SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 20)


Sanskar felt a strange connection in his heart while seeing Kriti(Ragini).
Ragini:Hi sir
Sujatha:Hey Kriti.Y u r calling him as sir.He doesn’t like it.He is ur future husband call him as Sanskar.
Suddenly sanskar got a flash in his mind as someone calling him as sir.
Sujatha:Sanskar.whr u lost.I m right na
Sanskar came to reality and asked what ma
Sujatha:Wat sanskar.after seeing kriti u are not even listening my talks.
Sanskar:No ma nthng like that.

Ragini:Aunty Doctor told that Sir will be discharged today.
Sujatha:Ok Kriti.
Ragini:Aunty I ll go and finish the formalities.
Sujatha:U sit here Kriti.I ll go and do the formalities
Ragini:Its ok aunty.i ll go

Sujatha:I told na sit here nu
Saying dis she went to the reception.Ragini has no other option than sittng there.She simply sat on the chair.She dint have courage to talk to sanskar or hold his hand.But her heart is yearning for a deep hug from sanskar.She want to share the great happiness of their life to Sanskar.But she cant know.
Sanskar doesn’t no wat to talk to her now.So he simply lying on the bed.Ragini saw sanskar with full love in her eyes.But to avoid Ragini Sanskar closed his eyes.There was a complete silence in the room.Both of them dint talk
Sujatha came after paying the bills.She saw the silence in the room.
Sujatha:Sanskar we can leave now.

Sujatha made sanskar stand and they started moving from there.Ragini was standing still.Sujatha turned and saw Ragini
Sujatha:Kriti wat ur thinking.U r dad is out of station.So only he sent u to us.come with me u r staying with me.
Ragini:But Aunty
Sujatha:No But and wat.U r coming Tats it
Ragini silently followed Sujatha.They reached the house. Sujatha made Sanskar lay on the bed.
Sanskar:Ma.Why u asked that girl to stay here.U no na I stay alone here nu
Sujatha:Which girl
Sanskar:That girl Kriti

Sujatha:That girl has a name so don call her as that girl or dis girl ok
Sanskar:Ok ok.
Sujatha:I told in hospital itself na.Her dad is out of station nu.And also u r not staying alone.I m here no prob.U take rest.I ll come later
Sujatha went to kitchen.There Ragini is making coffee for all.Sujatha took one cup of coffee and asked Ragini to give another cup to Sanskar.Ragini went to sanskar’’s room.Sanskar was laying n the bed with his eyes closed.Ragini went near him
Sanskar slowly opened his eyes.
Ragini:Sir aunty told to give dis coffee to u.

Saying dis he tried to got up from the bed.But he cant got up as his hands are bandaged.So Ragini went near sanskar and helped him to get up from the bed.Sanskar saw Ragini in close.Her innocent face and eyes remembered something to his mind.But he cant understand what it was.Ragini gave coffee to Sanskar and went away from his room.She went to her room and sat down in her bed.She holded her stomach and started talking to her baby.
Ragini:Sorry baby.I know I m not giving u enough time.Wat to do.Our fate is that much bad.U know wat I want to talk to u with ur dad.If he knows abt u he will be the one who will be more happy than me.But our situation is like that.Doctor told us not to create tension to ur dad’s mind as it will be dangerous to him.Wat to do.I m so sad baby.But don’t worry ur dad will be back soon and will talk to u.We both will talk to u soon.Dont worry baby.

Saying dis she started to cry.She was crying vigorously.After sometime she slept unknowingly.
Days passed by like dis.Nearly one month passed.But there is no improvement in Sanskar’s condition.Sujatha constantly asked Ragini to tell the truth to sanskar.But Ragini was frightened with the words of doctor as if they tried to create any disturbances to sanskar’s memory it may harm him in some other way.So Ragini told to Sujatha to wait for some days.Sanskar started to going to office.
After some days Sujatha went to market.Ragini was alone in the house.Sanskar came to house all of a sudden.
Ragini came out of kitchen.
Ragini:Aunty went to market
Sanskar dint talked to Ragini.He just saw her and went to his room slamming the door.
Ragini was frightened by his action.She dint saw Sanskar in dis much anger.She went to his room and knocked the door.There was no response from the room.So she went to his room.There Sanskar was standing near the window side.
Sanskar dint talked to her.
Ragini went near him.
Sanskar(without turning):Get out

Ragini:Sir what happened
Sanskar:I said get out

Sanskar immediately turned towards Ragini and holded her arms and dragged her out of his room.
Sanskar:I said na get out.Then y u r standing there.Who u r to ask me question.U r just my mom’s family friend’s daughter.If my mom said to marry u means I have to marry u ah.Dont u have shame.Dont u understand that I don’t like u nu.Then y u r staying in my house.Get out of my room.Get out of dis house.

Sanksar went inside his room slamming the door on Ragini’s face.Ragini was standing there like a statue.Tears are flowing in her eyes continuously.The whole incident was witnessed by sujatha who just came there.She went near Ragini and touched her shoulder.Ragini came into her sense.She immediately ran towards her room and closed the door.
Sujatha decided something and went inside Sanskar’s room.

Precap:Truth out

Hi guys I know I took lot of time to post dis episode.But what to do.I seriously find no time to update dis story as my joining date are nearing.So I was doing my pre recruitment document formalities.But I hope I ll post next episode soon.

Bye frnds…Don’t forget me..TC…Tata…

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