Hello friends I m back with another part of WE- THE SOUL SIBLINGS(PART-4)
I m so glad Tha u all r liking mine story and thanks to all of u for commenting and supporting me on mine each part and also correcting me and helping me to improve mineself…
Love u all..

If anyone missed previous part so here is it’s link…
Part 3

So here u all go with the another part of the FF…

So we saw an entry of a new character I.E. rudra bff of ishaan and a bro to ishana …He successfully changed the mood of both ishaan and ishana….And we stopped our previous part at two people looking at them one with proud eyes and one with satisfaction…Now let’s see who were they so Chalo now back to this part…..

Ya so when all the three were enjoying there moment in the kitchen seeing this one of the person clicked some shots of them and listening to the click sound all the three of them were distracted and they saw into the direction from where it came from and found Bhavisha there clicking their shots and was laughing at both rudra and ishaan.. seeing Bhavisha there after a long time ishana’s eyes filled up with joy seeing here she just ran and hugged here so tight that Bhavisha said…

B:- Ishu mine darling leave me yar otherwise I m gone…Muje itni jaldi bhagvan ko pyara Nahi hona chod Yar mere bones toot Jai ge chodddd(seeing ishana not letting her go see just screamed chodddd with little bit of frustration and anger.)

Listening it ishu just lightened the hug but still not let her go completely… Seeing her like that Bhavisha understood her emotions and just let her there for some more time and just caresses her back smoothly and with this she felt that it helped her getting relax…. After sometime ishu let her go and said ..

I:- vo.. vo sorry bhavi I vo I was that I ….(she was out of words to explain but after Bhavisha said … It’s k ishu I can understand it … After listening to it she was back to normal and having a great care, affection and love into her eyes towards Bhavisha..)

B:- IF your Santi Santi moment is over can I have a seat dear… And winked ? at ishu.. Seeing it ishu smiled a bit and went into kitchen not before warning both ishaan and rudra to seat quietly on the sofa and be prepared for the punishment for messing up the kitchen and warned not to follow her back to the kitchen…

After listening to the order from their sis both sat back down onto the sofa..

{So I think abtak to u all have been guessed that from two persons one was Bhavisha sis of rudra and the other one was….Umm dekh te he who is the other person and will also see why Bhavisha was feeling proud…}

After both sat then Bhavisha stood from her place and sat next to rudra and spoke…

B:- Ru mine baccha I m very very very proud of u today and also thankful to u that u made mine ishu laugh and just let her forgot her sorrows….. for sometime and seeing her cute sa glow on her face back I m more than happy and it made mine day … So in short on and on u made mine day and as u know whenever u do such things I just give u a treat as a thanks giving to you from mine side though it was a small thing that u made her laugh in front of the people the world it seems a small thing but it’s a great thing for me for u for our chote (ishaan) for the one who is watching us and u all from the beginning of your plan mood thik karo…And shayad usse bhi phele SE(or from long time before this.)

Hearing this both ishaan and rudra were confused that kiski bat kar rahi he Bhavisha di….And ishaan was the first one to speak.
IS:- umm.. bhavi di Kya AP bata sakte he AP kiski bat kar rahi ho because muje to koi Nahi dikh raha vaha PE..(umm bhavi di can u tell us that about Whom u r telling because I m not able to see anyone there)

B:- chote vo is liye because vo tumahare dekhne se phele hi chup gai he so..(chote it is because that person hide herself before u see her…)
Aunty ji please come out I have seen u there from so long time so ya come out aunty…
this avni Mehta came out behind from the pillers and came there…
was shocked? with this and just stood up with jurk and spoke..

IS:- Maa AP .. AP sab dekh rahi thi Kya muje laga AP chali gai har bar ki taraha hame vaha PE aise chod ke but if app sab dekh rahi thi to ai Kyu nai Kyu apne di ko sambhala Nahi Kyu unhe tutte dekh ti rahi Kyu maa Kyu… ( Maa you .. you were seeing all the things and I thought that u left us there as Always… But if you were seeing it then why you didn’t came to console di.. WHY you left di there like this …WHY MAA WHY)

(he was now crying and was waiting for Avni to answer… But before she can answer they heard ishana’s voice coming toward them so they stopped their conversation and were back on there place on the sofa and avni was about to live but was stopped by ishaan and was made to seat on sofa with them…)

I:- Chalo everyone time for snacks ☕??? and she came from the kitchen carrying the tray loaded with snacks…

When she came to the living room and saw Avni there and seeing her mom there she just stood there for sometime and then moved towards them and offered everyone snacks and she went quite there after because of the presence of avni there..and all understood it so bhavi broke the silence and asked ishu

(from here most probably I will use ishu for ishana and bahvi for Bhavisha and chote for ishaan and rudra ke liye ru to he hi..ya so continue karte he.)

B:- ha so ishu what were u talking before going to kitchen… Ha yad a gaya so Kya punishment he in dono devil’s ke liye(giggles ??)…

And after she completed this both ishaan and ru were giving KYU AISA KARTE HO APP HAMARE SATH WITH A PUPPY FACE vala look to bhavi and seeing this she giggled more..and ishu too joined her in that.

I:- are ha accha yad dilaya bhavi tune… ha so apki punishment Kuch aise he ki jab Tak app dono apna kam khatam Nahi Kar lete tab tak na khana na pina or na hi bate karna Varna hu tam Bev NE Atli hard punishment APIs NE ki tame Bev bhagvan NE yad Kari leso(are ya good that u reminded me of punishment.. ya so your punishment is like that till the time u both didn’t finish your project you both will not get water or food and don’t talk with each other…. other wise I will give u such a punishment that u will remember God)
And she gave a fake angry glare to both isru(ishaan+rudra=ISRU)…

R:- hai la ishu di ka gujju mode on ho Gaya matlab vo Sachi Sachi me hame bhagvan ji yad dila de gi nahiiii chal buddy bhag chalte he hum apna work Karne Varna di gujju mode kab chandi mode me badal Jai no idea chal chal jaldi… (Hai Yar ishu di has switched to gujju mode that means she will surely make both of us remember our God… Nahiiii…. Let’s go buddy other wise no one have idea when di’s gujju mode will transform to chandi(angry and destructive)mode..)

Saying this ru ran from there followed by giggling Kare huve ishaan ??… seeing ru ke antics all were giggling there which made the atmosphere some what light there.. suddenly bhavi spoke to Avni..

B:- aunty Kya me AJ ishu ko apne sath leke ja skti hu please please ?..

But before Avni could answer from back a voice came saying Nahi a sakti vo Abhi tumare sath…
D- dev Mehta
D:- Nahi a sakti vo tumahare sath Kyu ki Abhi use bohat Kam he chaho to sham ko le Kar Jana use… (She cannot come with you because she have some work if u want you can take her in the evening..)

(he spoke this everyone were shoked seeing this side of Mr. Mehta because vo kabhi is tare se bat nahi karte or upper SE ishu ke liye bola vo to akdum Naya Tha sab ke liye…)

After saying so he went from there… Leaving all off them shoked with his this type of behaviour..
Bhavi was the one who came out of the shock and spoke.

B:- heee ishu pinch me Yar yeh Uncle he the na hamare samne …. If so aise kese ho Gaya unka behaviour me parivartan ?..(how did this change of behavior happened into Uncle….)

And saw ishu who was same or say was more into shocked state after that thing which took place in front of her few minutes ago…(ye sab isi liye huva because Never ever in his life he had spoken in such a way with ishu or for ishu till today .. because Everytime he either scold her or will ignore her or anything related to her. In front of everyone ya in Alone he had never ever did this so all were shocked by this behaviour of Mr.mehta..)
So ya this part end’s here..
Hope so this one is somewhat a big one rather than other parts…
So do tell me how was this part and ya I m trying to show some what some ok I m using only some ya so I was telling that I m trying to show some good moments for ishana by give her a small happiness of her father though thoda say he but it is a lot more thing for ishana… Ya but aisa mat soch ne lagna ki mr.mehta is changing na itni jaldi Kon badal ta he Yar.. though it’s a start but still that Mr. Arrogant is still… So wait and watch…
Till Then take care and do comment please..
See u all soon ??
Till than take care everyone..?
Love u all?


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  1. Neha_Pheonix

    Amazing dear
    The story is gng great
    Well, just a small advice, use full stop and start a sentence with capital letter, that will just facilitate reading
    Loved it !
    Love ya! You too take care?

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear. Will surely see that thing from now onwards…take care dear?

  2. Puvi

    Awesome update Diyu rudra aur uska antics kabhi nayi sudarne wale hey waiting for next part dear

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks di. And yeh Rudy he uske antics kabhi khatam Nahi Hoge??..

  3. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

  4. Chandini

    Mahee I am loving this story it’s different and also awesome and ya this part is long and I would say it’s the correct length so maintain this…
    As usual rudy was awww is this part and ishu is something new for me but I like this side of hers too and I also like the character bhavi on the whole I loved it…
    Lov you mahee????
    Be good girl like this and send me the link ?????

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks chandu di… I will surely send links to u…love u too di..

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks dear

  6. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Mahee aaj ek kahavaat yaad aa rahi he “deer aaye darust aaye.”????.
    So finally I have read your story, it’s quite interesting and seems to really different.
    I loved Rudy ??? perfect portrayal of all characters especially Bhavi di ? special points for that ?.
    Awesome part and as u wrote that gujju line I said to myself lo shuru hogayi isski Gujrati yeh toh yahaan bhi baaz nahi aaye. Tun na paki Gujrati bhen hai ???.
    Well done and keep it up.
    Love u ❤ ? ?

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks di.. I m glad u liked​ it…
      Ya I ma pakki gujju bhen of yours???..
      Love u

  7. Loved dev mehta getting some brain???.. nd i guessed one person to be avni mehta.. bt u surprised me with bhavi?.. m happy that bhavi has a dhinchak attitude here?.. isru??? wt a wierd name????.. overall i liked the part vry much????

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks di.. love u … I m happy that u like this one and I m happy that everyone is liking Rudy here …?

  8. Ankita27

    Amazing update dear.. loved it ???..

  9. Mrunal

    awesome update mahee…
    perfect portrayal of bhavi’s character…
    dev mehta changing…??

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks di.. ya I really thought that bhavi di will be perfect for this so ya here she is…
      Or rahi dev Mehta ka Chang hona so itni jaldi Nahi hoga vo?

  10. Lalitha

    Wow mahee???….. Amazing update dear….. Ur story is supb dear…. I’m in love with it….. Bhavi di ka entry is kirrak…… Isru were awesome….. & abt anvi mehta, I didn’t expected her….. & dev’s reaction? o my mata…..
    Overall u r amazing dear…..
    Eagerly waiting for Mru di & kuhu’s entry….. Post asap….
    Love you dear….

    1. Dheemahee

      Thanks di…
      Ya muru di and kuhu is going to enter very soon..
      Love u too..
      Take care didu..?

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