“Of all the insanities that affect man, there is only one that is least harmful and most benificial. That is GOD-MADNESS”??
It is not just an idol for Sita. Parvati Devi is like her ma, Lord. Happiness or sorrow, confusion or clarification Sita will always run to her ma Parvati. Standing before her by holding Arti plate in hand can carry away all storms in mind and gives her right path to proceed. Those Diya brightness will bring shine to her life. Life brings so many curves and turns. It will make us walk through all these by itself. By the end, if we look back,we will always get the feel of wonder about the path that we are made to travel. ??
Travelling back to some years, Sita went to ma gowri with wavering heart about her future pati. Gowri ma not only cleared her mind with the news of arrival of Ram, but also made Sita meet him in front of her. This knot was tied by all Dev and Devi. Gowri ma knows, meeting Ram can give all courage and refreshment to Sita to proceed to swayamvar. Ma made Sita to cross all hurdles by standing along with her.??
Now back to present, Siya is standing in front of her as Ram’s patni. Such nostalgic journey. It’s time for Parvati ma daughter to take the biggest test of her life. Her daughter is standing in front of Demons. The one quality that every human should take deep in mind is, ‘ Lord will help you, safeguard you. That does not mean there is no necessity for us to give an attempt to protect ourself’????
Parvati can be goddess,but basically she is also ma. How can she let her little kid, who has so much devotion and belief, to face hardship alone. At once she took the form of Kali and wiped out all demons.⚔
With much anger, she reaches her Kailashnath. She could not face shiv, because she knows whatever she has done is not right. This can be connected to the incident which we all come across daily. A mother always holds her little angel hand and make them walk. She will not be able to leave her child’s hand, as she is afraid that her Angel may fall. But, one point of time she has to leave. The little one has to learn to walk on its own leg without any help. Leaving the hand may be difficult,but seeing her little one taking her own step will make mother the most happiest one. Sita is Parvati ma child. Sita should be left alone to face her problems. The strength and confidence that she gains from all these will help her face the most challenging test awaits for her in future. Ma can walk behind her child, but the child should face the problem alone. Such nice explanation by Lord Shiv.????
Now, all the path has been set. How destiny is going to join hanuman with ram and make ram meet Ravan? Let’s wait and watch.??
Jai Siya Ram…???

Credit to: Shruthi

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