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So here u all go with the another part of the FF…
So in last part we saw how dev Mehta cared for ishana and we saw the soft side of dev Mehta….

So now let’s continue ….

While ishana was thinking all the stuff suddenly she screamed because dev Mehta had applied ointment on her wounds…

I:-(while crying) Aaaa aaa papa dard huva aaaaaa…. Dhere dhere SE please…????..

Hearing the screem of ishana there in the room Avni gain the consciousness and hurriedly left the room to see her daughter but when she reached there she was shoked to see the view infront of her eyes.. she saw that dev Mehta was consoling ishana with Soo much of love and care which was genuine and was from heart .. seeing it avni was more than happy because this is for the first time dev Mehta was caring for her daughter and giving love to ishana as a father..

A:- thank you bhagvan ji ajj apne yeh Chez dekhkha ke muje pata Chala Diya ki dev ke dil Mai hamari ishu ke liye care and love Hai … Par phir Kyu vo yeh Nahi dikhate use…
(Thank you God for showing me this scean which proves that dev have love and care for our ishu in his heart but if so then why he doesn’t show it her)

A:-(crying) Chalo AJ Kuch accha huva Jo Meri ishu ko apne papa ka pyar mila ajj or Mai isi vaja SE bohat khush hu … And ha thank you bhagvan ji phir SE Meri ishu ko Ghar PE acche so pocha NE ke liye thank u so much..
(Chalo today sometime good had happened that mine ishu got the love of the father Which she was missing and because of that I m very happy today.. and ya thanks again bhagvan ji for bringing mine ishu home safely thank you..)

After giving silent prayers to God and thanking him she went towards ishu and consoled her and then asked..

A:- Ishu beta kaha thi tum itna time kyu laga Diya tune ghar ane Mai ha tell baccha and yeh kese laga tume ( she asked this with lots of care and love)
( Ishu beta where were you . Why you took this much time to reach home and how did you got hurt)
I:- vo mummy me na Ghar hi a rahi thi but vo vo Mera AK car se takkar hone vala Tha but Muje Kuch girls bachaya and then I thanked them and did friendship with them so late ho gai sorry..

A:- koi nai … But before she complete her sentence dev Mehta spoke..

D:- see beta koi Nahi aage SE take care of it infact from now I will drop u to school and will also come to pick up k…..
And he left from there…

Suddenly ishana heard that someone is calling her..

Dii dii utho na utho diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…
And she suddenly woke up and got to know ki that she slept there only while thinking about past …


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  1. Pls do continue. Its different from the others n one of its kind. I m luving this ff, so pls continue

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear and ya I will continue it for sure but it will be little late and short hope so u will not mind it …?

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Please continue dear… It is nice one dear

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear … Hope so u will be ok with me giving mine FF little late because of the. Busy schedule..?

  3. Samm

    are, ye to seedha blackmail pe utar aayi! why do you want to end this? sorry yaara for not commenting earlier, but ab jo bol diye h so you have to continue, right? 🙂

    1. Dheemahee

      Hehehe Kya di app bhi… And ya sure I will continue it but it will be short in size and little bit of late.. sorry for this but because of mine busy shedule ..

  4. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

  5. B_isha

    Dyuti see I would say continue if ur heart permit…. We write to free something within ourselves it’s not necessary that each time your piece of work will be needed to appreciate …. If you believe in ur writing and ur ready to spear ur time on it keeping a thought in mind that someone out there must be waiting for ur work…… Will give you a feeling to write….
    Never stop writing because somewhere it allows us to escape our fears..

    Talking about the storyline its really one of a kind… Even though it’s short.. The difference which separates it from the others is visible…

    Rest the wish is urs

    1. Dheemahee

      Yup di I understand what u want to tell …
      Ya I will continue it and jab tab end Nahi hoga tab tak har Nahi maanugi …
      Thanks for the words u told which is very inspiring …
      Thanks again..

      And ya want to tell sorry because mine updates will be short and little bit late but I will surely try to post once in a week(I know yeh bhi late Hai but Kya karu.. ?)…
      Tata didu .. take care love you

  6. Super?? continue please

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear.. will surely continue.. ?

  7. It’s awesome dr don’t quit plz continue. And is there any IshKara in ur ff or only Ishu?

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear will surely continue it pakka …

      Umm mine story is basically on ishana but ya into the coming parts u will witness om and he will be one of the main reasons for the change into the ishu’s life and eventually at last it will be ishkara only but for now and for the FF it is mainly ishana only…
      Hope so u r clear with it ..
      And hopefully you will like the future story also..
      With love Dheemahee ?

  8. Ankita27

    plz continue… Superb update…

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear will surely continue and thanks to u for always supporting me into this journey ?.. thanks a lot dear…

  9. Kehkasha

    Belated vote of mine…
    And u know its to continue…
    And everyone has elaborated why…
    So yea…
    Do continue…
    Luv u dear

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks kuhu??..
      Yup I m continuing it and u Know that right ?..
      Love u too dear…?

  10. Lalitha

    Hey Mahee…..
    Today’s epi was awesome dear…..
    & yaaa….. This is my humble request…. Plz plz plz continue this ff dear….. I just love ur ff….. I think I explained the reason too….. Don’t worry about the comments dear….. Just think of the readers who love ur ff….. & as Shama di said…. Think of ur interest & all…. & yaaa though it is a short update…. U plz update it whenever u r ready with it….. Will be waiting fr the next part dear…..
    Love you???

  11. Dheemahee

    Thanks lali di… And mine one of the important reason to continue this FF is u and kuhu only u both r always there for me … And our whole mad house too… Love u didu … Will post next one soon..????

  12. JanviSingh

    Kya didu….
    Aap to serious ho jaye ho….
    Plzzz do continue the ff…
    It’s a really different one…
    N sorry for the late comment

    1. Dheemahee

      Ha janu I m continuing it and will post next part most probably tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. k dear..

      1. JanviSingh

        Okk didu ?

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