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Here the link of previous part…
And I think somewhere you all have confusion that is this and ishkara FF then this is most probably not this FF is mainly focused on ishana only but Ya here omkara will play an important role and he will be the turning point of ishanas life..
Hope so everyone will be cleared now…
So here we all goo…
Recap:- we saw the care and love of dev Mehta towards ishana in our flashback ….
Ya so let’s start this part….

So ishana suddenly woke up listening to the ishaan’s voice…
Is:- Diiiii diiii utho na kitna soti ho app .. app kab SE kumbkarna ban gai Jo itna sone lagi ha uthooooooo….
(Di from when have you started to sleep so much like kumbkarna ha get up now)

I:- oi chote Kya Hai Kyu chila raha Hai tu or tu itni jaldi kese uth Gaya ha dekh Abhi to bahar andhera Hai chal ja Jake so ja …. Saying this she again murged herself into sleep…
(Oi chote why are you shouting ha and how did you got up so early … See it’s still dark outside now go and sleep)

Is:-(with irritation and talking to himself). Di app muje keti phir te ho ki Mai AK dum buddhu hu aur Mai din ba din sab Kuch bhool NE laga hu but khud to dekho sab bhulti ja rahi Hai ..huuu “APP KA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA”
(Di you always tell me that I m dumbo and I m forgetting things now a days ..but first see yourself now who is forgetting things ha..)

I:- Dii get up now jaldi SE 6 baj NE Vale Hai bhavi di ATI he hogi jaldi uthooooooo……. Dii and before he could say anything further someone entered into the room with the bang making door and wall a one…

R:- HAWWWWW DI pinch me na yaha mene to socha tha ki is ishaan ke bacche ko ajj tang karne Mai maza aiye ga but see yeh to phele SE he jaga huva Hai but yeh kya ishu di soooooooooo rahi Hai… Yeh kese huva ajj sooraj Ulta kese rise huva….
(Di pinch me please I thought that today I will harrash Ishant but here ishu Di is still sleeping and he is awake how did this happen from where did sunrise today.)

Is:- oi dramabazz bandh Kar apni dramabazzi and pheli bat to yeh Hai ke Mera koi baccha Nahi Hai Jo tu use jagane aiya Hai and maza le uska .. Abhi to Mai khud baccha hu to Mera baccha kaha SE ai ga Hai..
(Oi Mr Dramebaaz keep quiet I don’t have any kids I am still a kid then how will you Harrash my child ha..)

R:- point Hai boss but.. he was interrupt by ishaan…

Is:- Abhi Meri bat khatam Nahi Hui.. ha so dusri bat yeh ki Abhi Tere sooraj Dada rise he Nahi huve to kaha SE ulte rise Hoge ha…
(Wait I have not completed still secondly that sun has still not rise up then how will it rise from different direction. )

I:- chote chup ho ja Varna bohat mar khaye ga tu sone de na Yar chup ho ja chal mere sath yeha PE aa ke so ja.. but yeh ru abhi kaha SE aiya vo bhi itni rat ko .. Chalo koi nai ru tu bhi aa ja so NE.. (chote just keep quiet and let me sleep and you also come and sleep with me but how did ru came at this time anyway you also come and sleep with me)
Saying this she move aside making space for ru to sleep..

R:-(happily) Di ak app hi ho Jo muje samaj ti ho I love u di wait Mai aiya…
And he moved towards the bed and took the plane on bed and sleept and ishu covered both of them and both sleep hugging each other…

Is/B:-(with shocked ? face) yeh ho Kya raha Hai..?????…

B:- coming out of temporary shock …
Ishuuuuuuu ruuuuuuuu both of u get up nowwwww it’s an order…..

Suddenly listening such a loud voice of bhavi both ishu and ru got up with the jurk… And said..

I/R:- what the hell bhavi/di why are you shouting so loud….(ishu rubbing her eyes and ru was trying to hide himself behind ishu because he understood what is coming next..)
I:- ru mere Bhai Kyu chup raha Hai tu and bhavi TU itni sajdhaj ke Kyu khadi Hai itni rat ko vo bhi sada huva face leke haa tell… Or us SE important chez itna chilla Kyu rahi Hai tu paggal…
(Ru my bro why are you hiding behind me and bhavi why are you here at this time that also in very beautiful way but with irritated face)
B:- (with much frustration) ishuuuu.. Ruk tu phele.. chote ja tu ja ke fresh ho ja tab tak Mai Teri pyari bhena ka or uske partner ka class leti hu ja tu
..( ishuuu.. wait first of all chote you just go and freshen up till then I will take class of your pyari sis and friend.)

B:- (with an angry bird Vale mode) ishu baby na na not baby miss ishana dev Mehta ….(while bhavi said this is looked at bhavi in shoked expression and said..)

I:- hawww bhavi ab mene Kya Kiya to tu muje aisa bol rahi Hai (with cute puppy face)..
( Haww now what have I did that u r talking like this)

B:- Accha ji Kya app ko yad Nahi.. Gandi che tu buddhi vagar Ni Kayu tu NE tane ke kale apde baha pharva javanu che par Jo mahan atma Santi thi suve che huuu..(achha so you don’t remember you are mad really mad and without brain didn’t I told you that we have to go out tomorrow for outing haa tell but still you are sleeping)

R:- oooo beti ki di NE gujju bola ishu di iska Matlab vo pakka bohat hi zadya gussa Hai … And made a cry baby face..
(O beti ki di spoke gujju that Means she is really very angry)

I:- Ha ru tu bilkul Sahi ke raha Hai umm mummy bachav and both ru and ishu hugged each other upps no sorry ishu took ru into her godi and hugged him tightly and same did rudra he also hugged her like a baby hugs her mom… And both made a cry baby face…
(Ha ru u r telling right.. umm Mummy please save us and both hugged each other upps not both but ishu just lifted ru and placed him into her lap and hugged him tightly and same with ru he also hugged ishu like a baby who hugs her mother and both made a cry baby face..)

B:- Though she was angry on both of them but seeing both of them like this she was admiring there bond and when she saw ishu literally taking ru up and making him sit into her lap and both hugging each other she just cannot control herself and laughed loudly seeing there reactions ???…

B:- hehehe hahaha see kese cute lag rahe Hai mere dono anmol ratna like this hehehe hahahaha and she took out her cell phone and captured this lovely moment…
(See how mine 2 most precious diamonds are hugging each other )

I/R:- seeing her laughing and clicking pics they said… Bhavi/di app abb hum PE angry to Nahi ho na…with cute puppy faces..
(They said bhavi/di now u r not angry on us na.)
At that time ishaan came out from washroom and observed all this and started giggling ????..
I/R:- oi chote/buddy tu Kyu hass raha Hai chup ho ja ( with somewhat loud voice)
(Oi chote/buddy why r u laughing)

B:- hey u both don’t dare to scold mine chote… Varna I will become angry bird..
R:-( slowly speaking) hehehe very good then di ban jav angry bird then I will play with u… Vooooo vooiiiiiiiiii bhoomm…hehehehe ( ya go on di then I will play with u angry bird.. voooo vooiiiiiiiiii bhoomm…)
And HiFi ? with ishana… And both started giggling ???..

B:- oi ru tu ruk mene sab sun liya tu ruk Abhi dikhati hu angry bird khele ga muje SE Ruk tu… (Hey u I heard that now you will play angry bird with me now u see what I do ..)
And started running behind him and he got up and started running and both were running here and there into room… Finally ishaan out of frustration said…

Is:- stopppp both of you bhavi di abb app ko late Nahi ho raha and di app Kay circus dekh NE ai ho … Chaliye khade huiye and go to freshen up jaldi jav…(stop both of u stop .. bhavi di now you are not getting late ha.. and di what are u doing are u here to watch circus or what .. Chalo now get up fast and freshen up yourself.)

B:- ha yeh to Sahi kaha tu NE .. oi miss ishana get up and go freshen up jaldi jaldi ja…(ya you said it truly ya so miss ishana now get up and go freshen up fast).
And u both isru please go and wait outside I will bring ishu out k… And winked at both of them.. and both understand her and went out…

B:- abb tuje invitation du Kya ja jaldi freshen up ho ja Mai tab tak Tere cloths nikal ke rakh ti hu k chal jaaa abb… (Now do you need invitation to get up or what .. get up fast and freshen up till then I will make your clothes ready..)
And she literally dragged ishu from bed to washroom…
Chal abb jaldi jaaa… And jaldi a k…(Chalo now go fast and come fast k)
After ishu went inside ru came inside and handed her a well wrapped packet…

B:- Thanks baccha for this now please leave … K Wait to see your beautiful ishu di soon k ja abb bhag..??..
And ru left from there giving a hug and a kiss to bhavi..
After sometime ishu came out into her casual look and saw bhavi standing there with a gift box.. seeing this she thought..
I:-(thinking with a smile) awww bhavi is really mine bestest friend use Mera birthday pata Hai aww so sweet mere liye gift bhi leke ai Hai… So sweet of her…(Aww bhavi is so sweet she remembered mine birthday and also brought gift for me.. aww soo sweet.)

B:- Are ishu aise Kya dekh rahi Hai vese yeh le Tere liye Mai Lai hu muje pata he Tha That u will come with this Desi bai look so Mai Tere liye akdum mast outing Vale clothes Lai hu le ja ke change Kar le…(oi ishu what r u seeing take this clothes and go change it I have brought for u because I was knowing that you will wear this type of clothes only so take this box in it there is the perfect clothes for the outing..)

I:- (with little disappointed look) (haww bhavi ko Mera birthday Nahi yad Hai..??? koi nai yeh to Mera har sal ka Hai vese bhi kaha miss ishana Mehta ko yad reta Hai apna birthday but ishu ko to hota Hai na☹️☹️?? koi nai..) Kya Yar bhavi I m ok with it please Rene Dena…
(Haww bhavi didn’t remember mine birthday but it’s k Yar after all miss ishana Mehta don’t remember her birthday but what about ishu she to remember it na.?☹️☹️?)

B:- Ishu mene tuje pucha Nahi Hai it’s an order so ja change Kar le k…(ishu I have not asked u it’s an mine order so go and change it fast)

I:- with sad face .. k bhavi and took the packet and left to change..

B:- ishu I Know u r sad thinking that I don’t remember your birthday but tu chinta na Kar this will be the best birthday in your life k… Yeah Mera tuj SE promise Hai … And she smiles with teari eyes…(I know is r sad but don’t be sad dear I promise u this will be the best birthday of your life.)

I:- from the washroom… Aaaaaa bhavi what’s this yeh to uppar SE kata huva Hai… Aaaa Mai Nahi phen sakti use. .. na na bilkul Nahi…. (AAA bhavi what’s this .. this is half torn from top I cannot Wear Thai .. no no never)

B:- from outside … Ishu tu phen rahi Hai ki Mai andar aaa ke phenav tuje ha… Nahi na so come out fast….(are you wearing it or I make you wear it coming there)

Dress of ishana was an off shoulder t-shirt and demina Jean’s ..

When ishu came out into that outfit she was looking ???… And seeing her bhavi was like wowww so beautiful…

B:- wow ishu Kya dikh rahi Hai tu AK dum awesome..and kissed her cheeks ??.. (wow r you are looking Soo beautiful and awesome one..)

Ishu had left her hair open and was looking fab in it.. then both went out and seeing ishana like that ishaan spoke…

Is:- oooo beti ki.. yeh Kon Hai hamare Ghar Mai angel kaha SE a gai… Didu didu didu u r look Fab and kissed her and hugged her.. (ooo beti ki who is she how did an angel came into our house..)
Then our ru came…
R:- Ishu di app kitni beautiful lag rahi ho agar app Meri di na Hoti na and mere jitni Hoti na to mene pakka app ko propose Kar Diya hota ….. U r looking really wowww…( Di u r looking so beautiful . If u we’re not mine di and not this much big.. I mean if u were of mine age na then definitely I would have proposed you.)

All:- shut up Rudy..
And ru made a cute puppy face…

A:- ha ishu beta tum bohat acchi lag rahi ho kisi ki nazar na lage tuje and kissed her on forehead..(ya ishu u r looking so beautiful .. nobody’s black eye falls on u)
Or tum dono apni punishment ke liye taiyar ho jav…badmash bacche kitna tang Kiya dono NE muje kitchen Mai … And tum dono di yeh punishment Hai ki you both have to drink milk that also without sugar or bonvita k chalo take it and drink..(and both isru get ready to bear the punishment how much you both harresed me into the kitchen … So now yours punishment is you both have to drink milk that also without sugar or bonvita k now Chalo take it and drink it fast)
And Ishu same goes with u in sab ko itna wait karvane ke liye 7 to yaha he baj gai.. and bhavi Tere liye special coffee ..Chalo jav abb sabb… Yeh lo app ke khane ka sab saman jav abb…(and ishu same goes with you .. how much you just wasted there time here only 7 o’clock happened because of you.. and bhavi here you go with your special coffee… Chalo now you all leave and here is your all food and all stuffs…)
K aunty/mummy tata see u at night tata love u…. And everyone started to leave but ishu came back and touched her mother’s feet….

A:- Happy birthday beta… Bhagvan tumhari sari wishes Puri Kare… Yeh lo Teri gift…(happy birthday dear .. may God bless you and all your wishes come true… Here is your gift.)

I:- (with happiness) mummy app ko Mera birthday yad Tha.. thank you .. vese Kya Hai iss Mai..(Mummy you remember mine birthday thank you .. )

She said this taking gift from avnis hand and started unwrapping it.

A:- khud dekh lo..(see yourself)

Ishana opened the gift and found two beautiful pair of payal one with multi colored with peacock at its end’s and one with simple beads with gungroo attached to it.. seeing it ishu became so happy that she jumped and hugged her mother…

I:- still hugging thank u so much mummy for this beautiful gift I love u a lot..
Then she took a pair of multi colored payal and started to were it but Avni stopped her and made her wear it and seeing this ishu’s eyes filled with tear .. tears if happiness and love for her mother…
I:- Thank you Soo much mummy for this… Love u and then she handed her other pair to keep it safe and then ran away towards the door after kissing avnis cheeks..

Ishaan to bhavi and rudra:- see bhavi di didi kitni happy lag rahi Hai.. zarur mummy NE unhe wish Kar liya hoga and gift be de di hogi..( see bhavi di how much Happy di is definitely Mummy would have wished her and gifted her..)

And all the three were adoring her and prayed silent prayers to God for this happens for ishu…

B:- Oi chal na jaldi ishu or kitna late karvayegi chal jaldi .(oi ishu come fast how much will u make us wait now..)
After saying this all took there place into the care bhavi will be driving it and both isru were at back and then ishu came and said..

I:- ooo beti ki bhavi TU chalayegi car… Nare baba na I don’t want to go to hospital today … Hey bhagvan Kyu aisa karte ho is Gandi SE driver ke sath Kyu bhej rahe ho app hum sab ko yeh pakka Hume hospital bhej degi ajj and saw towards bhavi..(oo beti ki bhavi scereasly r u going to drive the care .. nooo oh god please save all of us we don’t want to go hospital .. how bad driver you have allotted us ..uff..now she will definitely admit us in the hospital..)
Now bhavi was staring her with anger and both were seeing each other like that way but after sometime both burst out into laughers..
B:- hehehe hahahahah Kya re ishu vo day yad mat Kara abb hahahahahaha …
From the backside..
Ru to ishaan:-(speaking slowly )Are buddy yeh ishu di Kya ke rahi Hai di bhala hame hospital Kyu pochai gi.. she is to best in her driving then aisa Kyu.. (and both isru saw towards them with confused face..)
(Hey buddy y ishu di is speaking like this way y would bhavi di will admit us into the hospital she is to best in her driving)
I:- Ru because Teri di ko abb shayad thodi driving ati hogi Varna vo so accident Kar NE Mai expert Hai…hahahahahaha…u know hamari friendship bhi isi vaja SE huvi thi.. ha so vo yeh tha ki..(ru because now your di is driving somewhat better otherwise she is to expect in doing the accidents .. and you know what our friendship also started because of it only..)
But she was cutted buy bhavi..
B:- oii ishu Meri pari ishu Kuch mat bolna please…

I:- ooo Meri bhavi so cute face .. but sorry Mai to bolu go.. hahahah..

Ha so ru vo yeh tha ki one day I was coming to pick up chote from school and when I was coming na to iss madam NE to Mera accident hi Kar Dena Tha but app ke us driver Uncle NE bacha liya Tha muje.. and u know when I asked driver ki aise kese chalate ho then bichare NE Kuch Nahi kaha but then bhavi boli thi…( Ya so one day when I was coming to pick up today from the school then you know what she was ready to do my accident but thanks to your driver uncle who saved me that day and when I started scolding him but he doesn’t say anything but then bhavi spoke)

B:- OI miss app Jo bhi ho vo Kyu is bichare ko dat rahi ho Hai… Uski koi galti Nahi this vo to.. but cutted by ishu…(oi miss who so ever you are he is not at fault then why are you scolding him the mistake was …)

I:- Ha Sahi kaha isi liye Mai unhe dat rahi hu ki Kyu end time PE break laga di har bar bhagvan ji yehi karte Hai mere sath na chan SE jine dete Hai Nahi Marne dete Hai..(ha so that’s why I am scolding him why he pressed the breaks at and time this always happens god always does this with me he does not let me stay at peace and doesn’t want me to die)

B:- Kya bol rahi ho app Kyu marna Hai app ko itni jaldi ….(what are you speaking why do you want to die this early)

I:- umm Kuch Nahi app yeh bataiye agar app drive Kar rahi thi to phir driver leke Kyu Gumti ho or to or itna bakwas Kyu drive karti ho haa..(leave all this first tell me if you are driving then why you are taking driver with you and why you are driving so rashly)
B:- vo vo Kya he na muje driving Sikh Ni Hai and papa mana karte Hai so driver ke sath bhej dete Hai but Mai driver Uncle ko dhamkake Sikh leti hu..and she giggles.. and for here there friendship journey starts…(vo vo it’s like that that I want to learn driving but my papa doesn’t wants me to drive so he sent me with the driver and I hear always learn the driving from him by pressurizing him)

I:- ha so ru vo yeh ki Teri di apne driver Uncle to dhamkake driving shik ti thi because app ke papa Nahi chate Thai yeh car sikhe so… And us day us NE to Mera accident he Kar dena Tha but Bach gai Mai.. and giggles…( Ha so this how your di started driving pressuring your driver uncle because your papa doesn’t want her to drive so… And that day she almost did mine accident..)

After listening to ishu both isru looked towards bhavi who was making puppy faces due to embarrassment and seeing her like that both isru bursted into laughers ???..
R:- hehehehe hahahaha Kya di muje Nahi pata Tha ki app itni bhangar driver ho ???… Thanks ishu di yeh batane ke lite abb to muje bhi AK topic mil Gaya di SE sare Kam nikal vane ka??… Ab maza aiye ga and hified ishu…(hahaha I was not knowing that mine di is such a bad driver thanks Aishu Di for telling me this now I also have some topic by which I can make Di do my work.. now it will be a fun)
And there bhavi was giving ishu a looks of I WILL KILL U and seeing that looks ishu started more laughing…
Is:- oi Meri bhavi di ko tang mat Kar Varna Mai Teri omm Kar du ga and winked at ru.. (oi don’t trouble miNE di otherwise I will do your omm….)
B:- aww soo sweet chote AK tu hi Hai Jo Mera sath deta Hai muje samaj ta Hai…..(so sweet of you chote only you are the one who takes my side and is with me..)
Chalo abb jaldi karo already hum bohat late ho chuke Hai or Nahi hona Hai(chalo now hurry up we are already very late and now I don’t want to be more late)
(and mummered under breath ) itna late ho gai Hai ke vo wait karte karte chale Jai ge…
(That much late that he will go away due to waiting ..)???
Ya so here it comes to an end of this part…
Love u all .
And I will try to post once in a week if possible because College work bohat Hai so.. sorry once again for late post ..
Hope yeh post app sab ko pasand ai…?

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