When brother’s agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life ‘??

It is said that one can win massive armies keeping one’s brother aside. Signal has been sent to Lakshman to dig pit. Knowing the weak point of enemy is equally important as knowing the strong point. In excitement, asur failed to look at the Ram’s real picture and his over confidence closes his eyes, which became tool for Ram and thus ram dragged Asur intelligently to pit. The man of compassion gave Mukti to asur, who came to kill them.???

Sita’s ram crowned the victory but not even a moment, he boasted himself.” KEEPING YOUR EYE ON STARS AND FEET ON GROUND WILL BRING ALL VICTORY OF WORLD UNDER ONE”. This quality of Ram brings him all laurels and makes him an ideal man. When victory crown is placed over one’s head, thanking the one who has been instrumental behind the success is something that defines an ideal human. In all dimensions, Ram proves to be an ideal human, by not taking all credits to him and thanking Jatayu for being instrumental behind killing asur.???

One need not hear any word from Ram to get peace within, just looking at him can bring all blessings and refreshment. As he breathe in, he takes away all Sins of the world and as he breathe out, he purify the entire world. The moment he opens his eyes, he couldn’t find the source of his breathe and goes in search of it.????

Trees and plants – though not in the form of human, they live such pure life than human being. It’s the air which they give out, we breathe in and the air which we give out, they breathe in. Such is the mutual connection between human and plants/trees. So, how can they not understand our language? If a mother protects her child by her warmth, they protect us by their shadow. They bring rain, they give foods, they dance along with the air just to give us comfort. They love and live along with us and like us. If we smile, they will smile back. If we go to them with pain, they will give their lap to rest and bring our smile back. ☘?????❤️???

Siya understands them to fullest and knows their heart. She talks sweetly with them and showers love on them as water. Little happy moments will always stay deep inside heart and forms a beautiful memory. Ram’s little winks, Sita’s heart full smile along with the music of nature – one divine experience ????❤️

Once again Ravan comes back to Sita’s life. The moment has come finally. ‘ Lankathipathi Ravan’ – the name uttered by Ram himself. The mark has been done. Ram’s eyes aimed at Ravan. The power of arrow will be twice than usual as Ravan was the one who disrespected his Sita in swayamvar. It’s payback time. All blessings, good deeds combine together and supports Ram. The first step towards the birth motive has been taken?????

More strong connection will be laid by surpanakha. Let’s wait and watch how it happens.

Jai Siya Ram????

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. awesome di 🙂

  2. nice analysis… I can’t agree more with that Beautiful scene of Sita telling Ram about the plants… yes Their exchange of love through smiles and winks with the soulful flute and piano bgm ….makes it ,as you said,DIVINE… I watched just that particular scenes many times in Hotstar. 🙂

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