You are my soul and life (intro)


Hi frnds

Here I m going to present a story. It deals how two soulmates become together after a long time waiting to each other

Kriti : leading female character
Koushik : leading male character
Lakshmi: koushik mom
Prasad: koushik dad
Ratnmal : kriti’s dad
Pooja: kriti’s best friend from childhood more than a sister to kriti
Karthik: best friend of koushik
Swapna : classmate of koushik and kriti
Srujan: bf of swapna

The story starts like this….
Kriti at her 8years ,daily her father drops her to school and picks at evening.
In the same school koushik also studies ,at lunch break daily koushik mom stares at kriti , koushik observes it but doesn’t dare to ask his mom because she is short tempered and always scolds him for small small mistakes.

1year passed and kriti left that school and went away as her Dad got transfer.

Lakshmi(koushik mom) enquired about kriti but she didn’t get her adress and any details of kriti

Leap of 10 years

At engineering Kriti and Koushik get seats in same college and in same branch

In college kriti’s first day and she is afraid. Koushik was quite free now because he was in hostel does not his mom strict rules in his life now expect one – to call his mom daily at morning when he woke up and before going to bed

Kriti and koushik entered class and occupied their places.

Frnds pls tell me is it good or not because I’m writing for first time if you like it pls comment so that I can continue

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  1. Geetha continue its really a nice start 🙂
    Waiting for the next episode 😀
    And I’m sorry if I won’t comment in the next episode it’s because of my exams…so I hope you won’t mind..?
    And may I know in which class are you studying? And where are you from? Only if it’s not personal…I’m sorry if it’s personal?
    And yes may I know is it a ff on some serial or a simple story written by you? 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting
      Actually this is my imagination not a fan fiction.
      Sorry that I can’t say from where I am,
      I am doing engineering

  2. Itz good u should write

  3. Its gud..

  4. Awesome intro, all the best, 🙂

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