Recap: Sanskar kissed Ragini

Ragini was sitting alone in her room.She was thinking the events that happened today in Sanskars room.She don’t know why he allowed Sanskar to kiss her and hug her.She don’t know how to face Sanskar now.She decided to avoid him as much as she can.
Sanskar in his room thought: Hey wat happened to u Sanskar.Wat ur doing.U r taking advantage of her situation.Do u think u can face her hereafter.wat u r gng to do now.
Both dint came out of their room till evening.Sanskar got a call from the office.He attended it.But he dint get network in his mobile.So he went down to call.While going he saw Ragini’s room once.It was he went to garden to talk.After finishing his call he came back and saw her room it was closed now also.So he decided to see her once.He went and knocked the door.He waited for sometimes.Then the door was opened.
Ragini opened the door.She saw Sanskar standing on the door.She was too much embrassed to see Sanskar.
Voice:Can I come in

Both saw the direction from where the voice came.It is Kalki.
Ragini felt a great sign of relief.She immediately ran towards the door.She hugged Kalki and was crying holding her.Kalki too cried.
Kalki:Today only I came from my native Ragini.Sorry I couldnot be with u during ur tough hours.I m sorry.
Ragini:It’s ok Kalki.No problem.
Kalki:I m very happy for u Ragini.Today I went to school there only I got the info tat u got married to Sanskar sir.
Ragini just smiled.
Kalki:Hello sir.I m kalki.Ragini’s best friend.
Sanskar:Hello.U guys carry on.I have some work.
Ragini and Kalki was talking for a long time.They dint even notice the time.
Kalki:Oh its already late.I ll leave now.
Ragini:oh ok Kalki.
Kalki:So wat u planned.r u coming to school or not.
Ragini:Dint think abt it yet.Have to think.

Kalki:Ok call Sanskar sir.I ll tell to him and leave.
Ragini:It’s ok I ll tell to him.
Kalki:And one more thing Ragini.Dont think abt the past.Just be happy like dis always.ok.forget everything and start ur new life.I hope u understand.
Ragini:Hmmm.I ll try.
Kalki went to her home.Ragini too went to her room.She was very much hungry.She dint notice the time while talking to kalki.So she dint prepared dinner also.She went out of room to prepare dinner.There she saw sanskar sitting on the dining table and busy with his laptop.
Ragini(Without seeing him):Sir wait for sometime.I ll prepare dinner.
Sanskar:No need.Go and get ready.We ll go out for dinner
Ragini:Sir no problem.I ll prepare within 10 minutes.
Sanskar:I said come
Ragini went inside and freshened up and came out.She was wearing a simple lavender color saree with light makeup.She came out and saw sanskar still working in his laptop
Ragini:Sir I m ready.
Sanskar closed his laptop and saw Ragini.He was totally mesmerized to see her.He saw many girls in his life.But Ragini is the only girl who affected him so much.He was totally lost now seeing her.He was only starring her.

Sanskar came out of his dreamland.
Both came to a restaurant.They sat at a table.
Waiter:Wat do u like to have sir.
Sanskar:Wat u have Ragini.
Ragini:Sir ur wish.
Sanskar ordered two plates of veg fried rice.
Sanskar:I want to talk to u Ragini

Ragini:Ya sir.
Sanskar hesitated for a minute and continued:I want to ask sorry to u first.
Ragini was silent.She don’t know how to react now.Whether to accept his sorry or whether to ask sorry from her side.She was confused.So she dint opened her mouth.
Sanskar:Also I want to tell one more thing Ragini
Ragini:wat sir.
Sanskar:My office collegues are asking for a party..for our marriage
Sanskar:If u think u ll feel comfortable there ten I can arrange for a party.
Ragini:But Sir.
Sanskar:I m not forcing u Ragini.they just need to see my Wife.
Ragini thought for a minute and said:Ok sir No problem for me.
Sanskar:ok.U too can invite ur friends.
Ragini:Ok Sir.
Sanskar:So day after tmrw.U ok with it.
Ragini:Ok sir.Then even I too want to say something to u sir.
Sanskar:ya tell
Ragini:I m thinking to continue my job.
Sanskar:So u r asking permission from me
Sanskar:See Ragini.We are married.That doesn’t means u have to ask permission from me for every single thing.U can do whatever u feel correct.Ok.So no need to ask permission from me for anything.
Ragini:Ok sir Thank u.

Sanskar:But inform me before doing anything ok.Dont do anything like today’s morning.
She thought he is talking abt the kissing incident.
Ragini:Sir.i dint do it intentionally sir.i don’t know wat I was doing tat time.I m so sorry for tat Kiss.
Sanskar was shocked by hearing the word Kiss.Ragini too realized wat she said now.So she bowed her head down.
Sanskar smiled a little by seeing her confession.
Sanskar:I dint mentioned that incident.I told about ur temple visit today morning.
Ragini who has her head down bitted her tongue a little after knowing tat Sanskar was talking abt tat incident.She was too embrassed to see him.Thanks to the waiter who came to her rescue tat time with the food.
They both had the dinner silently.
They went back to their home.
While getting down from the car
Ragini:Yes sir.
Sanskar:I think we can take our relationship to the next level.
Sanskar:Yup..From strangers to Friends
Ragini smiled and said yes sir..Friends.
They shook their hands.Both went to their rooms and slept peacefully thinking abt their friendship.

To be continued…
Precap:Party and Jealousy..But who..Ragini or Sanskar.

Hi frnds I hope u liked dis episode.May be small.sorry for tat.And one more thing I have my exams on 13th March.I think till tat I wont able to update the next episode.If possible I ll try to update next..
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Credit to: Shailu

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