Ragini s Home
Ragini: Athai I am going for some work outside school.I Will be late late for home today.Can I go?
Aunt: What late ah?Then who will do all the works at home.
Ragini: But Athai dis s regarding school work.I cant tell a no.It will affect my job.
Aunt(in mind):What to do.only one day.I can adjust.
To Ragini: Ok but try to cum soon.
Ragini: Ok
Ragini and Kalki reached school.They went to get permission.They once again saw the list.Suddenly something striked Ragini’s mind.
Ragini:Kalki Don’t u think that the IAS Officer name is wrongly written in dis list.Our district collector name is Shaswant right.Here it is written as Sanskar na?
Kalki: Yes Ragini.I thin ur right.cum we will ask our principal sir.
They both went to principal room.
Both : GM sir.
Principal: GM Ragini.U both dint start yet.
Ragini: Sir we have a doubt in dis list.
Principal: Wat Ragini?
Ragini : Sir our collector name is shaswant rite.Here it is given as sanskar.
Principal: No Ragini.The list is correct.Shaswant is our former collector.Sanskar is our present officer.He got transferred two weeks before only.
Ragini:Ok sir.We will leave now.
Ragini and Kalki came out and started from der to invite the guests.
First dey went to Harshvardhan’s house.After inviting him dey went to jeslo’s office and invited him.
Ragini:Now itself time is 1PM.We will have our lunch and go to collector office.
Kalki:Ok Ragini

They finished their lunch and started from there.After 1 hr they reached the collector office.
Reception:Yes mam.Wat can I do now.
Ragini: We are here to meet MR.Sanskar Maheswari.
Reception: Sorry mam.He is out of office.
Ragini:wen will he come.
Reception: No mam.He went for field work.He will be bak by tmrw only.
Ragini:Kalki wat to do nw.
Kalki:We will cum by tmrw
Ragini and Kalki invited othr two guest and went to school and informed the principal.
Both went to nearby restaurant and ordered coffee and sat in a table.
Kalki:Ragini see there.
Ragini:What Kalki?
Kalki:There one guy is sitting.
Ragini:Ya wat to him.
Kalki:Don’t he remember u of someone.

After hearing the name Ragini cant stand der anymore.Tears start flowing in her eyes.
Kalki:Sorry Ragini.IF I hurted u.My intention is not to hurt u.Just after seeing him I felt like dat.Iam sorry cum lets go.
Both went out.While leaving ragini just turned and saw the guy.Her eyes are full of tears.In the nick of time tat guy also saw ragini.
Next Day Morning:
Ragini and Kalki got permission from school for tat day too.They directly went to collector office.
Ragini:Hi We are here to meet Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari
Reception:GM Mam.Sir is in meeting.Pls Wait Mam.
Ragini:OK Thanks.
Ragini and Kalki waited nearly 1hr.
Recptionist:Mam u both can go now.Go straight and turn left mam.First room s sirs.

They both went inside.The room was empty.They dono wat to do.So they silently sat down..After 5mins
Voice:Oh sorry.I was in a meeting.
Both turned towards the voice.Ragini was shocked to see the person.The person is none other than the same guy who was in the restaurant yesterday.Even Sanskar was shocked to see Ragini in his office.Ragini bowed down her head.She know she cant talked anymore.So she she holded Kalki’s hand.Kalki understood the situation.So she itself started the conversation.
Kalki:GM Sir.
Sanskar:Ya GM.Tell me
Kalki:Sir we are from YMCA Matric school.We are here to invite u for our school function.Sir Here is the invitation.
Sanskar:Oh ok.Thank u.
Kalki gave the invitation to sanskar.Sanskar was starring only Ragini during the whole meeting.Even Kalki noticed this.They both left the place.
After they left sanskar felt a strange feeling in his heart.He don’t know y.But while he saw Ragini Yesterday with tears in her eyes he felt some strange pain in his heart.But he cant understand the feeling.He cant see Ragini in tears.He want to hold Ragini in his hand and want to wipe her tears.But he cant.
At School
Kalki:R U alright?
Ragini:S Kalki.No prob.I m ok.Kalki I m leaving to home.Bye.
Ragini was waiting for the bus in busstop.Her thoughts are fully revolving around today incident.
Ragini(in mnd):Y god y always me.Whenever I thought of forgetting him someone remind me of him.Wat can I do.Now only I started forgetting him bt again the same happened.
She closed her eyes and told the name “Rakeshhhh……”

Hi frnds I m very much thankful for the readers of my FFs.I no I m not a gud writer but while seeing ur comments I dono hw to thank u guys.and I m sorry that in dis episode only few RAGSAN Scenes.Next episode it will be more.
Happy Weekend guys..

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