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Hi guys. M sry m late but I have already informed u abt my exams so plz forgive me. Today I want to give promo for the upcoming story in my ff. Guys I want to tell u all one thing. If u people find my ff bored n tell me I’ll end this ff by giving the remaining story in one episode. But guys even though m getting 30 comments including me it’s somewhat less response. I hope u all understand. So plz tell me whether to continue this ff or not. Give ur answer through comments.

All parts

Here is the promo begins

San holds his cheeks n says slowly:swara……

Yes she slapped sanky…..
Swa: don’t u dare to take my name from ur mouth. U blo*dy hiw could u do this to me. What I have done to u. I believed u ..but u….. Never show me ur face…….

Scene shifts to ragkar…..
*****Ragkar mrrg*****
They were taking pheras……
It’s there 7th phera.. After this ragini becomes Mrs ragini karan sen….. But….(isa thodi na hota hai jab raglak paired up hai…lol)

Someone comes there n says:stop it…… This mrrg shouldn’t happen….
Rags till now bent her head. Bit hearing these words she lift her head to see the person standing infront of them n remains shocked……..
Rags(slowly)……. Bua……
Before she could speak anything further bua comes to her n slaps her…….
Bua: i thought u as my daughter. But u….. U betrayed me…. Why u did this ragini…
Rags hugs her tightly n cries……
Guys this is the promo…
Now it’s the guess time….
Why did swara slap sanky?
Why is she saying those harsh words to sanky?
Why bua wants to stop the marrg?
Why did she slap ragini?
What ragini did that she is saying rag betrayed her?

Guys socho aur answer dedo…. Guys I have asked abt ur opinion at first whether I should continue this ff or not plz tell me. If I get less response then I will surely end this ff. Sry to say this guys…

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Interesting promo dear….

    1. Maha6

      Tq sreevijayan

  2. Thnxx Maha for d promo… it was very shocking n surprising… u r saying that u want to end this FF..why??? for less comment or others not commenting on ur FF that’s why??? but what about me?? what about those who comment in ur FF regular?? all rit u do whatever u want… SORRY if my words hurt u…

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali for commenting. But m sry I didnt mean to hurt u people who r reading my ff. But think once how it will be for writers when their work is felt not up to the mark. But i didn’t say that I’ll end now itself. I asked ur opinion if they want I can end the ff. That’s it. If u people want me to continue then sure I’ll.

  3. Interesting and plz continue

  4. Innovative

    Please maha don’t stop your ff! Although I’m a silent reader. I commented as you were telling to stop this ff. Pls dont stop n keep writing. This promo was awesome and your other episodes too.

    1. Maha6

      Tq innovative. N yeah tq for reading my ff. I’m glad that you like my ff. I’ll continue my ff don’t worry. But plz don’t remain silent. Do comment.

      1. Innovative

        OK I’ll comment on ff but don’t stop

      2. Maha6

        Ok sure innovative I’ll definitely continue. Tq once again.

    1. Maha6

      Tq dharani

  5. I can understand ur feeling… but plzzzz don’t stop this… n SORRY i said harsh words … really sorry… i don’t know but i was upset after reading whatever u said… sooo…?

    1. Maha6

      Kakali I never meant to upset u people. N one more thing ur words are not harsh they showed ur love towards my ff. Thanks for that I really don’t know that my ff is worth living becoz I never wrote stories like this n in tellyupdates it is my second ff. As I felt my frst ff is somewhat boring I feel like that. So I thought this ff is boring n not nice. Sry I hurt u people a lot.

  6. Yeah m hurt… but nevermind..((as a penalty give us a wonderful chappy like always…))). but but but its my lastt n final warninggggggg okkkk…dont u dare to say it boring…?.. or else….. . . . . . . . . . u better know…

    1. Maha6

      Areyyyy yeh kya dhamki de rahi ho…. Teekh hai mein update de doongi but not today. Mein 22 nd se pehle aur koyi episode nahi likhne vali hu. Becoz I have my final exams. So after that I’ll definitely give u. Sry to disappoint u once again……

  7. All need of chappy.. . u just study well .n give ur best….. best of luck…?

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali.

  8. Radhika..

    di why u thoughts its boring u know what there are many readers who never comment they don’t want or must be their own reasons because of them ur going to stop writting this ff and end it and who read regularlly for them don’t think di that there are less comments just see the comments and write it down and one day will came up when the silent onces break their silence just wait don’t stop di its really very nice ff and don’t u have the rights to say it boring ?? so don’t try to say also and about the promo i am shocked what is happening now let me do my work let mee guess may swara got to know that sanky knows her truth and she think it as a sympathy and misunderstood his doings and she slapped him and without even thinking once say all that things or may be some other reason and bua stops the marriage may she got to know about raglak and their relation and slap ragini that she hidded this from her don’t keep her heart out to her amd because of this she is hurt and say her that she betrayed her may be she got to know that in her happiness only the promise will be fulfilled don’t know this is true or not just give a try as i never think like u this beautiful writting also and i never think foolish talks like ending this up like u don’t end it and its not atall boring and if u say this i wil be sad and all the best for exams di and do ur best????

    1. Maha6

      Baapre itna lamba comment. Mein tho yeh dekh kar behosh hogayi hu… Koi baath nahi just thought to end it but there are people who r scolding me for just informing abt this. Teekh hai mein is ff ko end nahi karoongi. N abt ur assumptions let’s see what swara came to know abt sanky n bua too let’s see…. till then keep commenting. Bye

      1. Radhika..

        absolutely di u need scolding for thinking like this and we scold them who r our own so thats why scolded u and yup thats a good decision hmmm lets see and me wait ok will keep commenting and reach it till 100 ??then no less comments problem ??

      2. Maha6

        Oh god radhu……☺

      3. Radhika..

        hmmm di we will made it one day or other but reach that target

      4. Maha6

        No need of 100 comments radhu…. Just I want to know my ff is pleasurable or not.

  9. Mica

    Mahaa! just think about your regular reader pleas ty

    1. Maha6

      Ok mica sry if I hurt u.

  10. Nice dear , i love ur ff so much !! Continue ur epis dont make an end To it !!

    1. Maha6

      Manasaa end will be there for any thing…. Even it is a ff but the difference is when it will be. So as u guys want I will definitely continue my ff but not more episodes…. If I feel like I shld end the ff then I’ll think ur words n try to continue it… But don’t worry I’ll continue my ff now…. I think I won’t stop writing this ff this much early… So don’t worry abt that…. N yeah thank u for commenting…. M glad that u like my ff.

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