SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 16)


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Recap:Sanskar’s dead news and Ragini’s reaction

Raghu:Mam Sir is alive
Raghu:Ya Mam sanskar sir is alive
Ragini already know sanskar wont leave her like dis.But no one belived in her words.All consoled Ragini tat she is thinking too much and concluded Sanskar is dead.But Ragini was not the one who easily believe the things she see.That too in the case of her husband.Now she fully confident that sanskar will come soon.
Ragini fall down on her knees and started to cry in joy.Raghu doesn’t know how to console her.
Raghu:Mam don cry mam.Pls
Ragini wiped her tears.
Ragini:But where is sanskar.How is he.Wat abt the dead body.All r telling he is dead.Where is he now.
Raghu:Mam pls it’s a serious matter.If they found that u got the information abt sir to u means they will kill me.Not only me but also sir.
Ragini was shocked by the words of Raghu.She was fully confused.
Ragini:Pls Raghu tell me clearly.Who u means they.Where is Sanskar.
Raghu started to tell abt the incident of the communal clash day.

Sanskar went to office directly from home.Once he reached the office he got the news of communal clash in a particular area.All higher officials are called for a meeting in that area to speak with the two gangs.
While they were talking with the gangs Sanskar got a call from an unknown number.So he went to some other place to talk since there was a huge noise.
Raghu was present there near a shop in that place.He saw Sanskar talking in the phone.Raghu walked towards sanskar.Suddenly they heared a huge bomb blast in the place where meeting was held.Both Raghu and sanskar was shocked so they both turned towards the place.Immediately a van came near sanskar and some goons came out of the van and beated sanskar from his backside and took him in the van.Raghu saw this and started to run behind the van.But the van went too far so that he cant follow that van
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Ragini:But why dint u inform police abt this incident.
Raghu:Mam I said this to the police Mam.But Police are also involved in this incident Mam.So they are not ready to listen whatever I said.Instead they started to threaten me that they will kill my family if I said this to anyone.
Ragini:Who was the person behind his kidnapping
Raghu:Mam they are not related to sir Mam.They related to u.
Ragini:Me ah.Wat u r saying.Who is the enemy to me.
Raghu:Mam while they kidnapped sir I saw one man Mam.I no him very well while me and sir was solving a case.So I followed him and got to know that the person is none other than Pandiyan Chinadurai
Ragini:Wat Pandiyan chinadurai
Raghu:S Mam.The person who u r aunt was making u to marry.
Ragini:But hows that’s possible.I thought he left me.But he is still beside me.
Raghu:S mam.I Told all the information I know mam.Pls try to find sir mam.I will leave now.
Ragini:Thank u so much Raghu.
Raghu:its ok mam.In case if u need any help ask me mam.
Raghu went from the place.Ragini was sitting there for a long time.she don’t know from where to start whom to ask for help and where to go.Finally she found a way.She directly went to her home and called Kalki to come there.Kalki came to her place.Ragini told everything to Kalki.
Kalki:So Ragini wat we are going to do now.
Ragini told something to Kalki which was muted.
Kalki agreed to whatever Ragini said.
Ragini:Only u can do dis Kalki
Kalki:S Ragini.I ll do it for u.I ll leave now.
Kalki went to Ragini’’s aunt house.
Ragini’s aunt:Wat u r doing here
Kalki:U know aunty.Ragini ‘s husband is dead now
Aunt:Ya I no.Y u came here tell that first.
Kalki:Ragini deserves this punishment aunty.
Aunt:what u both are close friends na.Ten y ur telling like dis.
Kalki:S we both were close friends.But she became my enemy while she snatched my love.
Aunt:wat ur love
Kalki:S aunt I m the one who loved sanskar first.But she snatched my love.See now she also lost him.Tis is her punishment for snatching my love.

Aunt was very happy from inside.She thought Ragini u r alone now.No one s der in dis world for u.See ur friend also left u.
Kalki:Wat ur thinking aunty.
Kalki:But dis s not enough for her aunty.She has to suffer even more than dis.I like to see her suffer more than this.K aunty I ll leave now.
She started to leave from there.
Aunt (thinking):I think she will help us in dis plan.
Aunt:Wait Kalki
Kalki:Wat aunty
Aunt:Come with me
Kalki:But where.
Aunt:U want to see her suffer more na.Then come with me silently.
Kalki:Ok aunty.I ll inform mom and come
She went to her home and messaged Ragini abt whatever happened.
Kalki:Come aunty
Aunt took Kalki to a place.It was a big bungalow.They both went inside.
Man:Mam u(seeing aunt)
Aunt:Ya call sir
Man went to call someone.
An aged man may be in his fifty came down from the upstairs.
Aunt:dis is kalki.Ragini’s friend
Man:Why u took her here
Aunt:She is her enemy now.So I thought to involve her in our plan.
Man thought for sometime.He started to look kalki from top to bottom.Kalki was controlling her anger.She cant show her anger now.She has to do dis for her Ragini.

The man started to come near Kalki.He holded her face and lifted her face up.Kalki was very much angry now.But she cant show it now.
Man left her and went near aunt and said something.
Aunt came near Kalki and said lets leave
They both came out.
Kalki:Aunty who is dis.
Aunt:He is Pandiyan chinadurai.He is the one who Ragini has to marry.But many things happened in these days.
Kalki:But u r saying plan plan.Wat is the plan.So u r going to make him marry Ragini as sanskar is dead.
Aunt:Sanskar is not dead.
Kalki:Wat is he alive
Aunt:Ya but will be dead in few days.
Kalki was shocked to the core.Even Ragini was shocked to hear dis.Yes Ragini was on the call While the full conversation is going on.
Kalki:But where is he now
Aunt:U ll know.But not now.Come lets leave.
Here Ragini was confused abt the next move.

Precap:How Ragini will save sanskar?

Credit to: Shailu

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