SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 10)


SOUL OF LOVE – RAGSAN (Episode 10)
Hi guys dis s shailu.Sorry for making u wait a longggger time.And thanks for my friends who wished me for my exams.I did it very well.Hope for the best results.
My exams are over hereafter I ll try to provide one episode daily..

Recap:Strangers to frnds

Ragini got up early morning and prepared food.After some days she is going to join her job.So she thought to get ready early today.She got ready and came to hall to inform sanskar.Sanskar was already sitting in the sofa and reading newspaper
Ragini:GM Sir
Sanskar:GM Ragini
Ragini:Sir I m joining school I thought to tell u and leave.
Sanskar:Ok wait I ll come and drop u
Ragini:No sir its ok.I ll leave by myself
Sanskar:No Ragini.I think u forgot ur problem.Still its dangerous for u to travel alone.Till the proble get over completely I ll leave u to school and pick u.
Ragini:But sir..
Sanskar:And tats final.and now wait I ll get ready and come.
Ragini was waiting for Sanskar.
Sanskar came out from his room.He was in casuals.A simple plain violet T.shirt with a jeans.
Sanskar:Come Ragini.
Ragini saw Sanskar.She was mesmerized to see him in casuals.Till now he was wearing Formals only.dis was the first time she s seeing him in casuals.
Ragini:Sir.Don mistake me.
Sanskar:Ya tell me
Ragini:Sir u look good in casuals.
Sanskar smiled a little.There was a cute eyelock between them.
Ragini realized the time.
Ragini:sir shall v leave
Sanskar:Ok Ragini
Sanskar drived the car thinking of Raginis words.Ragini too was thinking abt Sanskar.Both dint speak anything for sometime.After sometime sanskar itself started the conversation
Ragini:ha sir
Sanskar:Dis Sunday ok for u for reception party.
Ragini:Ok sir no problem
They reached the school.Ragini came out of car.

She turned towards sanskar.
Sanskar:Evening wait here itself.I ll come ok.
Ragini smiled and said ok and went inside school.

Inside School:
Ragini was warmly welcomed by her collegues.All gave wishes to her for her marriage.She smiled and said thanks to everyone.
After sometime Ragini and Kalki got sometime to talk alone.
Kalki:Ragini u know wat ur aunt came and asked me about u.
Ragini:Wat u told
Kalki:I told abt ur marriage.
Kalki:Y Ragini.did I do anything wrong.
Ragini:I don’t know kalki.Maybe tis will create any new issues.
Kalki:Don’t worry Ragini.Maybe all ur problems will get solved.Anyhow at some point of time she has to no about dis right.
Ragini:Hmmm.Hey kalki dis Sunday sanskar sir is keeping a party for our reception.U have to come.
Kalki:Hmmm.Hey he s ur husband and still ur calling him as Sir
Ragini:Got used to it Kalki.I cant change it
Kalki:But u have to change tat Ragini

After tat they both went to their respective classes.
Once the school over Ragini came out of her class.She thought to leave to home after informing sanskar.But to her surprise already sanskar was present near the school gate.He was sincerely speaking in Phone.Ragini went near him and standed there.Sanskar turned and saw Ragini.
Sanskarin phone): Ok darling I ll call u later
Ragini thought in her mind:Darling ah.Who can it be.He will itself tell lets see.
Sanskar:Haan Ragini.Come lets go
Ragini sat inside the car.She thought he will tell abt the caller to her.But to her surprise he dint tell anything abt the caller.
They reached the home and sanskar told Ragini to go inside the home and he went for some work.
Ragini went inside the home and sat in a sofa and was thinking abt the caller.
Ragini:who could it be.he is calling her as Darling.Ragini wat ur thinking.Dont worry he will come and tell to u.Why ur worrying.
She went inside Kitchen and prepared food for dinner.
She was waiting for Sanskar to come.Sanskar came by 9o clock.
Sanskar:Ragini I ate in hotel with my frnd.U eat and sleep.
Saying dis he went inside his room.
Ragini felt very bad.
Ragini to herself:He dint wait for my reply also.I m waiting to eat with him and he came after eating.cha..Also he dint tell abt his darling..
She dint have her food.She went inside her room and layed down in her bed.But she dint sleep the whole night.

Next day morning
Sanskar got up early and went out early.
Ragini got up late and watched time in her mobile.Time was 9 am.There was a message in her mobile.She opened it.It was from Sanskars number
I have some important work.So I m leaving early.I asked Raghu to send Car to u to drop in ur school.Evening he ll pick up u from der and leave u to home.TC
Ragini thought:Wat that much urgent.without informing to me itself he went.Maybe he had some urgent work so only he may went.
She got ready and came out.The car was already waiting for her.She sat inside the car.While travelling she saw Sanskar’s car standing out of a restaurant.So she asked the driver to stop the car.
She got down and went inside the restaurant.There he found Sanskar sitting with a girl with his hand on her hand.They were talking seriously.But Ragini cant hear anything.
After sometime they left from there.Ragini was not able to understand anything.She thought who she can be.Wat will be her relation with sanskar.She came out of the restaurant and told driver to drive back to home.She know she cant concentrate on school she called kalki and informed her.She came to home and found it was opened already.she was surprised and went inside.There he found Sanskar sitting with the same girl in the hall.
Seeing Ragini Sanskar got up.The girl too got up with sanskar.
Sanskar:Hey Ragini.U dint went to school.
Ragini:No sir.
Sanskar:Why wat happened.
Before Ragini could say something
Sanskar:Ok leave it.Ragini dis s my friend Riya.She is going to stay with us for some days.
Seeing Riya Sanskar said:Hey darling dis is Ragini.My wife.
Ragini thought :Wat before me he is saying Darling to tat girl.
Riya:Hi Ragini.
Ragini:Hi Riya.
Riya:By the way Sanskar.while seeing the house I saw the room(Ragini’s room).I like it very much.I ll stay there only ok.
Sanskar:But Riya tat was Rag..
Before she could finish the sentence
Riya:U know na I wont leave anything which I no talking.
Saying tat she went inside tat room.
Sanskar helplessly saw Ragini.
Ragini:It’s ok sir I ll stay in guest room.
But inside her heart she was fuming in anger.(First sign of love- Jealousy)

Precap: Staying in a single room

Hi frnds I think dis episode will be a little boring.Forgive me if u don’t like it.Next episode will be surely good.

Credit to: Shailu

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