Recap: Ragini weds Sanskar
Ragini came to dining table smiling all the way from the Sanskar’s room.She came and arranged food on the table.Sanskar came down and silently sat for dinner.Both were very embrassed to see each other.Ragini silently kept food for Sanskar.She kept a sweet(payasam) prepared by her to Sanskar.
Sanskar:sorry I don like sweet.
Ragini:Sir but it ll be good sir.Just try once.
Sanskar:I told na.i don want it.
Ragini felt very bad.Her face clearly showed she is very much sad.Sanskar noticed dis.He felt some pain in his heart seeing Ragini like tat.So he took the sweet kept by Ragini and had it.
Sanskar:It is gud.
Ragini was glad to hear dis from Sanskar.
Ragini:Thanks sir.

Sanskar after finishing dinner went to his room.Ragini cleaned the kitchen and went to her room.Both laid down in the bed.But they don’t feel sleep.Sanskar closed her eyes so that he can sleep.he tried hard to get sleep.Finally he slept.In the middle of the night Sanskar waked up fully sweating.The dream he got during his sleep made him to wake up.
In Dream:
Sanskar was going to office.He received a call from a private number
Sanskar:Hello.Whose dis.
Voice:Hello Sanskar.Got married ah.Dint invite me.
Sanskar:May I know whose dis.
Voice:u don no me.But now ur wife knows me.
Sanskar:Wat r u saying.

Voice:yeah ur wife is with me.we kidnapped her.
Sanskar:Hey who are u..dont even dare to say tat.
Voice:If u wont believe me come to the umaid mahal behind in 10minutes.If u delayed a minute also ten u wont get ur wife.By the by ur wife is so beautiful na..i like her so much.if u dint reach in 10th minute ur wife wil be mine
Sanskar:Don’t even dare to touch her.If ur single finger touched her also I ll kill u.and don’t even dare to do anything to her.
Voice:Tat depends on u..
Call ended.
Sanskar drived very fast.There he found a group of persons.
Sanskar shouted :Ragini
Person:Oh wat a timing..loving ur wife very much.
Sanskar: whr is Ragini
Person:Why so much hurry.wait for sometime.If u need ur wife means u have to sign the file which I sent to ur office.
Sanskar:Which file
Person:Mehta industries file

Sanskar:So u belong to tat industries.
Sanskar:I wont sign
Person:So u don’t want ur wife
Sanskar:I know how to save my wife
He started fighting with the persons.At that time sanskar heard a gun sound.
The person who is holding shooted Ragini in her chest.
This was the dream which made Sanskar waked up from the sleep.He was fully sweating.He took the water bottle in his room.But there was no water.So he went down to get water from the kitchen.
He thought to see Ragini for once.So he went near to her room.He dint have the courage to knock the room.He thought Maybe she s sleeping..why to disturb her.
So he went to his room and slept.
Ragini waked up early morning and prepared breakfast.She saw the time.Its already 8.but sanskar dint came out from his room.So she went to his room and knocked his door.But he dint opened.So she pushed the door.The door was not locked from it opened immediately.Ragini went inside and saw sanskar sleeping.

Sanskar dint wake up.Ragini again called him.But no response.So Ragini kept her hand on sanskar and called Sir.
Sanskar waked up.His eyes are fully red in color.Ragini clearly saw from his eyes that he dint sleep properly yesterday.
Ragini:sir its already 8 u have to go to office na
Sanskar dint reply to her and directly went to washroom.Ragini felt strange abt his behavior.She too left his room thinking.
Sanskar came down after freshened up.
Ragini:Sir breakfast is ready
Sanskar dint tell anything to her and went from the home without having his breakfast.
Ragini don’t know wat to do.She too dint have her breakfast.
On the way to office

Sanskar in his mind:Did I made any mistake in marrying her.I married her to save from her aunt.But I dint think abt my enemies not even once.Wat if anything happened to her.wat can I do now.I have to think a way to keep her away from my enemies.
Sanskar reached office.He cant even concentrate in his work.Meanwhile his collegues came and congratulated him for his marriage.They asked party from Sanskar.Sanskar agreed for a party.
Sanskar’s thought was fully on the dream which he got.So he took leave for a day and went to home.Sanskar found the house was locked.He tried calling Ragini’s number.But mobile was ringing.She dint picked up her call.He tried more than 50times.But no response.For the first time in his life he got a feeling called fear in his heart.He took his car and started driving and searching for Ragini.After 2hrs of search he came back to home again.There he found Ragini opening the house.
He went directly to her.
Sanskar:Whr the hell u went.
Ragini:Sir I went to temple.
Sanskar:Damn it..whr is ur mobile.
Ragini:Sir I forgot it in house itself

Before she could finished her sentence Sanskar slapped her hard.
Ragini couldn’t believe wat happened that time.She kept her hand in her cheecks.The cheecks was burning because of the slap.
Sanskar:Cant u inform me before going anywhere.Do u how much I searched u.Cant u take ur mobile with u.Do u know how much I was scared.cha..
Saying dis he went inside and went to his room slamming the door.
Ragini stood there for a long time.After sometime she realized wat happened and she too went inside and went to Sanskar’s room.
There Sanskar was standing near the window.Ragini went near her and touched his shoulder.Sanskar turned immediately and hugged Ragini tightly.
Sanskar:I’M Sorry.I was very much scared.Till today I dint feared for anything.But today I thought I lost u.

Ragini understood the situation.
Ragini:Sorry sir.morning u dint talked to me well also u dint have ur breakfast na.So I thought to went to temple sir.I forgot my mobile in home itself.From next time I ll be careful sir.sorry.
Sanskar was still hugging Ragini.Now Ragini too hugged Sanskar unknowingly.Both were like tat for sometime.After sometime both composed themselves from the hug.But still they are standing so close to eachother.Sanskar was starring the cheecks of Ragini.It had his fingerprint.It was fully red.
He slowly went near Ragini’s cheeck. He kept his fingers in her cheecks.Ragini felt some pain in tat place. Ragini closed her eyes tightly due to pain.Sanskar understand her pain.He slowly went near her cheecks and kissed her cheecks lightly.Ragini was still closing her eyes.
Sanskar saw Ragini closing her eyes.He kept his finger again in her cheecks and asked
Is it paining?
Ragini opened her eyes.
Ragini:No sir.
Sanskar:Don’t lie.

Sanskar and Ragini both were starring each other.They had a eyelock.Sanskar slowly went near Ragini and cupped her face.He removed her hairs which are disturbing her face.He eyes now went to her lips.
Ragini bowed down her head.Sanskar chined up Ragini and made her look into his eyes.Now both are looking into eachother’s eyes.
Sanskar slowly went near Ragini and he slowly kissed on her lips.First time it was a small kiss.After tat he again saw Ragini.Her eyes are closed now.He again went near her lips and again kissed her.
This time it was a most passionating kiss.Ragini’’s one hand is holding Sanskar’s shirt tightly and another one hand is in Sanskars hair.Sanskar is holding Ragini’s back in one hand and another one hand is in Ragini’s neck.It was a long kiss.They both forgot their problems.They forgot about the world around them.They both don’t have anything in their mind now.After sometime they both parted way due to insufficient air.They both looked each other.
Ragini ran away from there to her room.
Sanskar thought:Sanskar wat did u do now.

To be Continued..


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Credit to: Shailu

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