The soul of my life…. Episode 6


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Here the episode begins with ragin talking on phn
Rag: ha karan yeah I’m coming…..
Karan: ragu make it fast we will miss the competition…
Rag: areyy I said na I will be there within 15 min
Karan: kk.
Soon rags also leaves from her home…..

She reach the competition…
Rag: ha karan is everything OK….did he came
Karan: that’s what I’m thinking abheer abhi thak aya nahi…
Rag: what????(shocked).. Areyy program is going to start n here he didn’t come what the him…
Karan: I’m trying but it’s switched off…
Rag: what should we do now..

Just then lucky comes there…
Lucky: ohhh tho yeh janglibilli bhi yahi hai….
Rag: oyy dramebazz chup kar….Varna bahut pachtayega..
Karan: guys plz not now..we r already in tension..
Lucky: what happnd karan…
Rag: it’s none of ur businesses….
Lucky: oyyy I didn’t ask u…. Karan is everything OK??
Karan: no yar… Next is our performance n abheer didn’t reach till now……
Then the anchors announces ragbheer name…here they are tensed…..
Karan gets an idea…
Karan: lucky u r dancer Na then y can’t u dance with ragini…
Rag: no way I won’t dance with him….
Lucky: ja ja no one I’d dying to dance with u….
Karan: stop it guys… Ragu plz we have no other option plz….orelse we will loose in front of them….
Rag(unwillingly): OK..
Lucky: but I’m not ready….
Karan: what happened now…
Lucky: I won’t dance with this junglibilli
Rag: oyyyy m not a a junglibilli
Lucky: u r ….again they start fighting…this time karan got frustrated….
Karan: guys we r already in tension they have announced ur names n now u r fighting here.. Hadh hpti hai yar kisi cheez ki..lucky what’s ur prblm…
Lucky: areyy calm down mere bhai… I just want to hear a small word sorry from her mouth that’s it…. no.more I want…
Karan: that’s it….
Lucky: haa
Rag: no way…
Karan: plz ragu….
Rag: OK but for u…..sry
Lucky: loudly..
Rag: (shouts): sry…
Lucky: ha now I will….
He walks slowly……
Karan: arey lucky n ragu…
Lucky. Areyy do.want us to run…ww r going Na…
Anchor: this is the final call for rag….
Before he complete lights gets off…
Here we can see raglak standing on stage.
They dance on the song abhi toh party shuru Hui hai

Darwaaje ko kundi maro
Koi Na bachke Jane paaye
DJ ko samjha do
Music galthi se bhi rukh Na jaye
Thaka thaka Jo feel kare wo
Jaake do redbull ghatak le
Aur jisko dance nahi karna
Woh jaake apni bhains charahe

bas aaj ki rath hai
Kal se wohi siyaape hai
Jee bhar ke naach lo
Na ghar wale Na yaha pe hai
Sab pe apna raaz hai
Darne ki kya bath hai
Yeh toh bas shuruvaath hai….
Yeh toh bas shuruvaath hai….
Arey abhi tho party shuru Hui hai
Arey abhi toh party shuru Hui hai
Yeh toh bas shuruvaath hai
Baad mein na kehna kuch bhi
Pehle hi de doon warning
Party chalega till six in the morning
Jee bhar ke naach le baby
Naach naach ke thod de sandal
Aunty police bulaye gi to
Yaar tera kar lega handle
Soochna Janhith mein jaari
Jisko apni jaan hai pyari
Chup chap wo floor pe aye
Floor pe ake nache Gaye
Nakre vakre Na dikhaaye
Sharam ko karde Bye bye
Micheal Jackson waale
Do theen action karke dikhaaye
Party karni hai
hum party karenge
Kisi kebhi Papa se nahi darenge

Arey abhi toh party shuru Hui hai….
Areyy abhi toh party shuru Hui hai…..

Song ends……
And all comes down…
Karan: wah lucky what a dance yaar…
Lucky: thank you…waise (to rag)
U dance well
Rag: u r not less…if u r not there then obviously I can’t dance this much…so…forwards her hands…friends…
Lucky acts like fainting…
Karan n rajveer holds him
Raj: kya hua lucky.
Lucky: arey some one is praising me n want to be frnds with me….is it true….Raj pinch me plz..
Rag pinches him: oyy I just want to be frnds becoz only frnds help us in need….don’t act that much or I’ll take back my hand…
Lucky: sry sry sry OK frnds(forwards his hand)
Lucky: frnds hua tho party banthi hai….
Rag: yehhhh
All four sing: arey abhi toh party shuru Hui hai…
Karan: lucky not now we r late…ma wait kar rahi hogi.. We have to leave…bye…
Lucky n Raj: bye….
They all go to their respective houses…

next day morning

Sunrays fall on lucky who is sleeping dreaming abt his dreamgirl….
While cuddling on his bed he fell down…
Lucky: aaaa…….
Sanky comes running listening to him….
Sanky: what happened lucky…
He then sees lucky on the floor n laughs…
Lucky: Bhai don’t laugh
Sanky: I think u r thinking abt ur dreamgirl right….
Lucky: how do u know..
Sanky: tabhi toh u have fallen down…he laughs…
Lucky: toh what now…Bhai when u will think abt bhabhi na then I’ll tease u….every dog has one day….he then remembers what he just said….” I’ll also get a day to tease you
Sanky laughs listening to him
Sanky: bhabhi ke sapna chod now go n get ready…
Saying this he pushes him into washroom

All are having brkfst…
Lucky: Bhai can I ask u one thing
Sanky: ha lucky bhol…
Lucky: what qualities u prefer in bhabhi
Sanky: abhe.. Why r u asking all this bullshit from yesterday
Lucky: vaise hi…if u don’t want to tell no prblm….
Meera: plz Bhai bolo na…
Sanky: kk I’ll…he stops eating n sees upwards….
She should be generous…..
Here screen shows swara helping some old people
Sanky: even if she is not beautiful no prblm because what matters is inner beauty not outer…she should be a person who will fight for justice
Screen shows swara fighting with a shopkeeper
Swara: areyy uncle how can u fool these old people…see this note is not valid…give other one
Shopkeeper: arey it’s us valid…
Swara: no it’s not valid…she calls someone going from there…
Swara: bhai Saab can u tell me is this a valid note…
Person: no it’s not..
Swara: thank shopkeeper: see he also said…
Shopkeeper hits his head : k I’ll give….
Screen shifts to sanky: she should have fantasy in nature….
Screen shows swara riding a scooty..suddenly she stops..
Alleppy: shona what happnd why did u stopped scooty
Swara: see alleppy weather is so nice Na…it’s like bringing a new hope n jog to all…
Sanky: some where childishness should be there inside her
Screen shifts to swara suddenly rain starts n swara keeps scooty aside n goes to drench in rain…she sees an ice cream vehicle n buys one icecream..she dances eating icecream..
Screen shifts to sanky
Sanky: if we see her a child should resemble in her
Screen shows swara giving icecream to slum children n happily enjoying the moment…

Sanky: after all she should be like my ma…..
After saying this he sees towards the family members all are listening keenly..
Sanky: so if u have completed ur interrogation can I go it’s late…
Ap: ok…. Don’t be late n don’t forget ur lunch.
Lucky: if swara won’t have these qualities then what should I do….(sad)
Dp: laksh what happnd why u r not eating…
Lucky: ntng dad…OK m getting late bye…
He also goes from there…..
Sanky: lucky it’s raining come I’ll drop u…
Lucky: it’s OK Bhai u r getting late Na I’ll manage
Sanky: come lucky…. (Fake anger)
Luvky: OK Bhai..
While going in their way they stuck in traffic….so sanky decide to take another route…while going in that way both sanlak see swara playing with children in rain…
Sanky was mesmerized to see her like that..
Lucky: woww. Swara has the habbit of playing in rain..he then remembers what sanky had described abt her would be wife should contain
He then sees swara n sanky who was immersed in seeing swara..
Lucky smiles looking sanky
Lucky: (in mind): ohhh lucky swara mad ur work easy…so she has one of the qualities what Bhai preferred…

Screen freezes on smiling face of lucky n mesmerized face of sanky n swara playing with kids..

Credit to: Maha

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