Soul of love – Ragsan(Episode 7)
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Recap: Shopping
Ragini and Sanskar are travelling in the car.There was a pindrop silence between them.Sanskar stopped the car before a big house.Ragini was puzzled and looked at Sanskar.
Sanskar:Come inside
Ragini came out of the car.She was amazed by the outer view of the house.
Ragini:Sir dis house was so beautiful.Whose house is dis.

Sanskar:Come.u itself will know.
Ragini and Sanskar went inside the house.It was too eautiful inside too.It was a well furnished and well decorated house.Ragini liked it very much.
The house was very big.A big hall with sofas,a neat kitchen with all kitchen utensils and it was a three bedroom house.There was a guest room also.
Ragini:Sir whose house is dis.
Sanskar: Mine.I mean ours.It was my dad’s house in Chennai.As I was staying alone I don’t want to live here.Bt frm now onwards dis house will be helpful na.I mean I cant sleep in hall sofa daily na.So I thought to change here.Frm tmrw onwards we will shift here.For now just keep all the things which we bought today in kitchen.Then we ll go der.
Ragini kept all the things in kitchen and she arranged all the things in kitchen.Then they both went from der.
Day passed.

Next day morning:
Ragini got up early and took bath and weared the saree.She is in light makeup.She took her parents pictures from her bag and started talking to them.
Ragini:Ma,Dad I know ur seeing me.I don’t know whether I m dng the right thing today r not.But I don’t have any other options.The persons who I considered as my family dint think once before selling me.i don’t know wat to do nw.Bt whatever I do I hope u guys will be with me.Bless me MaPapa.i need ur blessings.
While talking sanskar called Ragini from outside.So she went out of the room.There Sanskar was standing with two persons.Ragini knew them already.She saw them with sanskar in photo.
Sanskar:Ragini dis is my Ma Sujatha maheshwari and my dad Ram Prasad Maheshwari.They live in kolkatta.They are here for our wedding.
Ragini went to them and touched their feet.Sujatha was touched by her gesture.Before coming here sujatha was very much angry on Sanskar for his decision on marrying an unknown girl.But after seeing Ragini she understood why Sanskar decided to marry her.Sujatha liked Ragini at her first sight itself.Sujatha thought watta a girl she is.She is full of innocence.I hope my Sanskar decision is correct.

Sujatha and RP gave their blessing to Ragini.They all started from the home.Sanskar was driving and RP Was sitting in front seat and both the ladies were in the back seat.
Sujatha was continuously talking with Ragini.She asked about Ragini and her studies and about her family.When Ragini said she is an orphan Sujatha got tears in her eyes
Sujatha:No Ragini don’t even tell like tat.I m here na Ur mother.and my husband is ur father na.Then y ur talking like dis.If u tell once again the word Orphan we both will beat u..ok
Saying that she hit ragini’’s shoulder.
Ragini(in her mind):Oh god Thanks for giving me such a nice family.Pls keep them always happy like dis.
They reached the Registrar office.Marriage is at 11 Am.So they were waiting.Meanwhile Sujatha asked Ragini to come with her.

They both went alone.
Sujatha:Ragini I don’t know how much u know my son.But it’s my duty to tell about him to his future wife.He doesn’t believe in love or god.He rejected many marriage proposal which came to him.He doesn’t want to get married.I was very worried about him.But I m now very much happy that he got a best lifepartner.He is a shorttemper and little bit arrogant.But his heart is like a child.He wont show that to others.But I hope u understand him soon.But whenever he get angry just try to cool him ma.Dont fight with him ma.He will get angry at the same time he will show immense love to the one whom he loves.I hope u understand.
Ragini:Yes Aunty u no need to worry.I ll understand.
Sujatha:And one more thing.i ll also get very much angry.Now also I m very angry.
Ragini:But aunty Y.
Sujatha: U r saying me aunty na..Call me Ma
Ragini : oh sorry aunty…Oh sorry Ma..

Sujatha : tats my bahu..oh sorry bêti..
Rp came tat time and asked them to come as the registrar was calling them.They both went.
Registrar:who is the bride and groom.
RP:Groom name is Sanskar and bride is Ragini
Registrar:Sanskar sir Is dis ur marriage.I m very happy sir.Here is the form sir.U both need to sign in it.And I need a sign of witness from both the sides.Who will be from Bride’s side sir.
Ragini was shocked.She don’t have anybody from their side.
Sujatha:I m here na.Meri beti ki side se.I will sign from her side and my husband will be from Sanskar’s side.
Ragini held Sujatha’s hand and saw her with full of tears in her eyes.
Sujatha:Ragini today is ur marriage.U no need to cry.dis should be the last tears from ur eyes.Ok.
Ragini nodded her head.
First Sanskar signed in the registar and then Ragini signed in it.
Sujatha:Sanskar beta.Now tie Mangalsutra around Ragini’s neck.

Sanskar took Mangalsutra from the box.He once saw Ragini’ eyes.He went near Ragini.He thought I know Ragini why u accepted for dis marriage.I promise u I wont let anything harm to u.i will be ur protective shield in dis life.
He tied the mangalsutra around Ragini’s neck.Ragini closed her eyes.She has tears in her eyes.she don’t now dis is happiness tears or something else.But she felt very much safe now.She knows dis marriage is just a compromise between the two.But she felt something more than that.
They both got their parents blessings.They left from der.
They directly came to their new house.
Sujatha:Sanskar, Ragini u both wait here.I ll come now.
She went inside and came with a kalash with rice.she kept it in the entry door and asked Ragini to kick it.Ragini kicked it and tried to came inside.
Sujatha:Wait Ragini
Ragini was puzzled.
Sanskar:Wat ma

Sujatha:Sanskar since Ragini is a tamilian she doesn’t know our culture.U too forgot it.Groom has to carry bride inside the house na.
Sanskar and Ragini were embrassed.But they don’t have any other options.So Sanskar carried Ragini in his arm and they both came inside the house like that.Ragini was afraid so she tied her hand around Sanskars neck.
Sujatha:K Sanskar me and ur dad are leaving today evening itself.
Ragini:But only u came ten y.u can stay with us for some days na.
Sujatha:No Ragini.Ur dad s having a meeting we cant stay there.Bt next time we will come and stay here.Ok..
Ragini:Ok Ma..
Both Rp and Sujatha left from there.

Sanskar:So Ragini.I ll go the room in the upstairs.u can stay in the room in downstairs.
Ragini:Ok sir.
Sanskar went to his room.Ragini was thinking for something.She directly went to Kitchen and made something.After finishing tat she went to Sanskar’s room.
She knocked the door of the room.But no response from inside.So she opened the door and went inside.She could not find sanskar inside.
Ragini was standing there.At that time Sanskar came out of washroom.He was wearing only towel in his waist.He dint Expect ragini there.Ragini too dint expect Sanskar like dis.Seeing sanskar like dat she immediately turned around.
Sanskar immediately got a dress from his cupboard and weared it.
Ragini:Sorry sir I came here to call u for dinner.
Sanskar:ok u leave I ll come.
Ragini went outside the room.
Sanskar shooked his head and hit his head a little bit.Automatically a smile came from his lips.

Precap: Sanskar avoiding Ragini..

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