SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 18)


Recap:Marriage plan of Kalki and Sanskar

Kalki was waiting for Ragini’s arrival.
Aunt:Hmmm go for the final phera.
Kalki started next phera.She doesn’t have anyother option now.
Voice:Stop it.
All are turned towards the direction voice is coming.It was Ragini.Along with her she has some policemen and RP and sujatha
Once she got news about sanskar Ragini immediately called RP and asked him to come to Chennai.He came to her house.She told all the matter to him.She already recorded the conversation between Kalki and her aunt in her mobile.She gave that to RP.RP immediately went to police station and gave all the proof to DSP.DSP insisted the police official to help them.
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Kalki was very happy to see Ragini.she ran towards Ragini and hugged her and started to cry.
Kalki:Sorry Ragini.
Ragini:Its ok Kalki.Everything is under control.Don worry.I came na.
Police arrested all the members there.
Ragini directly went to her aunt and slapped her hard.
Ragini:After my mother I thought u as my everything.But u stooped dis much low for money.Cha.I don’t want to see u in my life.Go to hell
Police took all the members from there.
Ragini ran towards Sanskar.But sanskar was already fainted.They took sanskar to hospital in the car.
In car Ragini was having Sanskar’s head in her lap.She was continuously crying.
Sujatha:Don worry Ragini.We got our Sanskar na.He will be alright
Ragini:I no ma.Sanskar cant leave me.But see his state ma.dis are all because of me na.I cant forgive myself at anycost.
Sujatha:No Ragini.Don blame yourself.see we all believed sanskar is dead.Ur the only person who had hope that he is alive.See now he came.dis is all because of ur love
They reached the hospital.
Ragini:Pls doctor pls save my sanskar.I cant live without him.Pls save him
Doctor:Don’t worry Mam.We can try our level best.
Doctor went inside the room.
Ragini,sujatha and RP are waiting outside.Doctor came after sometime.
Ragini ran towards the doctor.
Ragini:Doctor wat happened doctor.How is he now.
Doctor:Mam he is out of danger.But he is severely injured.Most are internal injury.He has to be in continous observation.
Ragini:Doctor can I see him now.
Doctor:No Mam.sorry to say.His body condition is easily infectable.So its better to avoid to see him now.So I hope u understand.
Ragini:ok doctor I understand.
They all are waiting there for the whole day.

Next day morning
Doctor came for the checkup.
Sujatha and RP were sleeping in the chair in the sitting position.But Ragini is awake throughout the night.
Doctor came out of the room.
Ragini:How is he doctor
Doctor:Somewat improved.But still we are treating his internal injuries.
Ragini:Can I see him atleast now.Only once doctor.
Doctor understood her love for sanskar.
Doctor:Yes mam.I m allowing u.But be for only couple of minutes.Pls wear mask and go inside.
Ragini:Sure doctor.
She immediately ran inside the room.
She went near the bed and sat next to him.She holded his hand.sanskar was in deep sleep.
Ragini:I know sanskar.I know.U wont leave me.i have faith in my love.But sorry sanskar u r in dis condition because of me.I m so sorry.Pls come back soon sanskar.
No movement in sanskar’s body
Ragini:Pls sir pls come back.Pls sir
She started to cry.
Ragini:U said na.If I say sir hereafter means u ll kiss me nu.I m saying these many sirs and u r not even listening.Go I wont talk to u.
She pretended to be sad.
Nurse:Mam pls u have to leave now mam.
Ragini:Ok sister.
She got up from the chair and started to leave.Suddenly she turned towards sanskar and came near him and gave a kiss on his forehead.
Ragini:Pls comeback soon sanskar.
She started to leave from the room.Suddenly she felt dizzy and fainted.
Nurse ran towards her.
Nurse:Mam open ur eyes mam.Wat happened to u.
She ran outside and called doctor.
By that time RP And Sujatha are waked up.They too ran inside the room.They was shocked by the way Ragini was lying in the floor.
Sujatha:Ragini.Wat happened.Get up Ragini.
RP took Ragini in his arms and went towards the doctor room.
They both were waiting outside the doctor room.Doctor came out.
RP:Wat happened she alright.
Doctor:Nthng to worry.It’s a gud news.She is pregnant.
Sujatha and RP are very much happy.In a joy Sujatha hugged RP.
RP:Wat ur doing.dis is hospital
Sujatha:wats in that.u r my husband.i m sharing my happiness with u.
RP:But dis is hospital.Keep that in mind.
Sujatha:Ok ok.Doctor shall we meet her.
Doctor:Ya go.But be sure madam.dont allow her to take stress.It will affect her baby.
Sujatha:Ya sure doctor.
They both went inside Ragini’s room.Ragini was lying in the bed.
Seeing them both she tried to get up.
Sujatha:No need to get up.I m very happy now.My family is going to complete now.I m so happy now.Thank u so much.
Ragini simply smiled.The only thoughts that occupied in her mind is Sanskar only.That thought is stopping her to celebrate the most happiness face of her life also.
Ragini:Ma.Wat happened to sanskar.Is he awake
Sujatha:No Ragini.Not yet.
Ragini:Wat is dis ma.This is the most happiest news in our life.I need to share dis news to him ma.I need to see his happiness ma.But see my fate.I cant even tell dis to him.
Sujatha:Don’t worry Ragini.Everything will be ok.
While they talking nurse came into their room.
Ragini:Wat happened sister.
Nurse:Mam Ur husband got conscious.U can see him now.
Ragini was very much happy.She suddenly got up from bed.
Sujatha:Ragini walk slowly.Pls take care Ragini.
Ragini:sure ma.
They all went inside Sanskar’s room.Sanskar was still lying in his bed.but his eyes are open
Sujatha:Sanskar.How are u now.we all are worried a lot about u.
Sanskar:Ma.I m ok.Wen did u came here.
Sujatha:We came yesterday only after hearing news abt u.From yesterday u r here.We worried a lot abt u sanskar.Especially Ragini?She dint sleep from yesterday.
Ragini came near sanskar and she was crying continuously.She opened her mouth to talk.Before she started to talk Sanskar itself turned towards Sujatha and asked:Mom Who is Ragini?
Ragini,sujatha and RP are shocked.
Sujatha:Sanskar what u r asking?
Sanskar:Yes Ma Who is Ragini?
Screen ends with confused face of Sanskar and shocked face of Ragini

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Hi frnds in last episode some frnds commented that swasan fans are updating properly but Ragsan fans are not like nu.Guys its not abt swasan or Ragsan.Its about time and issues they are facing in their dailylife.So only they are not able to update regularly.Sorry if I hurted u by not updating regularly.While starting the ff itself I told I cant update regularly coz I have a 2 yr kid.And now I m telling one more thing. I m a single I have lot of responsibilities as a mother.I hope u guys understand.I m sorry once again for not updating regularly.

Credit to: Shailu

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