SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 23)


Hi frnds.Dis is shailu.After a loooooong gap.I think many of u may forget me and my story.Sorry for this.I was very much surrounded by personal problems.Cant even provide time to touch my laptop itself.Today I found myself somewat free.So thought to write it.I wrote dis update in one go…Sorry for keeping u wait.Dont know whether u liked it or not.If u dnt like it forgive me for that…

Sanskar opened his eyes.He saw Ragini sleeping hugging him.He was lost in her innocent cute sleeping face.He started thinking about the past few days incident.Tears started flowing in his eyes.But before it fell down on Ragini he wiped it.
Sanskar(thinking):Sorry Ragini.I hurted u a lot na.I m so sorry.Pls forgive me.Hereafter I wont do anything that hurts u.
Thinking dis he kissed Ragini’s forehead.Ragini smiled in her sleep.Sanskar hugged her seeing her innocent smile.
Sanskar(Thinking):I know Ragini.U r smiling after a long time.I wont do anything that will affect ur dis smile.I love u and our baby very much.
He doesn’t want to disturb her sleep.So he too silently laid down next to her without closing his eyes.He was silently watching Ragini.
After sometime Ragini woke up.The first thing she saw was Sanskar looking at her with open eyes.She smiled.
Ragini:Gud morn.
Sanskar:Gud morn.
Ragini:When did u wake up
Sanskar:Half an hour back.
Ragini:Half an hour.Why u dint wake me.I have to prepare food na.Y sanskar.Y u did like dis..
Sanskar:Hey Easy easy..No need to prepare for food.
Sanskar:We are going out.
Ragini:Out.But where
Sanskar:That’s a suspense
Ragini:Pls tell me na
Sanskar:No.U r a teacher na.Dont u know the meaning of suspense.
Ragini turned to other side with fake anger.Sanskar hugged her from the back.
Sanskar:So u wont talk to me now na
Sanskar:Then y u r talking now.
Ragini dint replied anything.Sanskar kept his hand on her stomach and start talking to the baby.
Sanskar:Baby. See na u r mom is angry now.She wont talk to me now.What I have to do now.Give me any idea.
Saying dis he kept his ears on her stomach.
Sanskar:Ok baby I ll do like dis only.Thanks for ur idea.
He kissed her stomach.
Ragini dint speak anything.
Sanskar:Ragini.If u dint speak now then I ll do as our baby said.He gave me an excellent idea.
Ragini turned towards Sanskar with an confused face.
Ragini:wat did he said
Sanskar:He told something…
Ragini:That only I m asking wat he said
Sanskar: I cant say that.
Sanskar:Because he said nthng
Ragini with fake anger started beating Sanskar.Sanskar holded her hands and came over her.They had a cute eyelock.Sanskar went near her face.Ragini was breathing heavily.They were hearing their heartbeats.Sanskar slowly catched her lips by his.They were kissing slowly.Sanskar’s hand was slowly going through all over her body.Ragini was tightly clutching the bedsheets.He slowly started kissing her neck and started kissing all over her body.
Sanskar:Shall i..
They both started making love.After sometime
Ragini was hugging sanskar.
Ragini:I told yesterday itself na.No need to say sorry to me nu.
Sanskar:Ok get ready we ll go out.
Ragini covered herself with blanket and went to washroom.
After 2 hrs.
Sanskar was driving the car.Ragini was sitting next to him.
Ragini:Where are we going
Sanskar:wait for some more time.
They reached a place.Ragini came out of the car.
Ragini:Sanskar.Y u took me here.
Sanskar:I took a doctor appointment for u.I know u wouldn’t went to ur thought of taking to u here.
They both went inside a hospital.Sanskar went inside the doctor’s room.After sometime he came out and asked Ragini to come inside.
Doctor:Hello Mrs.Ragini
Ragini:Hello doctor
Doctor:When did u went to ur last checkup.
Ragini hesitantly saw Sanskar who is sitting next to her.
Ragini:No doctor I dint go to checkup yet.
Doctor:What u dint went for checkup.
Ragini:S doctor
Doctor:Ok No problem.Come with me
They both went inside the checkup room.After ten minutes they came out.
Sanskar:What happened doctor.Is everything alright
Doctor:Yes Mr.Sanskar.Everything if fine.She is three months now.since she dint went to any checkup till now I ll prefer some checkups to be done today itself.
She wrote some checkups and gave it to them.
Doctor:Also I wrote some medicines also.Ragini pls follow the medicines properly as u r very weak now.Ok.
Ragini:Ok doctor.
Doctor:u have to go to ur first trimster scan today itself.Ok
Sanskar:Ok doctor.We ll leave now.
Doctor:Ok.Reports will be given after two days.Come and meet me on that day.
They directly went to scan room.First Ragini was called inside.After fifteen minutes a nurse came out and called sanskar to come inside.
Doctor:So u r Mr.sanskar
Sanskar:Yes doctor.
Doctor:Ok Mr.sanskar we will show ur child’s zoomed scan image now.U can see it now.
They showed the foetus image of the child.Sanskar slowly touched the monitor.Ragini can see his happiness in his eyes.His face was extremely happy.His eyes were moist due to happiness.He saw Ragini who was laying on the bed.
Sanskar:Thanks Ragini.Thank u so much..Today I m very happy.The most happiest day in my life.
Ragini was simply smiling.There is no words for her happiness.She cant express her happiness now.
Doctor:Mr.sanskar u can hear ur baby’s heartbeat now.
They showed the baby’s heartbeat.Sanskar immediately switched on the recording facility in his mobile and recorded the heartbeat sound in his mobile.Ragini was elated to see this action of sanskar.
Sanskar:Doctor.Shall I get the softcopy of the baby’s image.
Doctor:Yaeh sure Mr.sanskar.Wait I ll provide u the CD.
Doctor went to her room.Sanskar came near Ragini and pecked her forehead.
Sanskar:Thanks Ragini
Ragini:Only I have to say thanks to u sanskar for this much happiness.Before meeting u I was no one.No one is there for me in dis world.But see now.I have everything.I feel complete now sanskar.I feel complete.Thank u so much..
Sanskar hugged Ragini tightly. They both were so much happy as well as excited about the next phase of their life.

Precap:Preparing for Parenthood…

Credit to: shailu

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