Ram words can never go wrong……????
” Eyes carried much guilt… Innocence got its name from his face…purity got its birth in his heart… He is Ram’s reflection ” Lakshman saw his Ram bhaiya within Bharath. Lakshman was blindfolded by destiny’s play. Love has power to make even a blind one see the world of truth, but he is just blindfolded. In a fraction of moment, their love stood taller than their destiny and opened Lakshman eyes. Lakshman can never ever hurt Bharath, after all they are Ram brought up. Human race got to know about the pure heart of Bharath by his powerful words and actions in Ayodhya. On the other hand, by looking at all happenings even nature would have misunderstood Bharath. Ram and Lakshman can’t allow even a single thing in the world, to think bad about Bharath. Thus, through Lakshman, Bharath pure heart is revealed keeping the whole nature as witness. Ram and Lakshman indirectly clears off the blame that future generations will impose on Bharath.??
” Ram bhaiya…..” is the sound which Ram loves to hear and which rings always deep inside his heart. It has power to increase his strength and boost up his mind. Ram can easily perceive the inner meaning behind their voice. Just the call is enough, Ram will read their mind and clears of all the commotion within. But, the sound which he is hearing now is shaking his heart. He hasn’t heard like that tone before. Their voice has in depth and immense pain and emotions. It is Ram who pulls them out from grief, but this time their voice is dragging him also to their grief. ???

Even God has to experience and bound to all ties and emotions when in human form. His body shivers in emotion… Like earthquake, his heart shakes.. As, he is shivers and trembles, the entire Devlog is crying out in pain. Now, the world is going to experience that power of relations… Power of brotherhood… Power of togetherness… Power of purity and truth… These four brothers are going to be the symbol of brotherhood.. The world is going to witness the brothers love. Three brothers know that their Ram Bhaiya’s heart will breakdown to pieces, when he hears about their pita death. Before he could see the truth, brothers hug him tightly to calm his emotions.???

Ram…. Comes the voice.. The voice which gives him immense calmness right from time he came to her womb, is now giving him storm… His eyes looked up at his ma.. At once, his world got stunned.

It is her kumkum, which gives him freshness and strength.. It’s her bangles, which played music along her lullaby…. It’s her anklet, which tells him the importance of going in Dharam path.. He knows that his ma is paradigm of purity.. But, he can’t see his ma wearing the colour of purity as clothes.. Flow of water can be stopped only for certain extent. Once the limit has reached, it will break the barrier and will flow with full force. Likewise, all emotions that Ram held within him till now is gushing out with same force as water.. Unable to face them, turned Ram the other side. Sita knows her Ram can’t see all these and to bring him out of the grief, she stood the other side. She is his Strength, courage and support. She reminds him that he is the root of their family.. What will happen to family tree, if the root loses it balance and shakes.. ??

Her words gave his strength back.. He collected all his broken heart back and took deep breathe and inhaled all the strength that his Sita passes to him.. ?????
Ma and son heart speaks. Her heart tells him to come with them and cries aloud not to leave them anymore. Yes!! They are Raghuvansi.. As Ram promised, he departed to van and as Dhasarath promised he departed from world… Hugged his mothers and it’s their only medicine for their deep wound in heart.. Never let his family alone in any hard times till now, Ram feels pain as he left them all alone to face toughest time of their family. Kaikeyi ma stands all alone. She knows that her Ram can’t see her like this.. He will not have any strength to see his beloved ma like this and that’s why he stays away from her avoiding her eyes… And Sita reads this reason behind Ram’s hesitancy to see Kaikeyi ma and she ran towards ma and gives comfort to her heart.

Ram right from childhood used to rush to his pita every day to get his love. Now, his pita rushes to him to get his warmth. It is not just ashes, it’s his pita himself. Form May be different, but the soul can be felt. All moments comes as flashes in ram’s mind. He held his pita close to his heart. This was the moment, Dhasarath is yearning for.. Touch by Ram’s hand..????

He came to van to fulfil his son Dharam to protect words of his pita and fulfilling this is not difficult for Ram. But, the responsibility which he got now is hard for him to fulfil… He is standing in the mid of river to mix ash with holy water. He can leave his comfort for his pita..but, how can he leave his pita himself now? His hands move forward but it is not letting him to drop it. He wishes to keep within himself. But, he knows, Dhasrath now will mix with the air and will always be with him..following and guiding him.. So, he releases his pita from pot and make him occupy every corner every bit of the world.. Now he is omnipresent… As, dutiful son…he thanks for all treasures of good habits that he inculcated within him and promises to be a good son..

Let Dhasarath soul rests in peace…
Jai Shree Ram..??????

Credit to: SHRUTHI

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