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Recap: Shopping for Marriage

Ragini and Sanskar came out of Mall.They finished their shopping by 2 o clock.Ragini felt very hungry tat time.But she doesn’t want to tell Sanskar as she felt she is disturbing him much.Both went to their car and Sanskar started to drive the car.He drived for sometime and stopped the car and came out.Ragini was just watching him.He asked Ragini to cum out.Ragini came out and watched the place before her.It was a Restaurant.She thought how dis guy is always understanding my inner thoughts.Both went inside the restaurant.
Sanskar asked Ragini :Wat do u want to order.
Ragini:No sir.I m not hungry.u eat.
Sanskar asked waiter to bring a plate of meals and a plate of chapathi.Waiter bought the food and kept it near Sanskar.Sanskar kept the plate of meals near Ragini and started eating his chapathi.
Ragini:But sir..
Ragini was interepted by Sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar:Ragini I know u r hungry.So u eat now.
Ragini was touched by Sanskar concern over her.She silently had her food.They both started to home after finishing the food.While travelling in car Ragini saw a temple and immediately she prayed to god from car itself.Seeing dis Sanskar stopped his car.
Sanskar:Go inside and pray and come.I ll wait here.
Ragini was amused by his action.She went to temple and prayed to god and came out and sat inside the car.She kept the sindoor in Sanskar’s forehead.It was her usual thing.If she went to temple means she will keep sindoor to her frnd Kalki.Ragini forgot that she is keeping it to Sanskar.Sanskar was shocked by her action.Ragini too realized afterwards only.
Ragini:Sorry sir.I thought my friend Kalki and kept it to u.Sorry sir.
Sanskar:It’s ok.No prob.
Sanskar was not the who believe in god.He wont even turn to the side where temple is situated.But dis time he dint erase the sindoor in his forehead.
Both reached home.Both are very tired.Ragini don’t know whr to go.Whether to go inside room or to sit in hall.To her surprise Sanskar lied in sofa.So Ragini went inside room.She sat down on the bed and closed her eyes.
Ragini(thinking):I dono god I m worth for these things.He care for me so much.I dono wat is the relation between us.I hope I will keep him happy.i don want him to suffer him bcoz of me.Pls god whoever cares for me u take them away frm me.Don do tat to Sanskar sir also.
Ragini slept without her knowledge.Sanskar got up by 8’o clock in the night.He waited for Ragini to come outside the room.But she dint come out.So he went near the door and about to knock it when he find it was not locked from inside he thought for a while and opened it.He went inside.Ragini was peacefully sleeping in his bed.He saw her for a minute.The innocence in her face made him to admire her more.He thought for a while whether to wake her or not.But later he decided to not to wake her.He started to leave from the room.But tat time his mobile phone rang.Due that sound Ragini itself waked up.Ragini saw Sanskar and stood up from the bed immediately.

Sanskar:Woh..i came here to ask u to come for dinner.Its already late.
Ragini suddenly watched time.It’s already 9.
Ragini:Sorry sir.i dono how I slept dis much time.
Sanskar:Its ok u come.
Ragini came out with sanskar.By that time he came out Raghu was standing der.
Sanskar:Whr is the food Raghu.
Raghu:Sorry sir due to some strike all shops are closed.
Sanskar:Oh..Wat to do now.
Ragini:Sir if u don’t have any prob.shall I make dinner
Sanskar:But Ragini there wont be much things in the kitchen.
Ragini:ok sir I ll see and manage
Ragini went inside the kitchen.He saw some things and immediately prepared dinner.
Ragini:Sir dinner is ready.U can come now.
Sanskar:Hey now only u went and u prepared dinner.Wat u made.
Ragini:Sir only some maida was der so I made a dosa using tat.Don no whether u like it or not.
Sanskar started eating it.He dint tell anything to Ragini.So Ragini itself asked him
Ragini:Is it tat much bad.
Sanskar: If u prepare food like dis daily means I ll become fat.So from tmrw while preparing food keep that in mind that ur husband need to work also not only eat ok.
Ragini smiled a little.
Ragini:My husband needs to be healthy I ll prepare food like dis only.
Sanskar:But if ur husband only eat but if he wont do work means how will we manage our family.
Ragini:I ll take care of it.u don’t need to worry.
Suddenly they realized how their conversation is going.Both were embrassed to see each other.Aftertat only silence were der.No more talking.
Both finished their dinner and went to sleep.

Next Day.Sunday.
Ragini wake up early morning.She got ready and went out to find Sanskar.But sanskar was not there.So she searched sanskar.Sanskar was talking in phone in the garden.Ragini went and stood behind him.Sanskar finished talking and turned without noticing Ragini.Ragini was watching the garden also dint watch Sanskar turning.Sanskar bumped into Ragini and Both of them fell down in the garden.Ragini was on the ground and Sanskar was on the above the Ragini.Both had an eyelock.Sanskar was mesmerized to see Ragini.Raginis wet hair was on her face now.He slowly removed Ragini’s hair.Ragini could feel the hot breath of Sanskar’s.She was only seeing Sanskar’s Eyes.Sanskar slowly moved towards Raginis lip.Suddenly they heard an horn sound and realized their position.Sanskar immediately got up and gave his hand to Ragini to help her.Ragini too got up frm the ground.
Ragini:Sir I was searching u for breakfast.
Sanskar:Ok u go I ll come.
Ragini went inside.
Sanskar saying to himself: hey sanskar wat u was going to do.Ragini is ur responsibility and u were about to kiss her.Wat is dis.U r just gng to save her from her dreadful situation and ur going to take advantage of tat.Cha..
He too went inside the house for breakfast.Both had their breakfast silently.
Sanskar:Today we are going to supermarket.I donno to buy things for the house.So u itself come and buy.
Saying dis he went inside the bedroom without waiting for her answer.
He came out after refreshing.
Sanskar:Come we ll go now.

Both went in the car.They entered into the Supermarket.
Sanskar:Ragini.U go and Buy whatever things need for the home.I ll wait here.
Ragini went inside and bought the necessary items needed for the family.She saw a child inside the SM.she bought a chocolate and gave it to the child.The child thanked Ragini and gave a kiss to Ragini.Sanskar who was talking seriously in his phone saw this scence through the glassdoor.For a second he imagined Ragini with their child.The voice at the other end of the call bought him from his dreamworld.So he turned other side of the shop and continued his talk.
Ragini who finished her shopping came to the billsection.But Sanskar was not there.She started searching him.The guy at the bill section was asking Ragini to pay the bill.Ragini doesn’t have a single penny in her hand.
Guy:Hey Mam do u have money or not?
Ragini was silently standing there.The guy started to accuse her of a theif.
Guy:From whr u guys are coming u don’t have money then wat is the need for coming to the shop.Dont u think of ur status.If u cant buy things means why u are coming here.
He was interrupted by a voice.It was Sanskars.
Sanskar:Stop it.Do u know who ur talking.Ur talking to Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari.How dare u talk to her like dis.
He was about to slap him.Ragini held his hand.He paid the bill and asked Ragini to come with him.
He was driving his car with full of anger.
He stopped at a shop and went inside the shop.Ragini was waiting inside the car.He came out after sometime and came inside the car.He gave a parcel to Ragini.
Ragini opened the parcel.It was a mobile phone.
Sanskar:I already feeded my number in dis.If u ever had a situation like dis u can call me.
Saying dis he drived to their home.Ragini was thinking about the situation she faced in the shop.and also how sanskar stood by her side.
They both were thinking about eachother.They don’t know why they are thinking abt others.They are not realizing their feelings.They both are unknowingly falling in love with eachother.

To be Continued…

Precap: sorry guys for the same precap..
Ragini weds Sanskar.

Sorry for the delay guys.I faced some personal issues in these days.So I thought not to write anymore.But later I realized dis is the page whr I can forget my issues.While writing the story only I m forgetting my problems.But I cant promise the day of next episode.But I cant promise a date for the next episode update as I cant follow I ll try to update ASAP..
Comment me frnds..The comments ur giving only is the booster for me..Keep motivating me..

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