Hanuman- born with the ability to inspire people and make them conquer their obstruction that come in one’s life.??
Even as a baby, hanuman was a Voracious eater. It is said that Hanuman’s appetite can never be appeased. He always demands for more food. Now, the food made at home is no longer sufficient to satisfy his appetite, thus he started to climb and eats all the fruits in the surrounding area. This interesting story, reveals about his insatiable hunger.?
Once, Anjana, his mother, took the little baby hanuman to river and allowed him to do whatever mischief he wanted to do. He started eating all the foods in and around, but still feels hunger. His eye all of sudden gets glimpse of BIG ORANGE ORBIT OF SUN and thought it to be big type of fruit. He gave a MAGNIFICENT LEAP and SOARED UP TO THE SKY towards the orbit of sun. Anjana, at once came from bath and searched her son everywhere. At last, she spied him flying towards sun. She called Hanuman’s pita Kesari, who has equal power to fly. He tried catching him, but fell dejected.?
The entire celestial stunned in wonder and thought ” Neither the wind, nor Garuda or even the mind can move as swiftly as this son of Vayu. If this is the speed as mere baby, what will be his speed when becomes youth?”??

The little kids standing around was amazed to see him and at same time suffering in hunger. Though mischievous, Hanuman’s heart was filled with love and compassion. How can he see the little ones eyes filled with hunger? With true devotion, if u ask for a wish, hanuman is generous enough to fill their entire life with happiness and heart with courage. Little kids, asked for the food to satisfy their hunger at that time, but they were offered with food that will satisfy their appetite for life time.????????
Now, back to van. Sita is upto some surprise for her Ram. Sita knows Lakshman can’t hide anything from Ram, therefore reminds him again and again not to tell Ram. Now, Lakshman is struck between his love and devotion he has for his bhai and bhabhi..??
Ram’s eyes always looks for Sita. Seeing her happily moving around will make his day brighter. At once, Ram couldn’t see his brightness and asks Lakshman. Lakshman who cannot hide when looking into ram’s eyes, turned the other way and some how managed to divert Ram?.

Beautiful Bhoomija, in the back of beautiful River. She makes balls of clay. Wondering are the entire celestial bodies around the universe, they senses a plan in mind of Janaki, but none has power to penetrate her mind to know it. Only way to know is through Sita herself. Therefore, they all rushed to her and their question comes as bright light. Sita expression of blocking the light tells them that they have to wait and experience the moment…??????
Here, Ram takes important step towards his birth motive. To save Rishis from demons. This is one of the major intentions behind this journey of Ram. He promises them to save them all. His heart is moving around everywhere to look for Sita. Now, how will he get to know about her surprise ?? Let’s wait and watch.
Jai Shree Ram????

Credit to: Shruthi

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    really superb….. all ur analysis r amazing… sorry i didnt get time to comment….

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  4. Wow! I am so pleased to see so many watch siya me ram and so many having extensive knowledge about Ramayana!as a Hindu we must know our tradition, culture and also our epics right!even our former president Dr.Abdul kalam also had knowledge about our epics!

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