SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 21)



Sujatha entered into Sanskar’s room with something in her mind.
Here Ragini went to her room and started crying really hard.She cant even believe that Sanskar her sanskar told to leave from his life.She knows Sanskar lost his memory now.He doesn’t remember Ragini now.Her mind is accepting it.But her heart is not accepting the fact.She was missing her Sanskar badly.She wanted to hug her sanskar and wanted to share the great news of their life to her husband.But now she cant do anything.she did everything to her level best.But now everything Is over for her.she lost all her faith.She was crying very badly.She fainted while crying.
After sometime sujatha entered Ragini’s room.She saw Ragini in unconscious state.She ran towards Ragini.
Sujatha:Ragini wat happened.Get up Ragini

She immediately took water and sprinkled on Ragini.Ragini slowly opened her eyes
Sujatha:Wat happened Ragini.Y u r like dis.
Ragini dint say anything.She just hugged Sujatha and started to cry.Sujatha knows the reason for Raginis condition.So she dint asked anything after that.
Sujatha:Get up Ragini.Go and take rest.Everything will be alright.Dont worry.
Sujatha helped Ragini to get up from the floor and made her lie on the bed.
Ragini:But Ma.Need to prepare dinner for sanskar na.
Sujatha:Ragini Sanskar went out of station for his work.He will be back in three days.
Ragini:But Ma he dint inform me that.
Then only she realized Sanskar’s condition.So she dint asked anything further.
Sujatha:U take rest.I ll go and prepare food.
Ragini:Ma I ll help u
Sujatha:I said na I ll prepare nu.U just take rest.
Saying dis she smiled and went from there.

Ragini was continously thinking abt Sanskar.
Leap of Three days.
Ragini was arranging clothes in her room.Sujatha came to Ragini’s room.
Ragini:Haan Ma.
Sujatha:Ragini I m going to my friends home now.I ll be back by tomorrow
Ragini:Ma But u don’t have any friends here na
Sujatha:No Ragini.I have one childhood friend She came here after so many years.So she called me to her home
Ragini:Ok ma.
Sujatha:Be careful.Sanskar is also not here.If u got any prob then call me ok.
Ragini:Ok ma
Sujatha:Take care Ragini
Ragini simply smiled.Sujatha went.

Ragini started doing her work again.After sometime only she remembered she dint closed the main door.So she went towards the hall.She was shocked to see a person sitting in the hall sofa.His back was facing Ragini.But Ragini knows that person.Ragini is happy to see that person.He is none other than Sanskar.She went towards him.She went towards his back.she was about to touch Sanskar.Suddenly she remembered the words of sanskar.So she backed.She thought it will be good not to disturb him now.So she went to the main door and closed it and went to kitchen and brought water and kept it near sanskar and went to her room.
She went near window and stood there facing outside.Suddenly she heared someone closing the door.She turned and shocked to see Sanskar closing the door.She was sanskar with a confused expression.Sanskar dint mind her expression.He just came close to Ragini.
Ragini(stammering):Sir do u want anything
Sanskar dint speak.He just coming close to her.

Sanskar came near Ragini and cupped her face.Her face clearly reflecting her confusion.
Saying dis she started to leave.
Sanskar immediately pulled Ragini towards him.He cupped her face and went near her lips and kissed her lips.Ragini although happy with sanskar’s kiss she was confused also now.Sanskar kissed Ragini for more than 5 mins.Although the kiss started as a slow and mild one it became wild and passionate after sometime.

Sanskar stopped his kiss.He looked at Raginis confused expression.He smiled a bit.
Sanskar:I said already na if u say sir once again means u ll get a kiss like dis nu.
Ragini:But sir
After sometime only she realized wat sanskar is saying.Yes she is correct.Sanskar is back.Her sanskar is back.

Ragini:Sanskar u remembered everything.U remembered me.Hey how is dis.Hey my sanskar remembers me.
She hugged sanskar tightly and started to cry.Sanskar too hugged her and left her sometime to cry.Afterall its her three months pain.She has to get over that now.After some time
Ragini:Hmmm (still crying)
Sanskar:R u done
Sanskar:I m asking abt crying
Ragini:Sanskar I missed u so much
Sanskar:I no.
Ragini:But how did u got ur memory back.
Sanskar:Because of Ma.

Precap:Romance between RAGSAN

Credit to: Shailu

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