Mutual admiration and respect for each other feelings along with hand in hand journey in the path of truth forms the base of the beautiful relationship. Ram and Siya are getting alert about their challenging future ahead of them by numerous ways. Starting from Sita’s causal conversation about what if she gets lost, then Mata Anusuya words, Lakshman worries and now asur Virat is in front of them to alert about future. ?

The whole incident symbolises that there will be heavy unexpected storm that is going to approach them, which seems to take Ram’s Sita away from him. But, there can’t be any force or nature that is capable of taking ram’s Siya. Like stones and air which helped ram to catch hold of Sita from the hands of Virat , there will always be someone or something in future that will pave path and take Ram to his Siya. ?????

Ram moves away from asur, not because of fear. Hmm.. Fear- the word will not be in his dictionary. There could be two reasons for this. One is to protect his Siya and make her to stand in safe place and second would be as he promised his Siya that before killing any asur, he would give them chance to change themselves, he gives a chance for Virat to change his evil mind.⚔??

Now, Sita is moved to safe place. ‘ BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER’ – as the saying goes, Lakshman senses trouble for his bhai and bhabhi and rushes there. Ram gives one final chance to Virat but he is in no mood to bend down. So, now it’s time for Ram to fulfil his promise given to Rishi, to kill demons to safeguard them.?⚔

With great valor, responsibility, bond, respect and fire , Ram and Lakshman strings their bows and shoots arrow on Virat. Light is believed to travel faster, but it looks like the speed of the arrow overtake the speed of the light. Ram’s love and Lakshman’s respect for Siya is driving them faster.????

But, to surprise nothing is having effect on asur. This symbolises them that their future Challenge is not going to be very easy and requires both intelligence and valor combined to win over the situation. ‘ A FRIEND IN NEED IS THE FRIEND INDEED’ – one can know about the people around, only at the time of critical situation. Here comes Jatayu with a solution to kill Virat.

There is Lanka, destiny plays high time and drags surpanakha to Dandaka forest. The moment is nearing. Sita and Ram are given trail for their future. Let’s wait and watch how God is going to create the moment to March Ram and Sita towards their birth motive.

Jai Siya Ram????

Credit to: Shruthi

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