“The idea that women are inferior to men is absurd. When a man is born of a women, how can he be superior and she inferior ” – Sadhguru ??

There is a reason behind everyone we meet in life. Each one will be an instrumental in paving way for our life’s path. Life is like distinct dots, when joined carefully and wisely it will become colourful and beautiful painting. Dhasarath promise, Kaikeyi wish, van journey, Chitrakoot meeting, little boy protection all seems to be distinct, but when joined together, they all had one single notion, to bring Ram towards his birth motive.?

Ideal man is one who believes in women’s strength and considers her as his backbone for survival. Even during swayamvar, when the entire world was shaken by lifting Dhanush, only Ram and Sita stood unshaken and unmoved. Ram knows that strength and power of Rakshasas is nothing when compared to his Sita’s power and determination. She doesn’t have to carry a bow and arrow to protect herself, just her eyes and fire within her will burn anyone who nears her with intention to trouble her. Ram trusts Sita more than himself. Not a sign of fear or doubt about his Sita is seen in his eyes.❤️???

As Rishi prepares Ram about the challenging days ahead. Mata Anusuya is preparing Sita here as she is going to be the key for their future endeavours. Path of truth can be hard, but there will always be someone who can hold and make one cross the path without experiencing hardness. Mata Anusuya and Sita both stands as a symbol of purity. They don’t require separate shield to protect them. Now, Sita is endowed with double strength of Anusuya and herself. Last night, Sita was indirectly indicating Ram about their future and this time it’s Sita who is getting hint about the most challenging part of her life. Ram, Sita and Lakshman will have all strength of universe. The challenge will have to face challenge if they had to meet them by destiny.??????

We, the people worship God and Goddess who stood as a symbol for equality between man and women. But still the sense of inequality prevails everywhere. Sita comes to Ram with the most critical question, yet the most needed one.????
Women – courage runs in her blood … The root of family, she holds them together..

– she has power to construct and destruct the world.
– she takes all the pain as blessings just to see the godly smile of her child.
– starve to feed her family.
– Never allow any hardship in her man’s life. Breaks her circle just for him.
– she equally conquers world with her knowledge.
– she moulds future generation.
– she becomes warrior to save her family.
– fights all day with world for her rights, but never tired.
– Her mental strength is more than strength of the three log
– takes all challenges with smile
– Becomes base for her man’s existence.??????

If her respect is getting protected, it means that the whole world is moving in righteous path. Knowing all these, there still exists the sense of inequality. Who should she prove further?? How can such mindset be changed ?? Sita in waver mind. The reply of Ram should be etched in every women’s heart.??

There is no necessity to prove anyone what capability an women possess. There always need to be a powerful starting point to mark any changes. Now, Sita laid the foundation, she will be an inspiration for womanhood. These days people go in search of peace and happiness. They need someone to teach them peace and happiness. One need to realise that peace and happiness comes from love and respect. If this is strongly etched in our minds, then the entire world will be adorned with peace and happiness.

Ram starts his biggest mission successfully with all blessings. Let’s all walk along with him and stands as his biggest support. Jai Shree Ram??????

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Awesome analysis di really u r a genius di

  2. awesome di 🙂

  3. Awesome Shruti Di…..

  4. Suprrrr Shruthi ………..Dear………….Keep it up……….

  5. Peace and happiness comes from love and respect… like this one…nice shruthi sister….

  6. Thanks all for the encouragement… All credits goes to SKR ????

  7. Supreetha (Soups)

    You are such an inspiring writer Shruthi 🙂
    Naari Shakti Zindaabad 😀

  8. Supreetha (Soups)

    I just have a thought which I want to share….why is it that only in India there was so much of development in the past (not the English idea of development)? The source is a woman…..women were trained to be educated in various fields and they did everything to keep the society in place. I don’t understand why people of the present day situations (not all people) think that daughters are a burden to the family and are ill treated because of that….I still don’t get the fact why can’t fathers of these daughters he like Rajrishi Janak and why can’t husbands be like Ram..not seeing women as objects of fear and naivety? We need to totally wipe out the practices of female foeticide and female infanticide…daughters are never a burden, they reduce the burden of the parents…if a girl is protected and educated, the society is sure to grow

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