You are my soul and life (episode 3)


hi guys i know i’m so late in updating the plot,sorry for that but i’ll make sure that i’ll update once in a couple of days.

RECAP:Koushik and kriti’s late for class with beaten marks and sathwik slapped koushik

here the plot starts….

all are shocked with sathwik’s reaction towards koushik.
sathwik:sorry koushik i really don’t want to beat you,i was just an accident..
koushik:i know that you didn’t do intentionally,but the thing is you raised your hand against a girl,and how could you raise your hand against a girl sir?Please say her sorry sir.
sathwik: i can say sorry to you because i hurted you but why should i say sorry to her?for your knowledge she should say sorry for insulting me koushik and you are asking me to say sorry.that’s not at all possible

saying this sathwik left the place without taking assignment sheets which are felt on floor.One of the faculty who is observing all this things came and said”look miss.kriti,you are right at your opinion but you should know before talking about someone else.don’t think i’m supporting his deeds but actually he is the topper of his branch and he is also behaved guy in this campus,he gave the assignment because he has many works to do and also one thing he never give his assignments to others he gave his friend’s assignment to pooja because he is in coma from one and half month,so for him koushik is writing all his friend’s assignments,and without knowing anything you are simply scolding him.”

kriti:sorry sir but i couldn’t control my anger as he is behaving very rudely with my friend.he can give us to write assignments but should give it with politeness not with rudeness sir.sorry sir if i hurted you with my words.
sir:Say soory to sathwik not to me,saying this he left from that place.
pooja took all the papers which were felt on floor and went with kriti.

in hostel:
karthik asked koushik is he missing his mom. koushik noded his head and said “i never knew that i too love my mom so much,whatever people say is correct distances make us realiase our true feelings about some one.When i’m at home i always used to afraid for my mom annd always used to run away from her,but now i want to sleep in her lap and i want to be her’
karthik smiled and said he is going to sleep,koushik didn’t expect this from karthik,so left from there and slept.

in morning:

karthik: koushik are you ready , come fastly to breakfast,saying this karthik left from there.
koushik felt something wrong with karthik because he never left to breakfast without koushik.
koushik went to hostel mess and shocked to see his mom lakshmi there,he ran towards her and touche her feet.
lakshmi: you missed me a lot na,but from today onwards you will never miss me,because you are coming with us to home.
koushik:then what about my college mom?
Lakshmi smiled and said “your father got transfered to her itself”
koushik felt happy and said mom its getting late in need to go i’ll shift to home at evening
lakshmi asked his room keys,he gave and left to college with karthik.

in college:

kriti and pooja were waiting for koushik and karthik.
kriti saw koushik and said”hey why were you late,you know mona ma’am divided our sections”
karthik curiously asked which is my section?
pooja said we both got one section that is A2 and koushik and kriti are in A1 section.
koushik: okay then we will meet both of you at canteen
saying that he holded kriti’s hand and left to their section.
pooja and karthik occupied their places in A2 section.
after sitting pooja started writing something,seeing that karthik said”ho!genious what are you writing ha?Not at all a single class hasbeen started you writing like as there is deadline for submition”
pooja replied that she is writing sathwik’s assignment.

in A1 section:

kriti: have you gone mad, why did you hold my hand and grabbed me here,if you were in so hurry then you should have come early,and listen again don’t even try to touch my hand without my permissiom

koushik:i’m soory but i’m so happy today so i’m not in control to stop that hapiness
kriti: happiness???
What made you so happy koushik?
koushik:I’m going to my home today evening , and daily i will be coming from home only.
kriti:ho, that’s a great news.where are you shifting?
koushik:donno where but i’ll say tommorow to you

precap:swapna entry……and a small between kriti and koushik.

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