The soul of my life…. Episode 4

Hi guys. Sorry..sorry…sorry for being late. But what to do I had xams but still I continued writing as all will be waiting but last xam was somewhat tough so I didn’t write next part soon… N thank u one and all whoever commented for my last episode… Really m so glad that all u people are liking my ff. But silent readers plz do comment. N as all are enthusiastic in knowing abt the pairs I have revealed it in last episodes as swara will pair up with sanky n it’s obvious that raglak are pairs….all negative n positive comments are accepted.
So stopping my bak bak I’ll go to the story…..

The episode begins with ragini coming to karan’s house…..
Rag: hloooo koi hai ghar mein,main again….
Karans mom: ha ragini…m glad that at least now u came what hppnd any imp work u have yesterday. U didn’t come to home also..
(Guys ragran are cousins n they stay in one house only)
Rag: arey bua it’s nothing like that u know what my frnds are so masti type but I have to say I enjoyed a lot yesterday. Yesterday I was really tired so I didn’t have a idea of coming home….
Bua: arey ragini I think u don’t have ur brkfst right so come have it. N koi bahana nahi chahiye…
Rags was staring her…..
Bua: kya hua y r u staring at me…..
Rag(with moist eyes): bua ma Papa Jane ke bad ap hi mere sab kuch ho. U don’t make me feel that I’m n orphan…
Bua: if u again say that u r an orphan I’ll definitely beat u this time….don’t dare to even utter that word…u r not an orphan if ur mom is not there n what…m there na u r my child…relations are made by heart not by blood….
Rag immediately hugs her…..
Rag: thank u bua if u are not there n I can’t imagine my life also….
Bua wiping her tears: arey pagli u cried n made me cry now stop this rona dona n come have brkfast…
Rags wipe her tears…: acha bua where is karan….
Bua: he is in his room…….
Rag: then I’ll go to him. I know he didn’t have his brkfst without me…
She goes from there….
Bua while seeing her going reminisces some flashback….

Two persons are lying in a pool of blood (accident) of them one is a man n other one is a woman
Woman: radhu promise me that u will make her meet her real parents…..
Radhu: ha di I’ll definitely….. I promise that I’ll definitely make her meet her parents…
Man: behna we know that we did a big mistake but promise me that u will crct it….n one more thing promise me that u will always keep her happy n make her ur dil.
Radhu: ha jiju I’ll give all the love u used to shower on her….
Woman: now we have no worries abt her n we leave this world peacefully….
Radhu:di, jiju….. Nahi math jao plz….for ur daughter sake…

****** flashback ends******* she come into her senses when she hears ragini shouting karan…..
Bua: di I made u promise that I’ll give all love that u gave her n one more promise is left that I’ll make her my dil….
(Guys confused right let me explain actually bua is radhu urf radhika, she is sister of ragini’s father n y she will call him jiju instead of Bhai I’ll reveal it later.)

Rags comes to karans room.
Karan was sleeping.
Rag: arey he is still sleeping.she then thinks something n goes put of the room.
She goes to kitchen.
Bua was in the kitchen.
Bua: ragu is he there in the room
Rag: ha bua he is there but sleeping.
Bua: so u can have ur brkfst. He will eat later.
Rag: no bua we will eat together. U wait he will come now be ready with the brkfst. Acha OK I got them now see karan sen how will u I get u out of ur dreamworld..smirks…..
Bua: what r u going to do….(confused)
Rag: bua nothing much just be ready to feed both of us…
Bua: OK…she smiles n goes from there.
Rag then goes to karans room….she smirks n put icecubes in his shirt…..
Karan: aaaaaa……he shouts becoz of extreme cold inside his shirt touching his skin n making him shiver…….
He then do dance while still on the bed only (guys actually he is trying to remove the cubes which look like he is doing dance)
Rags laugh seeing him….
Karan now gets up from his bed n still continuing dance..
Rag(while laughing): karan ….wha..(still laughing) what r u doing is it a dance…OK which dance bharathanatyam or kuchipudi or kathakali(still laughing holding her stomach)
Kar: rag what have u done what did u keep inside my shirt it’s so cold yar…
Rag: frst make urself comfortable do u want more….saying this while still laughing she again puts more cubes…..
Listening to his screams bua comes there n sees the whole scene n she couldn’t control herself so she joined rags……
Kar: mom u also..see what she had done….
After so much effort he removes all the icecubes…….
Rag: ohooo ab main gayi….
Saying this she runs from there….
Kar: rag ab rukh I won’t leave u wait there.
Rag: if u say so will I stay here if u can then catch me…saying this she tries to escape from him….
After sometime he holds her wrist n pulls her hands…
Kar: now tell me sry…
Rag: no I won’t do what u want….
Kar twists her hand more while she screams in pain…..
Suddenly she feels his grip becoming loose she wonders what happens to him she then turns n laughs out loudly…..
She burst out of laughing seeing the whole scene… Karan was fully covered with flour…
Karan turns to see his mother had thrown flour on his head..
Kar: mom what’s dis…
Rag: bua see him looking like a joker(laughing)
Bua(she also laughs seeing him): yes ragu if anyone hurts u then they have to bear my punishment..
Kar: mom u will always take her side…huh…..
He goes from there stamping his foot angrily(fake anger) he was smiling from inside thinking abt his avtar…but he didn’t show it off…
Rag: arey wait….
Karan turns to her side: now what…
Soon rags takes a pic of him in that avtar: this avtar suits u ia have to preserve this memory na…
Karan goes to his room….
Bua n rag control their laugh..
Bua: now sit n eat it he will join u…..
Rag:ok bua..

Screen shifts to lucky
Lucky is walking in a grapes field n sees someone coming towards him..
She is twirling around herself..she wore white chudidhar…she wore matching earrings….she is smiling…..
Her face is not shown due to trees only part of her face is seen..
Lucky: arey yar she is so.beautiful but y can’t I see her face…he tries to see her face…Frst her neck is shown.
Lucky: her neck is so beautiful…
He then again tries further.Now her earrings are seen
Lucky: her earrings while making swinging making my heart to swing…
He further tries…
Now her lips are shown..
Lucky: her rosey lips making me crazy
When he tries to see her whole face.. She turns towards other side n goes from there….
He then searches for her….. After sometime he sees her playing with children…. He smiles n when he goes near her n pat’s her back…
She was turning towards him he was eagerly waiting to see her face….
Suddenly he listened his name….n he got out of the dream…(yes it was Lucky’s dream lol. I know it was too filmy but plz bear this one too)
Voice: lucky…..
Lucky: Bhai y did u disturbed me..bcoz of u I once again fails to see her face.(pouts)
Sanky: arey who is she daily comes to ur dreams n disturbing ur sleep..
Lucky: I don’t know Bhai but she is so beautiful kash it’s all real n she exists n meet me…
Sanky: if she really exists she will definitely meet u…now get ready don’t u remember u have ur results today…
Lucky: ha bhai I totally forgot abt that..acha OK I’ll go.get ready…..
Lucky comes out of the washroom n sees himself in mirror..
Lucky: lucky kya lav raha hai re thu. U r just amazing any girl will fall for u muaaa……kash she exists n fall for u…

Screen ends on thinking face of laksh…
Precap: same as before….

Guys I think u all liked it plz say ur opinion through ur comments…

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