“For men may come, men may go… But, I go on forever” – Like the brook which is immortal, Shree ram’s journey also flows unstoppable and will be eternal. His footsteps carry its own life lesson to be taught to future generations. Their path convey one strong message – Righteousness, the only way to enjoy ultimate happiness of life…???

Sleep – inevitable in human life. Getting out of it requires tremendous inner power. This power can be acquired by only true love and devotion. Lakshman is an example of this. Never shows his restlessness outside. Sita can read the mind of nature as well as human. She gives him herbs to bring him back to normal. ??

These Hawks doesn’t know the real strength of Sita, her courage and bravery. Thought that Sita was alone, as Lakshman eyes were blurred by herbs. But, those are unaware that she is being guarded every second by ram and his eyes surround her for all time. At once, took the little boy and flies. Now, it’s time for the world to witness the archery skills of Sita. Never know that eyes which was loaded with love, knowledge and compassion have warrior skills within. Of course!! She is ardhangini of man who stands tall for ‘ one word, One arrow and one wife’ Just one shot, she releases the boy from the hold of hawk.??????

Ram doesn’t leave his Sita alone. He wants to bring out all the hidden skills within his Sita. Last time he made world to understand that ‘ with determination and righteousness one can win anything in the world’ . Now, both Ram and Sita reveals to world the necessity for women to learn all skills and makes all to experience the kind of physical and mental strength a women has within. ??

Storm approaches Sita… Now, it’s time for Ram to mark his entry. Speed of Ram is way greater than Storm. Stood for a moment looking at it, not because of fear, he sympathise the storm as he is going to step in. Bravely walked in and Sita gets shocked. May she also sympathise storm as it is going to have tough time with Ram. Came out carrying the little boy, with all courage and strength. It didn’t look like he entered storm, he came out all fresh and added shine. Huge mark left behind. Guess!! It’s not of storm, but by Ram’s footsteps. ??

Protecting Ram and Sita is his Dharam and duty. Tears peeped out in Lakshman’s eyes as he missed out protecting them. Both, devar and bhabhi are naughtiness overloaded. Sita uses same flower technique to bring smile in Lakshman’s face. But, his guilt is more that he cannot think of smiling. Sita has taken responsibility of ma for Lakshman. But, he has promised to Sumitra ma to be their shield for all years. It’s his ma order and his reason for survival. His devotion and the contentment that he gets from seeing his Ram bhaiya and bhabhi safe will give him all energy for survival. He pleads Sita to let him protect them. Love and sacrifice runs in every nerve of Ayodhya. ??

‘As you sow, so u reap’ – 2 years vanvas for a girl, just for being protected by a man. This decision is going to be a big turning point for future Ayodhya. Now, people will be missing Ram more. Curse and disappointment shook Dhasarath. Now, what is this going to lead…??? ??

Nidra Devi is going to start her new journey… What next for Ram?
Let’s wait and watch… Jai Shree Ram????

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  1. Supreetha (Soups)

    Shruthi, just how do you write things that immediately touch the heart???? I’m such a big fan of your writing 🙂 🙂 keep the analysis going….

    1. Thanks supreetha.. Humbled.. I just watch epi again and again and write .. Love from all of u makes me write more.. Need all your support forever ..

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Of course you should write more!!! All of us gain with more knowledge 🙂 🙂
        Do check my analysis on Pauranic Sibling Rivalry 🙂

  2. Awesome di u said true devar and bhabhi are really naughty

    1. Thanks Priya

  3. Hello shruthi. How r u?
    Marvellous episode. Awesome
    Please check out fan fiction “roommates (nesam)” and “breakdown (swaragini)” by misha

    1. Fine Esha.. Thanks for comment… Will sure.y check out all..

  4. Such lovelly analysis di…. loved it ….. pls keep writing more & more ……

  5. Awesome Shruti Di…..
    But by giving that girl vanvas….the makers have created a base for Sita’s vanvas….

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