“Listen to your own voice, your own soul. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t ”

Lakshman walks back home with two happiness one freeing sampaati from bhandan and other seeing Sita being safe. ‘My fear should not come as reality’ – This conversation between Ramsiya and Lakshman can be viewed in two ways.
ONE- In life there is always someone or something that will alert us about future events. But, here like Kaikeyi ma who is blindfolded by destiny, Ram is also prevented from looking at the future event- Sita abduction

SECOND- Ram and Sita know their birth motive and also Lakshman can never leave Sita without protection. And thus dragging him to situation where he himself admits to create Rekha that can be crossed by her but not anyone – as a path to future ????
The most important conversation between Ram and Siya happens. Seeing mourning and broken hearts of asur’ family, brings storms of emotions within Sita. In the step towards killing asur to protect Rishi, asur’s wife is becoming widow and children are becoming orphan. Is this Dharam ? Is that justice ? These questions trouble her mind and who else can bring calmness to her heart other than her Raghunanthan. This, she goes in search of her Ram. ??

स्नेहात् च बहुमानात् च स्मारये त्वाम् न शिक्षये |
न कथंचन सा कार्या गृहीत धनुषा त्वया || ३-९-२४
बुद्धिः वैरम् विना हन्तुम् राक्षसान् दण्डक आश्रितान् |
अपराधम् विना हन्तुम् लोको वीर न कामये || ३-९-२५

“In affinity and in respect I am reminding but not tutoring you, and in anyway improper is that thought of yours to wield your bow to kill the demons dwelling in Dandaka without any enmity, oh, brave one, undesirable is the killing of offenceless… [3-9-24, 25]

Like the saying ‘ All glitters are not gold’ – All the asur need not necessarily be harmful and life threatening for innocent people. Like sun whose Dharam was to burn if someone nears, same for the arrows whose Dharam is to kill the one who is aimed. Aiming at the innocent lives can bring curse to Ram from their family makes her worry.?

The world knows ‘ Ram is man of one Word, one arrow’ and his arrow can never miss out the target and till now and even in future it will never target an innocent people knowingly. It was the same heart that melted after defeating Tadka. So, Sita does not want her Ram who defines compassion, to kill any innocent asur without his knowledge too and also she wants to erase the wrong impression that placed in the minds of future generation about being truthful. This is what even Ram is striving for – to set the path of truth. SEEING INNOCENT BEING KILLED SHOULD NOT DIVERT THE YOUNG MINDS AND THAT IS THE SOUL MOTIVE OF THIS CONVERSATION ???

The question that will ponder not only in Sita’s mind but in all is, Rishi – one who is blessed with all superior powers, then why did they are not attacking demons by themselves? From the series of past events, it will be clearly seen that – Vishwamitra, The Brahmarishi, though owned all powers took Ram to kill tadka. It’s because, they live ascetic life, earned all merit and powers by leading such ascetic life. Thus, they don’t want to lose that ascetic nature by cursing or punishing them. This intention in them made them to approach Ram. Even if world turns upside down, Ram can never go on a promise that he made to Rishi on killing demons.??

Giving due respect to Sita, his co-pursuer of Dharam and to innocent families of asur, Ram promises not to kill any asur, who are innocent and also assure them to give second chance before killing them. Second chance – not all will get. Man of righteousness took right path now. It’s all left to asur to protect themselves.


Credit to: Shruthi

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