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Sanskar: Ragini Will u marry me?
Ragini was shocked to the extreme.She don’t know wat to tell and how to react.
Sanskar:No need to tell anything abt ur prob Ragini.I already know wats ur problem is.I went to ur home and asked ur neighbour abt u.They detail told u abt ur problems.So I thought very well and after that only I decided dis solution.
Ragini:But Sir..
Sanskar stopped Ragini in the middle.
Sanskar:”First let me complete Ragini.dont think that I like u so nly I m asking u to marry and all.i m saying dis for ur safety.While went to ur home I saw ur house was locked.The person who u supposed to marry u was searching u in the whole city.They even ordered ur aunt to stay with them till they get u.As a person in govt job I can ask police security to u.But till how much time police will be with u.U no wat ur aunt got a lump sum of money from that person to get married to u.If u not agreed with dis marriage I have an another solution also.U can contact ur uncle and tell dis prob to him and ask him to cum immediately.”
Ragini:”No sir I cant ask him.It ll affect their relation”
Sanskar:R U Mad here life Is in danger and ur thinking abt them.listen Ragini thinking abt others is a gud thing.But at some point of time we have to think abt our life also.Otherwise our life will be spoiled.
Ragini was shocked to hear that her aunt sold her for money.She started to cry vigorously.she fell down in the ground and crying. Sanskar don’t know wat to do.He felt bad for her.He immediately rushed near Ragini and kept his hands in her shoulder.Ragini suddenly hugged Sanskar.Sanskar was shocked first.Then he too hugged her and consoled her as he knows that now she has only him to console.Ragini felt very much safe In sanskar’s hug.They very like that for sometime.Ragini realized what she was doing nd immediately left sanskar and ran away and reached the garden and sat down there.

Sanskar was standing in the hall.He thought for a while whether he should go out or not.Then he decided to face her.He immediately went out and saw Ragini was still crying.He went and sat near her.
Ragini (without seeing him): Sorry for that sir.
Sanskar:Its ok.Then what ur gng to do now.What u decided.
Ragini:Dono sir.
Sanskar:What is dis answer Ragini. U no wat situation outside.His Men are searching u everywhere.They can even reach here within some days.Then wat u ll do.U ll run again.If u run also whr will u go.Out of the city?Then how many days u ll run like dis.It’s better to face everything instead of running.
Sanskar said in a harsh tone and went inside without waiting for her answers.
Ragini was stunned by his words.She knows that whatever sanskar is saying is true.She was still sitting in the same position.She thought a lot and decided something.She went inside and searched Sanskar.Sanskar was working in his laptop in his room.He went inside and called him.
Ragini: Sir..
Sanskar without even looking her:Ya tell me
Ragini:Sir I m ready to face everything instead of running.
Ragini:S Sir I m ready for dis marriage.
Sanskar closed his laptop and got up frm his bed.
Ragini:Ya sir I m ready for my second marriage.
She looked down and said dis again.Sanskar was shocked by her words.
Ragini:S sir I m already married.I m a widow.Rakesh is my husband.
Ragini started narrating her story to Sanskar.
Ragini and Rakesh are friends from childhood.They studied in the same school and in the same college.They both are very close to eachother.They both loved eachother very much.Rakesh know abt Ragini very much since his childhood.He cares for her very much.Whenever Ragini feels sad Rakesh will be always with him.The situation which Ragini facing now happened earlier for her also before 3 yr.Ragini discussed dis issue with Rakesh.Rakesh who was hiding his love on Ragini proposed to her on same day and asked her to marry him.Ragini accepted his proposal immediately as she is also in love with him.
They both got married in a temple on the next day.Kalki was the only person who was presented in their wedding.They decided to registar their marriage In the next week.While Ragini and Kalki went to registar office and waited for Rakesh he dint come.They waited till the day end.So while coming back to home they only got the news abt Rakesh tat he met with an accident and died on the spot.Ragini was shattered to hear the news.On tat day itself Ragini decided not to marry anyone.
Ragini narrated the entire story to Sanskar
(Frnds I don’t want to tell the entire FB.If u guys need u can comment I ll write fully in the next episode)
Ragini:Wat is ur answer now sir.Do u still think dis is the solution fr dis Prob?
Sanskar:Ragini I m so sorry fr whatever happened in ur life in past.But I don care abt ur past.And also as I said already dis marriage is nt based on love.Its just fr ur safety.Also I don have anyother solution to dis prob.If u trust me ten u can marry me.Otherwise I don no.
Saying dis he went out.Ragini sat there and thought for a long time and she went out In search of Sanskar.Sanskar was sitting in the garden.She went and sat near him.

Ragini:Ok sir.i m ok with it.
Sanskar:Ok tmrw is Saturday.We ll marry on Monday in the registrar office.Be ready by tmrw we ll go nd sumthing for u for the marriage.
Ragini:Bt Sir wats the need for these and all.
Sanskar:If this is a marriage without love also Marriage is a marriage na.So somethings need to be sure for marriages.So be ready.
After tat Ragini dint said anything.She silently went inside the home and sat in the sofa.
Next Day morn:
Both Sanskar and Ragini went to Mall.They first went to Clothes shop and bought a saree for Ragini.
Sanskar:U can select whatever saree u want.Be sure u like it.I ll just wait here.
Ragini:Ok sir.
Ragini searched some sarees.She is not interested in selecting the sarees.For the sake of Sanskar she came for shopping.Finally she selected one saree.It was a beautiful silk saree with stone work in it.It was a light green colored saree.Ragini showed the saree to sanskar.
Sanskar:Oh u finished selecting saree so soon.I thought u ll take full day.Bt nice selection.Come lets go
Then they went to Jewels section.
Sanskar selected a beautiful antique piece necklace and a matching earrings to Ragini.He showed it to her.
Ragini:But sir.Y this much costly.
Sanskar:For my wife I can select whatever I want.Money is not a matter for me.
Hearing the word Wife Ragini shocked and saw Sanskar.Even Sanskar realized wat he said after seeing the shocked expression of Ragini.Both become silent after tat.Sanskar went to pay bill.Ragini was sitting there when some lady came and started talking to the salesman.
Lady:Whr is the Thaali(Mangalsutra) section in this shop?
Salesman:Mam tat is in next floor mam.
Suddenly something striked Ragini’s mind.She don’t know how to tell dis to Sanskar.She immediately went near the cash counter where sanskar is paying bill.

Sanskar turned towards Ragini:Ya tell
Ragini:I need to tell something to u
Sanskar:Wait I ll pay and come.
Ragini:No sir Before tat I have to tell
Sanskar:Ya tell
Ragini:Sir we forgot something important to buy
Sanskar:Wat Ragini
She hesitated to tell that to him.
Sanskar:Tell Ragini.
Suddenly the lady who was asked for Mangalsutra section came there to pay bill.
Lady:Pls put bill for dis Mangalsutra.
Ragini showed that to Sanskar.Sanskar laughed for a minute.Ragini was not aware y he is laughing.
Ragini:Sir Y ur laughing
By saying dis he opened the box in his hand.It was a Mangalsutra.

To be Continued…
Precap: Sanskar weds Ragini…

Sorry frnds for keeping u wait till Friday..I think dis episode is somewat boring.Anyway I ll try to include something interesting in next episode..Thanks fr ur valuable comments.And do comment if I need to write the Flashback detailly..Sorry guys i promised a Maha episode today..Bt i couldnt post it as a Mahaepisode.Still i hope u guys enjoy it..

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