” Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them”

Few final moments of darkness in the life of sampaati. As, Ram brings the truth, reality- surya Bhagavan along with him to make sampaati face the truth.???
Suryavanshis mark their presence. Sampaati blames surya Bhagavan for all mishaps happened. Fire – if touched will burn – that is its nature, it’s Dharam. One’s Dharam or nature can’t be blamed for the mishappening in other life. ?
Ram could sense the hidden truth in sampaati’s heart. – TRUTH FINDS THE TRUTH. Sampaati was one who used to fly freely in limitless sky – it had no limits, no bounds and habitual to be independent. That one challenge made him all dependent, restrained him from enjoying by flying along the air. ??
That guilt of challenging his brother.. That anger of losing his wings is making him stay constrained within a circle of darkness. Now, that circle has been erased. Like the magnet which attracts.. Ram pulls sampaati hard with his words and make him cross the circle.???
‘ A heart of love can gloss even the spikes of steel ‘. Even stone will dissolve with one’s skilled act. The way Ram opens his arm towards sampaati tells him ” SHRUG OFF THE PAST.. FACE THE TRUTH.. REMOVE THE GUILT.. STEP FORWARD..AND THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD IS OPEN’. When spoken openly.. When emotions are flown out..then There is nothing in the world that cannot be solved or healed.??????
Ram and Lakshman looks at each other. For brothers, who are living as one soul know the beautiful feeling of seeing other two brothers together. Happiness, satisfaction and relief of getting brothers from pain is evident in their eyes. ??
Ram unions two brothers here… Whereas, Ravan is trying to break the bond between brothers there. He indirectly points out meghnath about the weakness of two brothers- Bali and Sugreev and thus plan has been laid out. Bali and Sugreev are going to experience the effects of having bad company. The circle and peer of one will have effects in one’s life. Importance of having good peers will soon be revealed. Big role for hanuman is awaiting.⚔
What will be next step of Ram? Let’s wait and watch.. Jai Siya Ram..???

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. awesome one di ! JAI SHREE RAM 🙂

  2. awesome!! I luv the way u write .Why don’t u write it for starting episodes also??..waiting for it

  3. Good one sister…. I like the way u ends ur article…
    Jai shree ram

  4. Thank for all the comments.. Yea I am trying to cover wedding episodes.. But could not complete it.. Hope I finish it soon

  5. plz try to write about janak n sita’s bonding …n childhood episodez tooo

  6. awesome shruti di….

  7. Nicely written di agree with all u have thaat capacity to write all the best di continue writing

  8. S di write abt the boning between a daughter and father that is our siya and janak
    Also abt a wife and husband that is our siya and ram

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