SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 11)



Recap:Sanskar’s friend entry

Ragini:It’s ok sir I ll stay in guest room.
Sanskar:But Ragini.There is no bed there.How will u sleep there.Ok do one thing.U ll sleep in my room and I ll sleep here in hall.
Ragini:No sir it wont be gud.If ur friend saw u sleeping here.she will feel bad.It’s ok I ll adjust in guest room.
Sanskar thought for a moment.Ragini I ll tell one thing.Dont get me in a wrong way.U can sleep in my room.I ll adjust.
Ragini felt very happy hearing dis.But she dint showed tat to him.She thought atleast she get time to talk to him
Ragini:Sir But..
Sanskar:No problem.U can sleep in my room.

Saying dis he went to his room.Slowly Ragini too went there.By that time she went inside Sanskar was already changed his clothes and was working in his laptop.
Sanskar:Ya tell me Ragini
By that he got a call in his mobile.
Sanskar:Ya Darling.Coming
It was a call from Riya.So he went down to talk to her.Ragini was waiting for Sanskar.But he s with Riya in her room.They both were talking till evening.So Ragini cant even see Sanskar till evening.She felt very bad.
Evening Sanskar came to room and called Ragini for shopping.He said Riya wants to go for shopping.So he asked Ragini to accompany them.But Ragini denied as she don’t want to go with Riya.So sanskar and riya went to shopping in the evening.
Night Sanskar called Ragini and said that they will finish the dinner in the restaurant itself and asked her not to prepare food for them.
Ragini was very much hungry as she dint have food from noon.So she prepared food and had without any interest.

Sanskar and Riya came to home by 10’o clock.He was very tired so he directly went to room and slept in couch.
Ragini cleaned the kitchen and went to room.By the time she went to room Sanskar was already slept.Ragini was not feeling sleepy.So she thought of talking to Kalki.She called Kalki.
Kalki:Hey Ragini.Wat happened.u called at dis time.
Ragini told everything to Kalki.
Ragini:I dono why I feel very much wen he was not talking to u properly.
While talking to Kalki her voice was very much trembled.Her voice clearly indicated to Kalki tat she was crying.
Kalki:Hey Ragini.R u alright.Don worry everything will be alright.It s a matter of only few days.Also she will leave in some days na.Then y u r worrying.
Ragini:Problem is not Riya re.It is with Sanskar.I think he is avoiding me purposely.
Kalki:Hey don think like tat yar.May be because he saw her after many days na.So only he s spending time with her.

Ragini:Ok Kalki.U sleep.Its already late.see u tmrw.
Kalki:Ok Ragini.GN.TC
Ragini was standing there for long time.She is confused.Finally she thought to leave her unnecessary worries and thought to concentrate on her job.With a clear mind she went to room to sleep.
Ragini had a gud sleep tat day.Her mind is clear and fresh now.She got up early and prepared food and got ready.She came and informed Sanskar that she is having some important work in school and she is leaving early.
Ragini:Sir I prepared food for u and ur friend and kept it in dining table.U both have it.I m leaving.
Sanskar:Wait Ragini I ll drop u.
Ragini:No sir.I told Kalki to come here.I ll go with her.I don’t want to disturb u anymore.
She stressed the last sentence and went.
Sanskar was boggled by her last sentence.He got ready and told Riya tat he is going for his office and went.

Sanskar was not able to concentrate in his job.He reminded the yesterday incident and finally thought to go to Ragini’s school.He went to Ragini’s school and was waiting for her.
Someone informed Ragini that Sanskar is waiting for her in auditorium.She came to auditorium.
Ragini:Sir u
Sanskar:Wat happened to u Ragini.
Ragini:Wat sir I cant understand.
Sanskar:U cant understand ah.U r not even talking properly.U r always in ur own world.While asked u to come for shopping means u r denying tat also.Wats wrong with u
Ragini:Wats wrong with me ah.I have to ask dis question to u.U r asking me.U only not even talking.Not me.U go to home sir.ur friend must be waiting for u.dont waste time with me.
Saying dis she turned to leave.Sanskar holded her hand.Without turning to his side she said Sir dis s school.If someone see us tat wont be gud.
She knows if she see him now she will cry.So only she dint turn towards him.But Sanskar can clearly sense that her voice is trembling.He immediately left her hand and went from there.Ragini was very sad to see sanskar leaving like dis.
Evening after leaving home Ragini saw Riya left from the home.Sanskar was sitting in the hall working in his laptop.
Sanskar dint say anything.He was still working in his laptop.
Ragini:Sir whr is Riya
Sanskar saw Ragini once and again he started working in his laptop.Ragini started going to Sanskar’s room.
Sanskar:She went.

Ragini saw sanskar.He was still in his laptop.So Ragini went to her room and sat down on the bed.she was feeling very bad thinking about her words.She thought because of her only she went.She thought to talk to sanskar.So she came out.Sanskar was still sitting in hall.
Ragini:Sir I m sorry.
Sanskar dint tell anything to her.
Ragini:sorry sir.because of me only ur friend went
Sanskar dint utter a word.
Ragini started crying seeing him like dis.
Ragini (With shaking voice): sorry sir I should not talk to u like dis.Dis is ur home.Sometimes I forget that u r the one who gave me shelter and life.Sorry sir for talking like that.
She ran to her room after telling these things.Sanskar felt very bad to see Ragini crying.He went to her room.There he saw Ragini sitting in the bed with her head down and crying.He went near to her.He sat next to her.
Immediately Ragini wiped her tears and saw Sanskar.But she dint speak anything.Sanskar slowly turned Ragini’s face towards him.He saw her eyes.
Sanskar:she dint left here because of u.She got an important work.So only she left.
Ragini:Really sir.
Sanskar was very much affected by her innocent question.
Sanskar:Don’t u trust me

Ragini:More than myself.
The words came from Ragini’s heart.Sanskar was touched by Ragini’s words.He slowly cupped Ragini face and kissed her forehead and said Thanks.

Precap: Close moments…

Credit to: Shailu

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