Hello friend I m back with another part of WE- THE SOUL SIBLINGS(PART-7)..

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So here u all go with the another part of the FF…
Recap:- we saw the flashback running into ishana mind … Where we saw how her childhood was , how she is having her equation with her family and all… Last but not the least we saw the entry of kuhu, mrunal and affa …
So let’s continue…

Still in the flashback..
After they all did friendship they went to there respective house after promising to meet tomorrow at school…
When ishana reached her house her dad was sitting on the main hall waiting for her to come back home when he saw Ishana entering house he got up and went towards her and spoke…

D:- where we’re you ha … Why you r so late to come back home… Don’t you know that after school overs you have to come home directly and not to Rome any where …. Ha say where you were here your mom is crying from last half an hour thinking that you are lost and is now unconscious because of it….(He spoke all this in a angry way..)

I:- par papa Mai Abhi hi to chuti college say mai 2 baje chuti and abhi shayad 2:20 he huvi hogi na..(she said it will full of childish way..)
(But papa I have came directly home after school got over . I have been left from there at 2 and now it may be approximately 2:20 na..)

D:- Are you mad do u think that it is 2:20 now… It is 3:30 now and you left your school at 2 that means it is nearly one and a half hour now… And it only takes 20-25 minutes to reach home so where we’re u from one hour ha tell..(with and angry tone..)

I:-(thinking) o teri that means hum sab bate Kar te rahe and yaha one hour ho Gaya …
Aje to Papa paaku bau lad SE mane??.
(O Teri that means we all have talked for an hour … That means today I m gone papa will really scold me very badly)

I:- vo papa Mai vo.
( she started speaking with her hands some what trumbling and due to this mr. Mehta’s attention went on her hands and there he noticed that her hand was injured badly and there was blood ozzing out from it and before ishana could speak further he spoke)

D:-(showing ✋ to ishana) chup ho jav or yaha PE betho…(keep quiet and seat here)
RAMU … RAMU… (Maid) jaldi SE first aid kit le ke avo… Jaldi (with a high voice)
Talking with ishana..

D-I:-(with concern) Ishana beta yeh kese huva ? Kaha gir gi thi tum .. or yeh chot kese lagi… Bohat dard ho raha hoga na… Ruko Abhi Mai davai laga duga na to sab thik ho Jai ga k…(and was seeing ishana and observing her wounds carefully)

I:-(thinking)(and with teari eyes) Affa kuhu and mrunal NE Sahi kaka Tha ki jab koi hum SE bohat pyar karta ho na tab ho hame dat te bhi Hai … See papa NE bhi to muje data but dekho na Abhi Meri chot dekh ke kese pyar see bol rahe Hai … Thank you mere new friends app sab ki vajase ajj muje apne papa ko pyar karna a gaya.. Mai unhe kitna galat samaj ti thi ki vo muj SE bilkul pyar Nahi karte but see ajj unhone Bata Diya that he loves me a lot ??..
(Affa kuhu and murnal truly said that, that the one who loves u a lot will also scold you because they care for you and see today papa gave me the proof that he loves me a lot and also Cares for me . Thanks to mine new friends Who today made me love mine papa and I m happy that all mine misunderstanding got cleared i.e. Papa don’t love me he doesn’t care for me and all ..)

I:-(still thinking) But how did I got this injury… Umm … I think when I was going to be get hurt by car and they saved me and pulled me and I fallen down I think then only I would have gotten hurt… Ya that only happened..

Sorry guys for this really short update… But please cooperate with it.. I m really not getting much time for writing longer one…
So sorry for this … Hope so you all will like it..
With love

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