The soul of my life…. Episode 3


Hi guys m back. Hope u all are happy with my ff. And I’ll reveal the pairs in this story for which u r waiting for….
But plz guys do comment they meant a lot me.

Here is the episode….
The episode begins with lucky coming to railway station….
Lucky: arey yar when will she come yar….
Rajeev: lucky be calm she will come….
Lucky: there she is.
Lucky goes near her she was facing the other side.
Lucky: dadi…..
She turns towards him.
Dadi: haa laksh beta how r u n when did u came.
Lucky: offoo dadi just calm down m fine n all are waiting for der Na kare shall we go…
(Lucky’s dadi is somewhat modern type she is very good infact all people like her but if she gets angry on any person she will not forgive so easily because she rarely gets angry, n if she likes any one she likes them like hell)
They reach mm….

Screen shifts to sanky
Sanky: ha varma I think all meetings are completed so I have to leave…
Varma: sir..
Sanky: ha varma tell me…do u want anything.
Varma: ha sir I want some money u can cut from my salary.
Sanky: but y varma.
Var: sir today my sister is coming….so….
Sanky: ohhh very well then ur sister means my sister then when will u introduce me to her…don’t worry I’ll give u the money n no need of cutting it from the salary. Think that it is a gift from a brother to a sister for her happiness.
Varma (happily): thank u sir but…plz cut it from the salary I don’t want to trouble you n I feel bad for taking money also even if u give whole heartedly.
Sanky: arey varma I said she is my sister too.(bossy tone): no more arguments do what I say..
Varma: yes sir…
Then sanky sees his watch
Sanky: ohh freek it’s already 6 I promised to take them to dinner.I should go now.
Sanky leaves to mm
As soon as he enters the mm he sees no one is there in the mansion.
Sanky: badima,badepapa,varsha,bhayya,bhabhi ap sab kaha ho…
But to his surprise there is no reply….
Suddenly someone from behind hits him with a stick…
Sanky: ouchhh…he turns to the side n finds dadi standing in front of him.
Sanky(happy): dadi aap yaha..kab aye ho…
Dadi: agar tumhare kaam se tumhe fursath miltge tho than Na hame yaad karoge.
Sanky: no dadi it’s never not possible that ur dreamboy forget u…naa..naaa.never in dreams.
Dadi: but today my dreamboy didn’t even know that I’m coming.what to do.I think some one took my place.
Sanky: dadi what r u talking no one will take ur place in my heart…listen to heart it will always says ur name see….
Dadi: owwww mera bacha no one can’t win over u.
Sanky: k tell where r others…
Dadi: they went for temple.
Sanky: now at this time.
Dadi: don’t you remember today….
Sanky: what is the spcl…..ohh ha today is Friday OK I got it…
Dadi: k come let’s go.
Danky: ha let’s go….
Soon they reaches temple…
Sanky generally don’t believe in God.
He gets down the car n stands there.
Dadi: sanky still h don’t believe in God.
Sanky: no ma this is all trash I don’t believe in God it’s us who make our surroundings according to our will.he simply sit there n plz u carry on.
Dadi: don’t worry for people like u to believe him he will send someone who will make u believe in God.
Sanky: no never.
Dadi: k let’s see.(to God): hey bhagavan plz send the one meant for him soon n who will make him believe in you.
Sanky smiles seeing her.
She goes into the temple.
Suddenly he sees some girl leaving diya in the lake.he didn’t see her face first.screen shows her eyes later her lips later her earrings.sanky is desperate to see her….later it shows the face of the girl she is none other than our swara.
Sanky was mesmerized to see her…she was talking to her frnds n laughing.
Sanky stares her like that only….

Voice: isn’t she beautiful Bhai.
Sanky:ha(after he realises what he said): what who…
Lucky: Bhai I know she is beautiful so there is nothing wrong in staring at shall we talk to her…
Sanky: are u gone mad lucky I didn’t stare anyone.
Lucky: bhai y r u covering. U r a boy n she is a girl n there is nothing wrong in staring at her as if u don’t do this in this age then when will u do.
Sanky: lucky I’ll kill u if u again utter a word chupchap chal all are waiting for us.
Lucky(in mind): Bhai I know u have no interest in girls u always give ur time to family but I promise Bhai that I’ll bring the girl who make u enjoy ur life…it’s my promise..n if lucky makes a promise then he will definitely complete his promise. He goes from there.
Later all goes to a restaurant..
Sanky calls the waiter.
A girl comes
Sanky was shocked to see her….
Girl: yes sir….
Sanky: you……
She looks at him n asks him the same question.

Lucky: hey shona what u r doing here.
Ap: lucky who is she…
Lucky: mom I met her in the morning.I said na a girl helped the dog.
Dadi: oh yaa I remember so u r the girl…
Swa: yes mam…
Lucky: what r u doing here n do u know my Bhai.
Swa: actually it’s a long story.but I have no time as im working here.your Bhai will tell u OK.
Lucky saw that sanky was still staring at her.
A thought come to him..
Swara goes from there…
Lucky calls his name but no response.lucky understand that he likes swara.
Lucky(slowly only audible to sanky): Bhai if u want I can make her my bhabhi.
Sanky: arey chup kar lucky jm just thinking that she is at Temple then how come she came her this fast.
Lucky: oh so is this the girl u r staring in Temple.
Waise she is so nice also still I didn’t get the answer do I make her my bhabhi.
Sanky gives him I’ll kill u look.
Sanky: now eat oresle food get cold…

Lucky sees swara n thinks…
So she is the one… She is the right person for my bhai. So mission Bhai banavo shuru…
He smiles

Screen freezes on smiling face of lucky.

Precap: ragini comes swaras house….

Guys I hope u like it.bit plz do comment becoz if u don’t comment I’ll think that u didn’t like this ff. Then I’ll stop writing this ff. So plz do comment guys…

Credit to: Maha

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