” There is always one happiness in life – TO LOVE AND BE LOVED “. ❤️

Love is seeing one single world through four eyes. Sita is ram’s Apple of eye. Seeing her in danger made Ram lose his temper. One can rise their tone, only to their beloved one. First time Ram raised his tone, but Sita knows that it is out of love. Ram at once melted by her innocence and love. He takes ber that she got for him and brings smile in her face. Ram never gets in between Lakshman and Sita’s little argument and this acts as a key for their strong relationship. Sita could see the kind and caring heart behind the angry tone. Ability to decipher the pure heart and intention behind the anger and realising that love and care comes out in different form from different person, makes the bond unbreakable. ?❤️???

Lakshman has made beautiful house with mud, bamboo and leaves. Now, it’s Sita’s turn to fill the house with love, devotion and trust. Grahapravesh of the beautiful house is all set to begin. People may come and go, but the footprints that we leave will remain forever. These footprints of ram and Sita will tell the world ” Follow the path of truth, you will never be left alone. Moving forward in the path of truth is never difficult and is always the truth that wins at the end “. To make their house even more sacred, Sita keeps her hand print in the wall. Now, the house got its life and shines brighter than the sun.??

It is not the luxury and comfort that makes happy home. It is love, care, devotion and righteousness that makes divine and happy home. Even all Dev and Devi will yearn to enter into their house. Every single piece of mud will say their name for yug after yug. Going forward all their little moments of life will be engraved in every corner of the house. ?

” UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: AFFECTION WITHOUT LIMITATION, NOT EARNED, GIVEN FREELY, BOUNDLESS, UNCHANGING” Sita has given the responsibility of being ma of Lakshman. Heat or cold, storm or drought, a mother always protects her child first. Sita gives her shawl to Lakshman seeing him bearing so much cold. Ram looks at her unconditional love. For a man, the greatest blessing is to see his patni taking care of his family, more than he could take care of his family. This gives all happiness and proud feel within him. As Sita protects his family, Ram protects her. Her protects her with his shawl.?❤️

Even an air particle cannot move without getting permission from Lakshman. Few ladies arrive at the place and requests Sita to place the idol and do puja in Parvati temple. She accepts their wish without fear as she knows that no evil power can cause harm to the true devotion. ????

Here, Hanuman stands for the girl decision to choose her life partner. This instance shows the similarity between thoughts of Lord and Bhakth. As ram stands for women right and respect, so as hanuman. Now, who is going to cross the path of Ram next? Let’s wait and watch.
Jai Shree Ram???

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. JAI SHREE RAM ! awesome di 🙂

  2. Awesome di I just loved the way siya said ” mere priya devarji, krodh tumhare nakh pe rahthe hai” that’s so funny line and I just loved that part☺☺☺☺

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