SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 13)


Recap: Ragsan Consumation

Ragini slowly opened her eyes.She realized where she is.She is sleeping by hugging her husband.She saw sanskar who is sleeping next to her.
Ragini thinking to herself:How cute he is while sleeping.Cha cha actually he is cute always.
Saying dis she silently kissed his lips.
Suddenly she felt a hand encircling her waist tightly.It was Sanskar’s.
Sanskar:Hmmm want more
Ragini(fake anger):Sanskar u r not sleeping
Sanskar:No dear.Just waiting for the morning kiss
Ragini:How u know tat I ll kiss u
Sanskar:I no

Ragini:Ok leave it.I m leaving.I have work
Sanskar:Ok no problem Go..
He was smiling mischeivisouly.
Ragini:Why u r smiling
Sanskar:Nthng u go
Ragini thought to get up.Then only she realized her position.Her dresses are near by Sanskar’s side.She is not wearing anything
Ragini:So dis s the reason u r smiling
Sanskar:Wat reason.I don’t know
Ragini:Sanskar.Now pls take my dress and give it to me
Ragini:pls sanskar
Sanskar:Hmmm no no no no…

While he was busy telling No to Rags he felt a soft pair of lips on his lips.It was Ragini who Kissing him.Though Ragini thought to cheat him to take dress from his side by kissing him the kiss went wild while Sanskar too started reciprocating the kiss.
Sanskar’s hand was touching whole ragini’s body now.Ragini was tightly hugging sanskar.Immediately Sanskar started kissing Rags whole body.He came over Ragini now.
Sanskar:Love u..

Ragini:Love u too sanskar.
Again they made their love in the morning.They were like that more than an hour.
Sanskar:R u happy
Ragini:Why u r asking dis suddenly
Sanskar:Did u think I took advantage of ur situation
Ragini:Do u think like tat
Ragini:I know sanskar u love me.So I wont think lie tat.
They were talking like dis more than a hour.Then suddenly Ragini saw the clock.
Ragini:Sanskar.It’s already late.I have to prepare breakfast.
Sanskar:No need.Be like dis.We ll have our food in hotel
Ragini:u don’t need to go to office today.
Sanskar:Today is Sunday
Ragini (to herself) He wont leave me.Wat to do now..
This time she was very clear in her plan.She just kept her lips on his lips.While Sanskar was busy in kissing she silently took a blanket near sanskar and wraped it on her and ran towards bathroom
Sanskar(shouting):dis is not fair

Ragini(from inside bathroom):Everything is fair in love and war
Sanskar was smiling thinking about their consummation.Inside the bathroom Ragini also thinking the same.Both were very happy about their new life.
Ragini freshed up and came out and went directly to kitchen to prepare breakfast.suddenly something striked her mind.She went to bedroom again.By the time she went there Sanskar was coming out of bathroom wearing only towel.seeing him like dis she turned to other side.
Ragini:Sanskar wats dis
Sanskar dint talked anything.He slowly came towards Ragini and hugged her from back.
Ragini:Go and wear ur shirt.
Ragini:I need to talk to u
Sanskar:u can talk like dis also na.Turn towards me
Ragini:How can I talk if u r like dis.
Sanskar:Y u dint see me yesterday without towel also ten y ur shy now.
Ragini blushed to hear tis.
Ragini:I m going.If u finished ur dressing ten come
Sanskar:Ragini.Today I ll wear wat u r selecting.Ok.
Ragini went near wardrobe and selected a light blue t.shirt and a shorts and came near Sanskar and gave it to him.
Ragini:Wear dis

Sanskar:Y casuals
Ragini:U look so gud in casuals.
Sanskar:Ok ten u itself make me wear dis
Ragini:Sanskar.I have many works.
Sanskar:Do dis work also.
Ragini tried to leave from Sanskar’s clutch.But she failed to do so.
Sanskar:U cant leave.So better do the work and leave.
Ragini:Ok I ll do.But promise me u don’t do anything like morning.
Sanskar:Morning…oh u r telling tat..ok I ll promise
Ragini turned towards sanskar and made him wear his dress.
Ragini:so can I leave now.
Sanskar:One more thing u forgot
Sanskar:Whr is my Kiss
Ragini:No sanskar.U promised me na
Sanskar:I dint promise on kiss.Ok u wont give I ll take it.
Before she could finish her sentence Sanskar cupped her face and placed his lips on her lips.Though Ragini was saying No for kisses she too want to kiss her dear hubby.So dis time she dint resist his kiss.She was holding Sanskars shirt tightly and was enjoying her husbands kiss.Sanskar knew that her wife is enjoying his kiss.So he took Ragini in his arms and carried her near the bed.
Ragini:Sanskar No..I already took bath.

Sanskar:Even I too..But whats in it.In our house we ll get 24 hrs water supply na.So no prob.
He winked towards Ragini.
Sanskar:Also if u feel lazy to bath means don’t worry I m der nad.I will make u bath.
Ragini shyed and bowed her heads down.
Sanskar:So shall I start my work.
Ragini hugged him tightly.Sanskar too hugged her tightly.He slowly kissed her neck and started kissing her cheecks.Ragini kissed Sanskar eyes and then she kissed his ear.She suddenly bited sanskar ears
Ragini made a sad face and said sorry.

Sanskar:so get ready for ur punishment.
Ragini:Punishment.For biting ur ears ah
He slowly kept his hands in her waist and started circling her waist.and he kissed her waist.Then they both got undressed and went into their own world.
After an hour they both were still in the bed by hugging each other.
Ragini:Actually I came here to ask ur favourite food to cook.But see from where our talk went where.
Sanskar:Went to correct place only.
Ragini:Hmmm I have to take bath now.I ll go.
Sanskar:I ll also come.
Ragini:No sanskar.Not again
Sanskar dint heared her words.He just took Ragini in his arm and went towards the bathroom and opened the shower.
After half an hour they both got dressed and came to hall.
Ragini: Tell me ur fav food.I ll do it.
Sanskar:I like aloo paratha very much.Dint eat for long time.
Ragini went to kitchen and prepared food and they both had their food.
Sanskar:Thanks Ragini
Ragini:Thanks for wat. Food ah

Sanskar:No for coming into my life
Ragini:I only have to tell thanks
Ragini:For making me feel complete.
She hugged sanskar and gave a kiss on his lips.She was too happy.

Precap: Some shopping moments and some tragedy…

Hi frnds sorry for making u wait too long.Actually I daughter was not well.So I was going to hospital daily with her.So only I was not able to post it…
Keep commenting guys..Tell me if its boring also.I ll stop it..

Credit to: Shailu

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