“Falling in love you remain a child, Rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love – Now you are LOVE”

When the right time comes, all the hidden secrets of birth will be revealed one by one. Life will always give us precap before it takes us to the real show. Hanuman – born to serve Ram. “Now, this is what your next path will be.. This is the person who will be your breathe”. – Life reminds him.??

The most beautiful is even the rock eyes was evident in that. It didn’t takes off its eyes. It stares at the picture that was engraved by itself in its heart. Guru the apt person in the world to clear any confusion that ponder the mind. One’s mind will always believe in the word of the one who taught what is belief is all about. Yes.. Surya Bhagavan clears all his doubts and indirectly tells him that something awaits him in future..??

For the ship light house is the sign of destination. For, Ram, the shawl of Sita that is flying high in air, is the sign of his destination. ” what if I get lost in forest?” Asks Siya….?
It’s an unimaginable dream for Ram. Left his family, but seeing everyone through his Janaki. Ram can make universe upside down to bring her back to him. At times in life, words uttered unknowingly can mark the beginning of future. Is Sita indicating something to Ram? Is she indirectly telling to be brave and not to be shattered if such happens ?? Siya Ke Ram can never be away from her. Even if happens, the heart which beats for each other with their name can bring them towards each other. What surprise is Sita upto ????❤️???

It’s evening, Ram reaches as per his Siya wish. Sun sets, moon arises, stars smile, birds hum, cool breeze, Diya lighten up the place… With the light of light standing with the eyes full of love???… Carrying all shyness and love..Siya walks towards Ram…
Lighting bug, flying from her shawl.. Symbolising it is the day where entire universe got its brightness.. Day when the rebirth of every being on earth took place. Day when love and peace filled every corner of life. Eyes are the best way of communication. To experience the joy that is going to dance in his eyes at once shown to surprise, Sita makes him close his eyes.. Now, Lakshman comes there…too…❤️❤️❤️?????

Flowers adorning the place.. At once, Ram sees this, he gets feel of being close to family… Curiosity increases at once to know which makes him feel like being home?? Opening ceremony of surprise by the man himself… Touched deep!!!!! To see his three ma, pita and Ayodhya family as idol… How can they not come ??? It’s their ram’s birthday…RAM NAVAMI..

The day which gave Sita her Ram. Happiness rushing in every nerve of Ram. ??
Last time, Ram carried Diya in hand and celebrated with wishes of family. This time, the Diya which he carried stands before him as Sita and Ram gets blessing from family too… Sita brings all his world to him. The day which gave the worlds best bhai – Lakshman wishes Ram with tears of happiness. At once after wishing, Lakshman leaves the place and it’s nice gesture by him allowing them to spend time together. Ram got his worlds best gift from his Janaki…??❤️

Ram on a mission… With eyes of fire… More actions to come.. Jai Shree Ram..??

Credit to: Shruthi

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