another side burning asur. If elephant is believed to be the strongest, here comes the one who has power of 1000 elephants and even more. His radiant face giving sunshine to the lives of people. His smile sweep away the misery of people and rejuvenate them???????

In such mesmerising situation, there comes surpanakha. The pain of love attracts her to ram and the pain seems to be vanished in a moment. It is not love from heart, all she wanted to show world that she has someone who is equal to Ravan. She proves to be Ravan’s sister. Because, Ravan thought swayamvar as competition and Sita as a thing/ prize that will get out of winning. Same way, surpanakha thinks Ram as gift/thing that she will get for the pain she faced in life for these many years. It’s greedy not purity. ?⚔?

For a normal human, whomever we see will be reflected in eyes. But, for Ram, be it wherever he is, whomever he meets only Sita reflection is seen. She is glued to him… Fixed and mixed with soul. She is his lifeline. Not a moment, he saw surpanakha- his eyes can open and bend to only his Siya and his mothers.??? DESTINY – going to play high.

Calmness facing arrogance… Epitome of manners and humanity faces epitome of cruelty…. Philanthropist faces greedy…. Compassion faces callousness… Blood of love faces blood of ego… Person who removes darkness faces person who brings darkness..?????

There, Bali and Sugreev falls in the pit created to break their bond. Innocent Sugreev taking revenge for himself Thinking of taking revenge against Asur.. Closes the door… But, opens the path to connect Ram and hanuman..??

Sita – beautiful like peacock.. She is like a amazingly sculptured idol.. Flowers blush looking at her face…sun and moon wait for their turn and rush to her to get glimpse of her smile.. Such wonder of world… Jayant Indira’s son gets attracted to her. Admires her without her knowledge. Even nature can’t allow anyone admiring Sita other than Ram. So, to sign Sita, the little branch breaks and signs her about it. Like Ram, Sita’s eyes can have reflection of Ram only. Now, how jayant is going to crab her attention? What will be outcome of his actions?

Let’s wait and watch… Jai Sita Ram??❤️??

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Shruti di …u r just awesome????..excellent writing skills …waiting to read more from u di …

  2. Shruthi di…u r just awesome ????..excellent writing skills…eagerly waiting to read more from u

  3. awesome di 🙂 love you 🙂

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