SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 12)



Recap: Ragini’s jealousy
Sanskar:Really Ragini.She had some important work.So only she went.She told to inform u.
Ragini:Sir so u r not angry on me
Sanskar:NO.Y should i
Ragini:Sorry sir.I spoked a lot in school.Sorry for talking like tat.
Sanskar:It’s ok.
Suddenly there was a thunderstorm sound which made Ragini to hug Sanskar.Sanskar was shocked by her hug.He too hugged her.After sometime they recomposed themselves.
Ragini:Sorry sir I was afraid of thunder sound.
Sanskar:It’s ok Ragini.
Sanskar got up and started to leave from the room.It’s started raining heavily out.
Sanskar:Ya tell Ragini

Ragini:Can I stay in ur room today alone.I m very scared
Sanskar:Ya come
Ragini came to Sanskar’s room to sleep.Sanskar told Ragini to sleep in the bed.He sat on the couch and started doing his work in his laptop.The rain was getting very heavy out.Sanskar got a call from the officials.So he switched on the tv.Ragini too saw the news.It was a news regarding the rain.
It was an information from the metrological department that the rain will be severe for two days.So schools and colleges of tamilnadu are of leave for two days.
Sanskar:So u don’t have school tmrw.R u happy.
Ragini(in a teasing tone):I m not a student who will get happy while hearing the leave news.I m a teacher
Sanskar:So teacher doesn’t like holidays.
Ragini:If holidays also I have to be alone.Tat will be bore na.Wat to do.
Sanskar smiled at her and continued his work.Meanwhile Ragini went to kitchen and came with a cup of coffee.
Ragini:Sir drink dis and work

Sanskar had the coffee and said u sleep Ragini.It will take time for me to sleep.
Ragini went to bed and lied down in the bed.But she was not getting sleep for sometime.Later she slept.
Ragini woke up and saw Sanskar sleeping on the couch with his laptop on his lap.Ragini went near him and took the laptop and closed it.She went near the window.The rain was still heavy.
Ragini thought to herself: Oh god y raining like dis.If it rain like dis means surely flood will come.
Ragini went to kitchen and came to room with coffee.Sanskar is still sleeping.Ragini went near him and kept her hand on his shoulder and said Sir
Sanskar woke up immediately.
Ragini:Sir coffee
Sanskar got the cup and went near the window.Still it was raining.
Sanskar got ready and went to office after having breakfast.The full day rain was very heavy.Rain was very heavy for the continous four days .People were very much affected by the floods.Many places were affected by rain water.Due to rain Sanskar cancelled the reception party.He dint came to home for one week.He informed Ragini that he is going to some places where Rain affected the most.

Ragini too dint go to school due to rain.Infact schools are closed for the past one week due to rain.
She was praying for the Sanskar’s safety for the past one week.She dint have her proper food.She was desperately waiting for Sanskar to come safely to home.Due to flood mobile connections lost their signal.So neither Ragini nor Sanskar can connect to eachother.
Ragini was not even able to contact any one in Sanskar’s office.She was continuously praying for sanskar.She cant even come out of home due to rain.
After one week Rain stopped fully.But still the city was badly affected by the water.As a collector it’s Sanskar’s responsibilities to provide food and essential supplements to the affected people.So he was very busy in his work.He was not able to think about Ragini also.But at the same time he is missing something in his heart.

After one week one day night
Ragini heared a door bell sound.She immediately ran and opened the door.It was Sanskar.
Sanskar dint talked anything to her.He directly went to his room.Ragini was standing there.
Ragini:Ya Raghu
Raghu:Mam.Sir was very busy for the past one week mam.He dint had his food also properly Mam.Today from morning till now he dint have his food.He dint sit in a place for a minute also mam.He was standing for the full day Mam.Pls give him some food Mam.
Saying dis he went out.
Ragini immediately rushed to Sanskar’s room.But he was already slept in his bed.He dint even change his dress.He is still wearing his shoes also.
To see him like tat Ragini was very sad.She went near him and took his shoes and socks from his legs.

She went to kitchen and took the food and came to Sanskar’s room.
She went near Sanskar and shooked him to wake up.After sometime only Sanskar waked up.
Ragini:Sir Have dis food sir
Sanskar:No problem Ragini.I don’t want.
Ragini was not in a mood to listen anything.He took food in her hands and feed him by her hand itself.After finishing the food she itself wiped his mouth with water and asked him to change his dress.
She went to kitchen again and came with a glass of hot milk.By the time she came Sanskar changed his dress.She made him drink the milk and asked him to sleep.
Sanskar slept immediately.But Ragini was sitting near him.Sanskar was turning from one side to another side due to heavy pain in his legs and body.
Ragini understood his pain.So she started massaging his legs and hands without disturbing his sleep.Whenever he turn to other side she too turned towards him so that his sleep shouldnot get disturbed.

After sometime Ragini realized her position.She was so close to sanskar.She was almost laying over Sanskar.So Ragini thought to get up before Sanskar see her like dis.But to her surprise Sanskar was watching her with his eyes open.
Ragini was surprised to see Sanskar seeing her.
But before she could finish her sentence Sanskar hugged her.
Sanskar too missed Ragini too much in these one week.These one week gap made them realize how much they both love each other.Ragini too hugged him back.Afterall she was also waiting for this hug from her husband.They both were yearning for tis moment for the past one week.Distance makes people realize their love very much na.The same thing happened in their case also.
Sanskar immediately kissed her lips and said No sir..Only Sanskar
Ragini:But Sir..
He again kissed her lips and said whenever u say sir.U ll get a only Sanskar
Sanskar now kissed her very hard in her lips.
Sanskar:If u say Sanskar also u ll get kiss
Saying dis Sanskar started Kissing Ragini with a crazy passion.It was indeed an deep kiss.Ragini too started responding to the kiss.Both started forgetting themselves in the kiss.
It was the moment they both were waiting for.The kiss was a most passionating one.They both don’t want to leave eachothers lips.
Sanskar was hugging Ragini tightly by holding her waist.Ragini was tightly holding Sanskars shirt in one hand and her other hand is clutching Bedsheets.

Sanskar:I love u Ragini
Ragini:I love u too Sanskar
They both looked eachother and confessed their feelings towards other.
Sanskar sharply looked into Ragini’s eyes.Ragini blushed and bowed down her head.Sanskar kissed her eyes and made her look into his eyes.
Ragini:Sanskar.Raghu told u were standing from the morning.Did ur legs paining now.
Ragini:Shall I get medicine for u
Sanskar:My medicine is here only
Sanskar:Ya here only.It’s u.
Ragini felt shy and hugged Sanskar tightly.
Sanskar kissed her lips again and slowly he started kissing her cheecks.He leaned towards her neck and started kissing it passionately.
Now Ragini is on the bed and Sanskar is on the top of Ragini.He pulled her saree and started kissing her bare belly.He started kissing down her body and she stiffened and groan when he kissed in her stomach. Ragini was clutching the bedsheet tightly.She felt thousands of butterflies flying inside her stomach.
Now Ragini took off the Sanskar’s shirt and started kissing his bare chest.
Now Sanskar’s hand went to Raginis blouse.He started opening it.Ragini noded a no.Sanskar kissed her eyes and asked her through his eyes.She closed her eyes and nodded as yes.
Sanskar undressed Ragini.Now he started kissing her whole naked body.He was enjoying her groans.He kissed every possible places in her body.
After about an hour he entered into her a little.It was painful.He looked at her and stayed still.
Sanskar:Ragini.Is it paining

Ragini nodded in a Yes
Sanskar:Shall I stop
Ragini tightly hugged Sanskar and said No.
Ragini:For my husband I can tolerate anything
Sanskar was touched by her words.He immediately kissed her lips.
Sanskar:It wont be for long Ragini
They both again started consummating their marriage.When he did it after sometime the pain stopped and she moaned and sigh as he made love to her.He went slow and gentle into her and they kissed every second.Ragini started breathing in the love he was giving her.He just care about her wheareas she just care about him.They were loving eachother like they never did.Their bond became more stronger. Minutes passed into hours.Dont know how longer they did it but they both are completely wet.They both don’t want to leave eachothers warmth.
They both lost themselves to eachother.Their two souls became one.They both were in eachothers heaven now.
Ragini was so happy.She was very happy with the fact that her virginity has become a medicine for her husband.She was very happy with the fact that someone is there for her in dis world.A tear skipped into her eyes.
Sanskar noticed dis.
Sanskar:Hey Ragini.Wat happened.y ur crying
Ragini:Do u think I m crying in sad.
Sanskar:Then y tears.
Ragini:I became medicine for my husband na.Finally I found someone who loves me so much in dis world.This tear is for that happiness

Sanskar was very much emotionalled by hearing dis.
He immediately cupped her face and removed her tears with his lips.
Sanskar:If I found u crying again ten I ll ask dis medicine daily
Ragini:If my hubby ask na I ll give it daily to him
Sanskar:Oh Hubby..May I know who ur hubby is
Ragini:The great IAS Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar:Oh Ok ok Mrs.Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari..
Saying this he hugged her tightly.Sanskar drapes a blanket over them..They talked a lot and Ragini slept over sanskar’s chest by hugging him and Sanskar slept by hugging Ragini.

Precap: A New Chapter

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Credit to: Shailu

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