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Sanskar’s house:

Ragini started waiting for sanskar’s arrival.For her time is moving very slowly.She was constantly watching the clock and the door.She dint have her breakfast and lunch.The only thing she want to do now is to leave the house once Sanskar came.
By 6.30PM Sanskar came to the house.Once he came Ragini tried to talk to him.But he dint listen and directly went to his room and shuted the door.Sanskar knows wat Ragini is gng to tell.So he purposely avoided her talks and directly went inside.He is now sitting in is bed and thinking wat to do.He now knows her problem.Infact he dint went to office today.He directly went to Ragini’s school and got her house address.As he s a person in a gud position it is not a big deal for him to get her address.
Immediately he went to his house.Ragini’s house was locked.So he started investigating the neighbours.Noone is willing to inform him the information.Finally he went to one house which is very much closely to Ragini’s house.He knocked the door.He waited for sometime.One women in her early 50’s opened the door.
Women:ya who are u?

Sanskar:Mam Here Ragini..
Women:Ya the next house.But they are nt in their house.
Sanskar:S mam I saw their house.It is locked.May I know whr they went?
Women:Who are u?
Sanskar:I m her friend.
Women:But Ragini don’t have any boys as her frnd.
Sanskar:Mam nw nly I joined wit her in her school.Today she dint came to school.So only I came to see.
Sanskar was nt the person who like to speak lies.But for nw he has to speak to now the root cause of the problem which Ragini is facing.
Women:Come inside.Sit down.I don no whr Ragini went pa.But as per my knowledge she doesn’t like the marriage which her aunt is arranging.I think for tat reason nly she went out of her house.
Women:S.My daughter and Ragini both are very gud frnds.Both work in the same school.I think u also know my daughter as u r working in same school.
Sanskar:UR daughter?
Women:S Kalki.

Sanskar don’t know wat to tell.He immediately said ya I no.
Women:My daughter went for a function in my native place.Ragini andKalki are childhood frnds.So we know very well abt Ragini.She is such a gud girl.As per me she would have taken dis decision a long bak.But atleast for now she took such a gud decision.But don’t know whr she is.wat she is doing.I m worried for her.
Sanskar:Mam u told abt marriage?Whose marriage?
Women:S Pa.Her aunt arranged her marriage wit a old man for money.As the old man is very wealthy she arranged her marriage wit him.Tat too second marriage for him.She fought a lot wit her aunt.Her aunt dint reconsidered her decision.For her only money is very much important.
Sanskar:Mam her uncle dint oppose it?
Women:Her uncle is working in abroad.He knows only abt the marriage.But he dint know abt the groom.He thought tat his wife is dng only gud thing fr his Ragini.But he dint know the actual truth.
Sanskar:But Mam Ragini can tell the truth to him na?
Women:Ragini doesn’t want her uncle and aunt relation to be spoiled.She is the girl with such gud values.She is the girl who doesn’t talk anything bad abt others.She just want everyone to be happy.But god did very bad wit that girl.
Sanskar:Ok Mam.I ll leave now.
Women:Ok pa.

Sanskar came out of his thoughts.He donno wat to do now.But he know wat Ragini’s problem is.He was thinking for more than a hour.He saw the clock.
It’s already 8PM.
He immediately took his mobile and dialed a number:
Voice:Hey Sanskar.How are u?
Sanskar:S Dad I m fine.I want to talk to u dad.
Dad:Y a tell me Sanskar.
Sanskar narrated the entire incident.He told everything.
Dad:So wat ur gng to do now.
Sanskar:Wats ur opinion dad.
Dad:I no my son wont do anything without thinking.Watever u decide we are with u.
Sanskar told his Dad abt wat he decided.
Dad:I M very proud of u my Son.From ur childhood till nw ur decision is always rite.U always knows wat u have to do.So no problem for us.I ll talk to ur Mom.U just do whatever u think is right.
Sanskar:Thanks Dad.Bye.
Dad:Bye Sanskar.
Sanskar went to bathroom and freshened up.He came out of room.He saw Ragini still waiting for his arrival by sitting in the sofa.
Seeing Sanskar Ragini got up.

Ragini:Sir.I m waiting for u sir.
Sanskar:Stop Ragini.Did u had ur breakfast and lunch.
Ragini:Sir..I had.
Sanskar:Then wat is dis.
He showed the dining table which have the parcels Raghu bought.
Ragini:Sorry sir.I m not hungry.
Sanskar:But I m hungry.come lets have dinner.
Ragini:No sir I m not hungry.U carry on.
Sanskar:I said Come.
Ragini got afraid by his tone.So she dint uttered a word and went with Sanskar for dinner.
Both finished the dinner without talking anything.Ragini waited for Sanskar’s question regarding her problems.But he dint ask anything.
Ragini:Ok sir.I ll leave now.I was waiting for u from the morning to inform u dis.I don’t want to run again without telling anyone.
Sanskar was affected by her last sentence.He thought that his talk in the morning affected her.
Sanskar:Wait Ragini.I have to tell u something.
Ragini:S sir.Tell me.

Sanskar took a long breathe and said:
“Will u marry me”.

To be continued…

Precap: Ragini’s reaction and answer..

Sorry I no guys dis was the worst proposal ever.But I hope u guys will understand dat dis will be a situational decision.Sorry if I dint satisfied u guys by dis episode..And thanks for the response for the previous episode guys.I m really overwhelmed.Keep motivating me guys.
My next update will be on Friday guys.Sorry for keeping u to wait till Friday..But Friday Pakka…
Will come with a MAHA EPISODE..
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