SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 19)



Recap:Memory Loss of Sanskar

Sujatha:Hey Sanskar.Dont play.
Sanskar:Ma.Do u think I ll play in dis situation.Who is Ragini.Really I don’t know
Ragini moved backwards from where she was standing.
Sujatha and RP Immediately went to doctor and explained the situation.Doctor immediately came to Sanskar’s room.He checked him and came out.
RP:Doctor wat happened
Doctor:Don’t know sir.We have to conduct some test regarding his memory.Ten only we can conclude something.
RP:Do it today itself doctor.
Doctor:Ya today itself we will do that test.But we will get result after two days only.
RP:Ok doctor.

Sujatha went to Ragini.Ragini was staying still.She doesn’t crying nor she doesn’t thinking anything.
Sujatha touched Ragini’s shoulder and shooked her.Seeing Sujatha Ragini started to cry.
Sujatha:Ragini.Pls don’t cry.Nthng will happen to sanskar.
Ragini:Ma.How is it possible Ma.How can my sanskar forget me.Ma I m so scared ma.In dis world only Sanskar is der for me ma.No one is der ma.If sanskar forgets me ten I ll become orphan again.
Sujatha don’t know how tp console Ragini.She saw RP who is standing next to Sanskar’s room.RP understood Sujatha’s situation.He came near Ragini and sat next to her.
RP:Ragini.U believe us right
Ragini simply nodded her head.
RP:Believe me Ragini.Nthng will happen to Sanskar.We are with u na.We wont leave u alone Ragini.U trust me and ur ma.We ll be with u always.
Ragini smiled a little bit.Sujatha kept Ragini’s head in her shoulder and consoled her.But inside Sujatha heart also an unknown fear started to rise.
Doctors took Sanskar to checkup room.They came after some hours.
RP:Wat happened he fine
Doctor:As we said we cant conclude right now.Once result will come we will discuss abt dis.
RP:Ok doctor.
Sujatha:Come Ragini.we wil go inside.
Ragini:No ma.U two go.He cant identify me.I ll be here.Its better to be here now.
Sujatha:No Ragini.U have the right to come inside.
Ragini:But for now I m unknown to him ma.So pls u go.
Sujatha and RP went inside the room.Ragini was sitting alone.So she started to walk in a direction.There she saw one old age couple sitting alone and talking among themselves.It seems they were very much happy.They saw Ragini staring at them.They asked Ragini to come near them.Ragini went near them.they asked her to sit next to them.
Man:Wat happened child.U r looking very dull.
Woman:Its ok child.If u r not comfortable no need to share with us.

Ragini hesitated for a minute.Inside her heart she felt them as her parents.So she thought to share her pain with them.
Ragini shared everything she is facing now.
Woman:Don’t worry child.I can understand ur situation.But nthng is in our hand.Everything happens by fate.
Man:Child.U no wat we are married for more than 35 yrs.Till now we used to fight a lot.But at the end of the day we will talk with eachother.We cant stay away from eachother.Tats called love.U love ur husband na.
Ragini:Ya I love him a lot
Man:Then see he will recognize u soon.No need to worry.If he lost his memory also its ur duty to remind him ur precious memories with him.So be strong and face everything that comes in ur way.
Ragini felt somewat little relaxed after talking to them.She thanked them and left that place with a ray of hope.
After two days
Ragini was staying in the hospital for two days.But she dint went inside Sanskar’s room.RP and Sujatha told Ragini to come inside.But Ragini denied of meeting him.She just saw Sanskar through the glass door.That too while he is sleeping.
A nurse came and asked them that doctor is calling them.All three went to doctor room.
Doctor:Sanskars result came.
RP:Wat happened doctor.Is everything fine.
Doctor:Nthng is fine Sir.Sanskar is suffering from partial amnesia.He lost some of his memories.
RP:Doctor wat r u telling.
Doctor:Yes sir.He remember everything that happened before two years.But not after that.Infact he is not remembering y he is admitted here.He doesn’t remember anything abt the incident.
Sujatha:But doctor how can it possible.How can he forget his wife
Doctor:That’s wat I m telling madam.wen did his marriage happened
Ragini:Three months back.
Doctor:So only he doesn’t remember that.
RP:But doctor when will his memories come back.How can he live like this without recognizing his wife
Doctor:Sorry sir.There is no time limit.His memories can come back immediately or it can come after some months maybe after some years.Lets hope he will get his memories soon.

All came out of doctor’s room.Ragini sat on the chair.Sujatha came near Ragini
Ragini:Ma wat is dis ma.How can sanskar forget me.How can he forget his Ragini.Wat will I tell to my child abt his father.
Sujatha:Don’t worry Ragini.We will go now and tell him abt his marriage with u.Ok
Ragini:Ma wat if he doesn’t believe u.
Sujatha:How can that’s possible.
Ragini:Ma shall I tell one thing.
Ragini:Ma don’t tell him abt my marriage with him.
Ragini:Ma I ll try my best to make him recognizing me.
Sujatha:But how.
Ragini:That I don’t know now ma.But I ll try.
Sujatha:Then wen will u face sanskar.
Sujatha:But how
Ragini thought for sometime.After that she told something to Sujatha.
Sujatha went inside Sanskar’s room.
Sujatha:Sanskar how r u now.
Sanskar:Ma I m feeling better.Wen I m discharging.
Sujatha:Today itself
Sanskar:Hmmm Ok.Then we are going to our house directly na
Sujatha:Ya I told Kriti to get discharge papers soon.
Sujatha:Ya kriti
Sanskar:Who is dis kriti
Sujatha:The girl we saw for u for ur marriage
Sanskar:Wat marriage?How can u decide that
Sujatha:Y we are ur parents.We can decide anything for u.
Sanskar:But Ma.
Sujatha:I cant hear anything.u r going to get married to Kriti.Thats it
Sujatha(loudly):Kriti come inside
A girl came inside.Its our Ragini.
Sujatha:Sanskar dis is kriti.U r to be wife
Seeing Ragini sanskar felt something in his heart.He doesn’t know wat is that.
Sujatha:So kriti.Dis is my son.Sanskar.U r to be husband.
Saying tis she winked at Ragini.Ragini smiled towards Sanskar.

Precap:Sanskar-Ragini Moments.

Hi guys.Pls comment me whether u like dis episode or not.If u don’t like also u can tell that.I ll stop writing dis FF. And sorry for the long delay.

Credit to: Shailu

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