The soul of my life…. Episode 9 “why swara why”


Hi guys. Thank u for all the support n love u r pouring on me. Yeah I got good response for my previous epi. Thank u guys. Sry guys I know u all especially swasan fans are hell angry with me for not showing swasan moments. But I promise I’ll give u swasan moments from next epi onwards.

So here is the link for previous episodes.
Previous episodes

So guys I’ll start my story I mean my episode.

Lak: I love u ragini(shouts)

Here ragini feels like someone is calling her.
Rag: why m I feeling like someone is calling me. What is this.rag it’s just a feeling don’t bother abt it. She sleeps.

Laksh: wow the girl with whom I used to fight became my life. Wow….it’s great. Lucky from tomorrow enjoy ur day as a lover boy.
He also goes to sleep.

Lucky again sees his dream girl.
Frst her legs are shown lucky is trying to see her face.
Next her waist is shown. Still lucky is trying.
Next her neck.
Lak: Yar when will I see her face….
Then the most awaited moment for lucky he sees her face. He became dumbshock. (Yeah u all guys guessed right she is our ragini)
Lak: ragini……(mesmerized n shocked)
He wokes from his sleep shouting ragini….
It means my dream girl is ragini it’s cool Yar…before I fell in love with u only u r occupying my dreams….. Ragini be ready to become my life partner. I will make u fall in love with me…..
Saying this he goes to sleep.

All are at break fast….
Lak is remembering at his frst day in clg as a lover boy. He smiles slightly
Meera remember lak asking abt feelings. She thought to tease him.
Meera: cause Bhai who is ur friend…(slowly in his ears)
Lak: MATLAB I have so many friends whom r u talking abt.
Meera: arey vahi becoz of whom u disturbed my sleep at night.
Lucky stumbles….
Lak: vo…vo…..haa karan…..
Meera: ohhh karan can u please make me meet him once.
Lak: (shock) why…(to himself) arey Yar if she meet him then she will pakka come to know that I lied to her….
Meera: yunhi…bas jan na chahtha that…
Lak: no need..
Meera(smiles without his notice): y r u looking tensed Bhai…
Lak: no….ntng like that…
Ap: kya kusur pusur chal raha hai. Frst eat. Meera it’s getting late eat fast. Today is ur frst day in that clg be punctual.
Meera: yes maa.
Meanwhile sanky comes towards dining table…
DP: sanskar u have meeting with karma industry’s chairman na today.
Sanskar: yes Papa… N Papa I will be late to office today.
Dp: whywhy
Sanky: vo.. Varsha asked me to take her to ice cream…
Ap: u can take her in the evening na.
Sanky: I thought that ma but she is asking very cutely n u know how is she if she want something then she should get that. Yesterday she asked but becoz of work I didn’t get her so I’m taking her today…
DP: haa no prblm but try to come early..
Sanky: ha Papa
Meanwhile varsha(parish’s daughter) comes….
Varsha: chachu r u ready see m ready….
Sanky:yes my bachu come we will go. Laksh meera r u ready….
Lakeera: yes Bhai…

In car
Sanky: meera it’s ur frst day in clg if u feel difficulty tell laksh or me.. But don’t worry OK…
Lak: Bhai she won’t find any difficulty. But she will make things difficult for other ones….
Meera starts beating him…
Lak: arey meera I’ll die Yar mujhe shadi bhi karni hai tumhari bhabhi ke sath..ujhe chod do..
Sanky was smiling seeing them..
Var: chachi leave him. U know na he won’t tell lie..winks at lak..
Lakvar gives hi-fi…
Meera (fake angry): arey meeru gussa hogaya.. OK OK sry says holding his ears..

Soon they reaches their clg…
Sanky: bye meera bye laksh…

Soon they waves bye n bid off..

Sanky: so my bachu now it’s time for ur ice cream chale…
Var: yeah chachu

They comes to a place…
Sanky: varsha u stay here I’ll park the car n come OK…
Var: OK chachu…
He goes to park the car…meanwhile she sees someone blowing bubbles. She was very much interested in that. She started walking in the direction of bubbles breaking them….(guys it is which comes from soap water what it is called I don’t know)
She walks while a truck is coming in front. She doesn’t notice it…
Suddenly sanky sees the scene he became shocked.
Sanky: varsha…..shouts…but before be reaches there truck hits the varsha…. Sanky stands in shock
Soon people gather around her…
Sanky was numb. Soon he realises what has happnd n he moves towards the people.
When he reaches there he sees swara trying to give her mouth breathing as she is feeling difficulty in breathing.
Sanky: varsha….he cries n lifts her to take her toto hospital….
Swara also goes with him….

Soon they reaches the hospital…
Half n hour is completed..
Sanky was walking to n fro….swara came n keeps her hand on his shoulder..
Soon he hugs her at the instant..
Swara was numb but she uunderstood that he need a shoulder to cry so she didn’t disturb him…
Swara: Mr. Maheshwari calm down ntng will happen to her….
Soon Dr. Comes out of the OT.
Sanky: Dr. How is she….
Dr: Mr. Maheshwari she is alright. U have done good job if she was not given breath before coming to hospital she may have died…..but she is safe now..
Sanky: tq swara….
Swara: welcome Mr.maheshwari.
Sanky: na…sanskar only call me sanskar..
Swara: on sanskar..ha sanskar I have to go..sry but I have some work…
Sanky: OK no need of explanation. Tq once again..
She leaves…all maheshwari family reaches there….except lakeera.

Park: sanskar how is she….n how does this happnd
Sanky tells him what all happd.
All felt relieved after knowing that she is fine.

Screen shifts to office…
Swara: ohh God swara it’s ur frst day n u r late. What will boss say….excuse me…(to receptionist)
Receptionist: yes..
Swa: ha m swara Bose. I came here for job…cancan u plz tell it boss…
Rec: yes mam.. She calls someone..
Rec: sry mam sir is not there but manager is coming..
Varma: u r miss Bose right..
Swara: yes..
Varma: so come I’ll show u ur cabin.

Scene shifts to clg…
Laksh n meera are walking towards clg…alskh sees his friends.
Lak: hi guys…this is meera my sister..
Raj: hloo meera… M rajeev u can call me raj.
Rag: hi meera.. M ragini…
Meera: hi everyone…
Lak: vaise where is karan.
Rag: bua has got something for him..(she remember karan n laughs)
Lak notices this.
Lak: ragu don’t tell that u did something again.
Rag: arey what I did just I showed bua what I saw.. She giggles again..
Raj: u r impossible ragu..

Rag: arey I said na I did ntng..
Meera notices that laksh was staring ragini lovingly…
Meera: Bhai bhabhi is so cute..nice selection bhai.
Lak(blushing): tq soon he realises what she said.
Lak: what r u saying meera there is ntng like that.
Meera: Bhai don’t lie to me i saw love for her in ur eyes…
Lak blushes more..n says u know all abt me. YesYes she is ur hole wali bhabhi.
Meera: so yesterday becoz of she u disturbed my sleep.
Lak: sry meeru. Well yeah…I was so confused u know u r one n only sis to me so I came to u…
Reena: but ragu what he did tell me.
Rag: simple he was smoking which is noticed by bua.
Reena: guys come it’s time to class.
Lak: meera u go to ur class OK..

They all leave
Scene shifts to hospital
Sanky remember swara giving mouth breathing to varsha.. He smiles
Sanky to himself: what did u do to me swara.. Why u r affecting me this much.. Why swara why…
Screen freezes…..

Guys Pakka promise I’ll give swasan scenes from next epi onwards.

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  1. nice.. please give swasan scenes

    1. Maha6

      Tq any n yeah sure I’ll give u swasan scenes becoz their love story starts from now. Kepp supporting me.

  2. ragu naisudregi poor karan
    btw who is playing karan raj meera reena

    1. Maha6

      Tq Lisa reading. Ha ragu kabhi nahi sudregi becoz she is like that from birth. N yeah abt ur question karan was played by parth samthan, n raj by purab of kumkumbhagy,n meera by nandini n finally Reena by bulbul.

      1. Maha6

        Tq Anu sry ur name got typed wrong

  3. Raglak scenes are cute

    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely.

  4. Awesome

    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely.

    2. Maha6

      Ta swasan

  5. Sreevijayan

    Nice updatr..

    1. Maha6

      Tq sreevijayan. Keep supporting. I hope I’ll make this ff more interesting.

  6. awesome part di lakeera bonding is amazing and laksh and varsha teasing meera and varsha accident sad part?? but swara helping her ? and giving her breath and saving her life meera knows laksh very welly that she caught him easily and ragini always create trouble for karan bechara karan and laksh as lover boy is interesting to see and how the love story begins between both the couples waiting for that and swara working under sanskar and sanskar affecting by swara is going to amazing to see means read love the part ??

    1. Maha6

      Tq radhu. Yeah bechara karan. N from now on swasan love will start

  7. Wow I love ragu character nd raglak love… Actually I m ur new reader

    1. Maha6

      Tq savi Singh for reading my ff. N yeah m glad that u liked my story.

  8. Mica

    Maha… i thought it was raglak ff since your pic is raglak, but then i saw “swara” also in the title.. so i come here and read this awesome story..
    amazing ,,,maha, ty

    1. Maha6

      Tq mica. I want to say one thing it is not necessary that the ff belongs to the pair on the photo. M not pointing that ur thought is wrong so many think like that even sometimes I also see cover pic n read the ff. N one thing I want to ask why did u say ty

      1. Mica

        you ask me for the “ty” ? of course for you amazing ff ,Maha..
        Some writer maybe didn’t know that their hard work giving blissful feeling to the readers… that’s why…
        and yeah your statement is rite, even sometime i got trapped by the pic hahaha

      2. Maha6

        Tq mica m very very very happy that u liked my ff. I think u know how it feels when a reader praises his/her work. U made my day. Thank u very much.

  9. Raglak scenes are superb and loved it

    1. Maha6

      Tq Ammu. Ur support is always there with me. Plz keep ur support like this only

  10. Awww…loved it dear.. 🙂 🙂 ..raglak r awesome!!!episode ws superbbb…keep rockng dear 😉 😉

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy. I hope u support me like this always n yeah I think I I’m making u interested in reading n not making u bore.

  11. Akshata

    loved raglak scene, likved lask and meera’s bonding. awesome update

    1. Maha6

      Tq Akshata. Ur comment meant a lot to me

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