The soul of my life….(intro & prologue)

Hi guys actually this is my second ff. I wrote another one in the beginning.guys u all supported alot then, so I want u all to support in this ff too…I hope I’ll reach ur expectations. Guys if u like this prologue then only I’ll continue to write this plz tell ur opinions through comments..I’m waiting for ur comments.

So here is the intro b prologue for my new ff.

Swara Bose: naughty but sweet daughter of shekhar n sumi..

Sanskar maheshwari: handsome,good-looking,have no interest in girls.Bhai of laksh.

Ragini: very studious, bubbly, felts happy seeing others happy,generous, kind…..

Dp: father of sanky n laksh…
Ap: wife of dp.

RP:brother of dp.
Suj: wife of RP.

Sumi n shek : mother n father of swara…

Karan sen:frnd of ragini, a bit flirty.
Meera: sister of sanky n laksh..
Alleppy: bff of swara.

So now here is the epilogue….

Sanky usually maintain distance from girls…he mostly spents his time with family or in his office.he loves enjoying life…

One fine morning…
While he was doing jogging he happen to see an accident that took place just then….
All are standing surrounding the injured person….but in Nick of time sanky rushed to the spot n saw a girl lying in the pool of blood…he scolded the people for seeing the scenario as it was a drama…….
He shouted at them n took her in his arms n called ambulance….
To his dismay he heard her laughing…..he immediately get her down…..n asked the reason for her laugh….
Sanky: arey y r u laughing…..I’m trying to hel….wait u r injured na how come u look so normal that too laughing…
Girl:(controlling her laughter): actually (laugh) sry I don’t know who u r..but thanks for the help….no accident took place here. It’s a bet…
Sanky(confused): bet….

Girl: ha it’s a bet…all know that in our country only some people like u worry for others. But others remain silent n enjoy the scenario as they had done just a few min ago…

Girl:(pointing to other girl): hey dude I wone the bet.
Sanky: so u made a bet….
Girl: arey do u have any hearing prblm I just now said that clearly..plz don’t ask again to say…I’ll exhaust…
Sanky: (smiles a little): nice I think u r crct only some people cares for others..
Girl: becoz I said so…(raising her collar)n burst into laughter..
Sanky smiles seeing her behaviour….

Just then sanky gets a call.
Sanky: ha varma I’ll reach there in time…u make sure that all the arrangements are perfect..

Sanky(to girl): sry to say but I have to leave..its nice meeting u but plz don’t trouble innocent like me for ur bets…
Girl(widens her eyes): m I troubling u…how mean…
Sanky: nahi tho kya…saying this they both burst into laughter…
Soon girls frnd comes there….
Girl2: hey buddy just leave from here. U won the bet as usual. I’ll give u the treat but look at the time we r getting late…
Girl1 turbs to say good bye to him….but in the Nick time the other girl drags her from there….

Sanky also goes in his way…

Girl 2: hey buddy plz don’t be late becoz of u I’ll get scoldings from him n what u will do u will simply escape from there(pouts)..
Girl1: it’s like that alleppy..sees her pout face . arey yar If u fought with me here like this we will surely get late.I don’t want to be late
(Till now I think u guys come to know that the other girl is swara.)
All: ha buddy come..

So guys here is the prologue…
If u guys like it then plz tell me through ur comments..based on ur comments I’ll think whether to write this ff or not.
With lots of love…..


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    It is swsan ff…….

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    Plz reveal pairs…It is swsan ff…….

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