SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 15)



Recap:Sweet moments between Ragsan and communal clash news

Ragini was fainted after hearing the news.Kalki immediately went to kitchen and bought water and sprinkled it on her face.
Ragini got up and screamed Sanskar
Kalki:Hey Ragini.Dont worry nthng will happen to Sanskar
Ragini:Yes I no my sanskar wont leave me.I have to go to hospital now.
Kalki:Ya I too will come with u.

They both went to hospital.On the way to hospital Ragini was continuously trying sanskar’s number.But it was switched off.They reached hospital.The hospital was fully crowded.Ragini ran like a mad person through the crowd.She asked receptionist about sanskar.
Receptionist:Sorry Mam we cant tell any details.U can ask police officials.
Ragini ran towards the police people.
Ragini:Sir I m Ragini sanskar Maheshwari.I want to see my husband.Pls tell me whr he is
The police people saw one another.
Police:Sorry mam due to bomb blast in the communal clash we cant identify many persons face.But as per our information Sanskar sir is dead.

Ragini(screamed) and holded his collar:How dare u can tell like tat.He cant die.He cant leave me like dis.He knows I cant live without him.He wont leave me.Pls tell me whr he is
Kalki came and holded Ragini and said sorry sir.She is tensed so only she did like tat.
Police:Yes Mam we can understand.But what we are saying is true.Even we cant identify many persons face.But the place where sir and other officers sat only attacked by only we decided like tat.U can check in mortuary.
Kalki saw Ragini.Ragini nodded a no.
Ragini:No he will not leave me.No need to check.U see if we go home now means he will be waiting for me.Lets go to home
Kalki:Ragini Listen to me once.I hope wat u r saying is true.But checking once is not a bad thing.If we found sanskar is not there means we can tell to these people clearly na to search sanskar.
Ragini sadly said yes.
They both headed towards a Mortury.Ragini holded Kalkis hand tightly.Kalki nodded her head to Ragini in an affirmative manner.They both entered into the mortuary.The persons there removed the clothes from the body.Ragini saw one by one.
Ragini:Kalki I told na Nthng will happen to Sanskar.

Kalki smiled towards Ragini.They both started to leave from there.
Man:Mam one more body u need to see mam.
Ragini turned towards the man.An unknown fear came into her mind.She went towards the body.
The face was fully destroyed.No one can identify the face of the person.The first thing which Ragini saw in the body was the hand.It has the watch.The same watch which Ragini presented to Sanskar yesterday.
Her vision was blurred .Next second she fainted in the mortuary. Kalki immediately admitted Ragini in the hospital.It took two days for Ragini to open her eyes.
Kalki was there in the hospital for two days.She was desperately waiting for Ragini to open her eyes.
After two days Ragini slowly opened her eyes.First there saw was RP and Sujatha standing in front of her with teary eyes.
Ragini:Ma when did u came.
Sujatha:Two days before.

Ragini:Two days?
Then only she remembered the incident which happened.
Sujatha:don’t worry Ragini.We are all with u na.We came here after we heard the death news of sanskar.
Ragini:No ma.Don tell like that Sanskar wont leave me like tat.He cant die.
RP:Even we believe like u only ma.But I only did the funeral to his body.
Ragini:No dad.I cant believe that is sanskar.Sanskar wont leave me.
She started to sry.She remembered how she met sanskar,how they got married and their close moments and all.
Ragini:sanskar u promised me na.u promised me u wont leave me nu.Then y u went from here.Y u left me.Pls sanskar come back to me.I cant live without u.Pls come back to me.
Sujatha:Pls Ragini.Dont cry.we are all with u na.U cant be like dis.pls sleep now.Everything will be alright.

But Ragini was in consolable now.So RP asked doctor to give a sleeping injection to her.After that only she slept.
But she was murmuring Sanskar’s name continuously in her sleep.
It took one wee for Ragini to get discharged.RP And Sujatha told Ragini to come with them.But Ragini still believe sanskar was alive.So she politely refused and said she have some important work here after that I will come nu.
Ragini went to their home.After opening the house she immediately went to their room and sat on the bed.She took sanskar’s shirt and started crying holding that shirt.
Ragini:Whr r u sanskar.I know u r not dead.But all are telling here that u are dead.I wont believe dis sanskar.I no u wont leave me.I ll surely find the truth.
She got disturbed by the phonecall.It was a private number.
Voice:U want to no about sanskar na.
Ragini:Hello whos dis
Voice:If u want to no abt ur husband then come to hill park at 9pm.
Ragini:Whos dis
But the call was cutted already.First Ragini hesitated to go there.Then she decided to go there as she don’t want to leave a single infor regarding sanskar.
She reached the place early.After sometime a voice came from her behind.she turned and saw the person.She was shocked to find the person.

Ragini:Raghu u
Raghu:Yes mam its me
Ragini:u called me here y
Raghu:To tell the truth.
Ragini:Wat truth
Raghu:Mam it’s a secret mam.Pls don’t involve my name in dis
Ragini:Ya tell me Raghu
Raghu:Mam Sir is alive
Raghu:Yes Mam Sanskar sir is alive.

Precap:Mission searching Sanskar and the truth behind his hideout.

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Credit to: Shailu

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