Ragini’s house:
A girl is shown talking with a photo.Its none other than our sweet Ragini.Usually her day starts at 5’oClock.She has to prepare food for the day and also has to finish all her household chores.After tat only she can leave to her school.
Ragini: “y ma papa y u left me alone in dis world.I m missing u so much.I think u also miss me.Then y u left me here.”.After talking to her parents pic she went to kitchen to start her work.Her aunt will wake up by 8’o Clock only.By that time Ragini has to finish all her work.
At 8:30
Ragini: Athai(Aunt in English) can I leave to school?
Ragini’s Aunt: ok go.Do u remember wat day is today.1st day of month salary has to be in my hand today evening.Understand?
Ragini: Ok.

Ragini started to her school.She usually go to school by public bus with her friend kalki.Ragini and Kalki are closefriends and neighbours too.Kalki knows about Ragini very well and vice Versa.
Ragini and kalki both are waiting for bus in busstop.
Kalki: Ragini do u no today we have staff meeting.Do u have any idea about dis sudden meeting?
Ragini: No Kalki even I too don’t have any idea abt it.Lets c wat happens.
Saying dis dey both boarded the bus and reached the school.
Around 11.30 all the staffs are gathered at the principal room.Principal came and started the discussion.

Principal: GM Everyone. All of u are surprised by this sudden meeting.Everyone of u might have many questions in ur mind.Let me clarify the things.Our school is celebrating 25th yr this year.So our school trustees are decided to celebrate a grand function for tat.So they informed us to invite some guests for the function.For this function every staff will be given some of the responsibilities and circular will be send to all of u.Now everyone can leave to ur work.
Lunch break:

Kalki: Ragini Did u got circular?
Ragini: Ya Kalki I m gng to invite the guests.Wat abt u?
Kalki:Mine is student related activities.Did u got any info abt the guest list.
Ragini: No yar.List will be given in next week only.Ok lets go the class.Already its late.
A Week later:
Ragini was called to the principal room.
Ragini: GM sir.
Principal:GM Ragini.Sit down.Did u got the circular.
Ragini: Yes Sir.
Principal: Here is the list for the guest to be invited for the function.From tmrw u can start inviting the guest.If u want u can ask any of our staff to accompany wit you.
Ragini: Ok Sir
Principal:But be careful Ragini.The list was prepared by our school don miss any of them.Today evening u can get the invitation from the office room.
Ragini:Ok Sir.Thank u.

Ragini came out with the list.She went to Kalki and informed her abt the discussion she had wit the principal and asked her to accompany with her.She agreed.
Kalki got the list from Ragini and started reading it.
1.Jeslo Jabadurai – Minister of education
2.Sushvinth Samson – MD of Mayindia pvt ltd.
3.Ramesh vinayagam- Film Director
4.Sanskar Maheshwari – IAS Officer
5.Harshvardhan – Novelist

To be Continued………..


Rucha Hasabnis as Kalki (Ragini’s Frnd)

Sorry Frnds..I don no whether i satisfied ur expectation or not.If not Forgive me..And also thanks for ur comments for the intro..Sorry if i had any grammatical mistakes..

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