SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 17)



Kalki came to Ragini’s house.Ragini was so confused about the next move.
Kalki:Ragini wat we are going to do next.
Ragini:Even I m thinking the same.Without aunt we cant do anything.If she tell u only we can find the place whr sanskar is kept.Only god can help us now.
Kalki:We ll think.we can find any idea
By that time they we talking Kalki got an call from an unknown number.
Kalki:Hello.Whos dis
Voice:I m Ragini’s aunt.whr r u
Kalki:I m n school.
Aunt:I want to talk to u.Come to home now.

She cut the call.
Ragini:Wat happened
Kalki:Ur aunt.she want to talk to me.Asked me to come to her home now.
Ragini:Ok go.But be careful.Keep ur phone on
Kalki:Ya sure Ragini.U don’t worry
Kalki went to Aunt’s house.
Kalki:Wat happened Aunt.Y u called me
Aunt:U loved Sanskar rite?
Kalki was shocked by Aunt’s question.She don’t know wat to reply.But she has to do for Ragini’s sake.

Aunt:Then u have to marry him.
Kalki:Wat.But he is Ragini’s husband now
Aunt:Tats not a problem.As per all Sanskar is dead.So no problem in that
Kalki:Wat ur telling.
Aunt:Y u don’t want to marry him.
Kalki:Not like that.But how will Sanskar agree
Aunt:That’s not ur problem.Will u marry him or not
Kalki don’t have anyother way.she has to say yes only then she can find Sanskar
Aunt:Then come with me
They both went to Pandiyan chinadurai’s(PC) house.
Aunt:She is ready for marriage.

PC:Hey u r ready for marriage
Aunt:Then u have to marry him today itself
Kalki:Wat(shocked).I mean how now itself.Whr is sanskar now.
Aunt:U no need to worry.Sanskar is in dis house only.He is in underground.Come with me to get married.
Kalki:Wat underground ah.
Ragini was hearing everything.She is happy atlast she found the place where sanskar is hidden.
Kalki thought for a minute.She knows Ragini needs time to come to dis place.She thought how to get time from them.
Kalki:Ok then I ll marry him now itself.But I have to get ready na.I cant marry him in dis dress.
Aunt:Ok come with me and get ready soon.
Kalki went to a room and started getting ready for the marriage.She has to keep them wait for sometime.Then only Ragini will come here.
After half an hour
Aunt:How much time more will u take
Kalki:five minutes pls
Aunt:Ok come soon

Kalki (in her mind):Ragini how much more time u ll take.Come soon re
Aunt started banging the door.
Aunt:Will u come out or not
Kalki has no other option.She came out.
Aunt:Come down
Kalki followed Aunt.Aunt was gong through a narrow passage.It lead to a room.They opened a door.Inside the room a man was tied with rope in the chair.
Kalki was shocked to see the man.Its none other than Sanskar.He was fully beaten.He was looking tired very much.He doesn’t have the strength to stand up also.
PC’s men untied the rope of sanskar.Immediately sanskar fell down from the chair.The men took sanskar and made him sit in the temporary mandap they arranged for the marriage
Aunt:Go sit near him
Kalki was no other option.She went near him and sat next to him
Kalki(in mind):Oh god.Ragini whr r u.Come soon.Pls come soon
Pandit started the mantras.He told them to stand them for pheras.The man next to sanskar holded Sanskar’s hand and started the pheras as sanskar is not able to walk also.
Six pheras got over.
Pandit:Only one phera is left.After that u both will become husband and wife.
Kalki was so tensed to hear dis.
Kalki:Ragini.whr r u.Come soon.Pls for god sake come soon.

Precap:Will Marriage gets completed or Someone will stop the marriage?

I know guys dis is a short update.But I promise next one will be a big one and a big twist is going to happen in that episode.
Just wait…And thanks for ur wishes for my job..
Pls keep commenting..

Credit to: Shailu

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