SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 22)


Sanskar :Yes Ma
On the day of RAGSAN Fight
Sujatha went inside sanskar room.Sanskar was sitting in his bed holding his head.
Sujatha:Sanskar(almost shouting)
Sanskar:Wat Ma
Sujatha:Why u behaved with Ragini like dis
Sanskar:Ragini ah.Who
Sujatha:Ya Ragini.The one who fighted now.
Sanskar:But that is kriti no
Sujatha:No she is Ragini.Ur wife

Sanskar:wat My wife ah
Sujatha:Ya ur wifeonly
Saying dis she said everything that happened in their life
Sanskar holded his head.Already from morning his head is paining like anything.In that pain only she shouted on Ragini in the hall.Now after hearing these much things in the same day his pain increased now.He fainted due to extreme pain in his head.

Sujatha ran and brought water and sprinkled on him.But there is no response from him..So she immediately called ambulance and brought him to the hospital.Ragini was in her room that time so she dint no anything that happened on that.
After some time
In hospital:
Doctor came out of sanskar’s room.
Sujatha:Wat happened doctor.
Doctor:He is still unconscious.Maybe his mind is heavily stressed so only he is in dis condition.We will wait for some time.
Sujatha went to Sanskar’s room.Sanskar gained conscious after some time.

Sanskar:Ma what happened.Y am I here.
Sujatha:Nthng sanskar just u r not feeling well.Thats y u r here
Sanskar:My head is paining a lot.
Sujatha:Wait I ll call doctor now.
Sujatha got up and went near door.

Sujatha:Wat sanskar.
Sanskar:Where is Ragini Ma
Sujatha went near sanskar.
Sujatha:Sanskar wat did u asked
Sanskar:Wat ma I m asking abt Ragini.Where is she
Sujatha was so much happy as she could not open her mouth to talk for sometimes.
Sanskar:Ma what happened
Sujatha narrated the past days happening to him.
Sanskar:Ma these many things happened.I don’t remember anything ma.How can this possible can I forget my Ragini
Sujatha:Leave it sanskar.whatever happened is happened.We cant change anything now.I ll call Ragini now.
Sanskar:No ma I need to meet Ragini personally and have to talk to her.U ask doctor to discharge me.

Sujatha went to doctor and told abt sanskar.But doctor told since he is having severe headache he has to be in hospital for 2 more days.So sanskar told sujatha not to inform Ragini abt his memory recovery as he has to tell dis to her personally
FB Ends.
Ragini was hugging sanskar tightly.She was constantly crying.
Sanskar:Ragini pls don’t cry.I m here na.Hereaft nthng will happen to me.
Ragini:Everything is because of me only Sanskar.U was in dis state because of me.Pls forgive me
Sanskar cupped Ragini’s face and wiped her tears.
Sanskar:If u tell dis once again means I don’t know wat I ll do.u r not responsible for dis.Dont even think abt like that.I ll do anything for u.i ll give my life also for u.
Before sanskar complete this sentence Ragini placed her lips over him.Tears were continuously flowing in her eyes.Sanskar understood her situation.So he silently hugged her and caressed her hair.
Ragini:I ll bring food for u.
Sanskar:I don’t want food.
Ragini:Y u r nt hungry

Sanskar:Yes I m hungry.
Ragini:Then wat I ll bring now
Sanskar:No I don’t want food.
Ragini:Then wat
Sanskar:I want u
Ragini blushed and bowed her head.Sanskar hugged her and asked wat happened u r blushing
Sanskar:So shall I get wat I asked
Ragini:U have to get permission
Sanskar:Permission from whom.I don’t need anyone permission
Ragini:No u have to get
Sanskar:U r my wife.I don’t want anyone’s permission.I can do whatever I like
Ragini:But hereaft it wont be like that.Whatever u do u have to get someones permission.
Sanskar:Ok tell me who is the person who is more important than me to u
Ragini without telling just smiled seeing his cute fake angry face.She took sanskar’s hand and kept it in his stomach and said The person is here.But he is not more important than u.
Sanskar:What how come he is here…
Then aftersome time only he realized what Ragini is telling
Sanskar:Hey Ragini.Is it true.

Ragini nodded her head.Sanskar hugged Ragini and tears started flowing in his eyes.
Ragini:Hey why u r crying
Sanskar:Thank u Ragini.Thank u so much for dis gift.And I m sorry for the past few days.
Ragini:No sanskar.Dont say sorry and all.Its not at all ur mistake.
She wiped Sanskar’’s tears.Sanskar took Ragini in his arms and made her lay on the bed.He kissed her forehead and came near her stomach.He slowly removed her saree from the stomach and kissed her bare stomach.
Sanskar(to unborn baby):Hi baby.U no I m ur father.I no I dint talked to u these many days.I m sorry my baby.But hereaft it wont happen.I ll talk to u daily.i love u a lot baby.I ll take care of u very much.I m sorry.

Saying dis he started to cry holding her waist.Ragini got up and tried to consoled him a lot.But the only word coming out from his mouth is Sorry Only.She understood what he is going through.She hugged him immediately.Tears were flowing from her eyes also.But she has to be strong for her husband.Otherwise he will break down.She removed her tears.She released her hug and saw Sanskar.Sanskar was still in the same position.Still he is saying sorry.Ragini cupped his face and wiped his tears.

Sanskar doesn’t respond.Ragini thought for a minute and kept her lips on his lips.She knows only way to stop sanskar from saying sorry is dis.Sanskar was shocked at first.Then he too started responding to her kiss.They both were kissing slowly and it was a long kiss.Ragini was holding sanskar’s hair in her one hand and clutching his shirt on the other hand.Sanskar was keeping his one hand on Ragini’s back and keep on caressing her belly on the other hand.After some time they got separated.
Sanskar’s eyes were red due to tears.Ragini kissed his eyes lightly.

Ragini hugged him.Sanskar too hugged her but not tightly.He made look her into his eyes.He slowly kissed her eyes.He went near her neck and started kissing it slowly.Then he kissed her neck passionately.

He made her lie on the bed and came over her.He took off her saree and started kissing her all over her body.He took his shirt and lied next to her.He dragged her near him and started kissing her wildly.She too kissed him all over his body.After kissing for long time he came over her again and saw her face.She was too happy.Ragini blushed and hugged him immediately.He took that as a green signal.They both started making love.He was very cautious not to hurt her.He was slow and gentle dis time.Ragini was very much happy with the fact that she got her husband back.She was clutching sanskar bare back tightly.Her nails were pressing his back heavily.It hurted sanskar a lot.But he dint care abt it.He thought it was a small pain in front of the pain he gave to her.

After some time sanskar saw tiredness in Ragini’s eyes.So he lied next to her.Ragini was too tired.She kept her head on his chest and slept as soon as possible.Sanskar keep on starring her face.He keep on caressing her hair and he too dozed off.

No precap…

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