You are my soul and life (episode 2)


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Recap: Kriti and koushik meeting

After one week ::: morning:
Karthik and pooja came to class and waiting for koushik and kriti respectively. Today they both were seated in different places. Kriti entered class with a scratch on her head and after her koushik also entered class with beaten marks on face. Both pooja and karthik enquired about the koushik and kriti’s scratches on head and beaten marks on koushik face.
A flash back is shown:
While kriti is at back side of college campus some people surrounded and trying to kidnap here but somehow she escaped and entered campus then collided with koushik
Koushik: what happened kriti why are you so hurry, what happened to you ,where is your scooty
Kriti told everything happened with her and started frightening by looking at his back , koushik turned and saw some people with a spray and knife. One of that guys came with knife and threatened koushik to send her with them but koushik started fighting and all beat him once ,suddenly police came over there and took the guys and one police officer wished kriti to be brave like this and went from there.
Flash back ends

Pooja. :Who the hell want you to be kidnapped kriti?
Kriti:. I too don’t know.I should inform my dad about this or else he will be also fell in danger.
Kriti is about to call his father but pooja stopped her took her aside and said
Pooja:. No kriti don’t say now or else he’ll be tensed. You know na if he gets stress or tension what will happen to him.
Listening pooja’s words kriti kept her mobile inside the bag. All this were observed by karthik but he behaved as he don’t know anything. Then Mona( class incharge) came to class and said “as your class strength was increased., you are going to be divided into three sections and after section division your classes will be started, classes will divide tomorrow so you can leave now”
Saying that she left class
Pooja and kriti went to canteen to have something as kriti is weak. Pooja and kriti ordered and sat at fourth table, where beside that their seniors sat.
There are about five members ,one of them called pooja and asked all formal questions,and asked is she free now
Pooja : yes sir but I need to go home
Sathwik( senior):. Ok fine you can go home but you should follow my order
Pooja: What sir?
Sathwik:. Nothing just write my assignment and give to me tomorrow morning. And ya this is my style of ragging if you won’t do this I’ll handover you to another batch. That batch is so rude and worse and they won’t leave you till you leave this world.
Listening to him pooja frightened and took that assignment and left out of canteen. All this was
Observed by karthik and koushik, kriti didn’t understood what happened to pooja and went to her and asked the reason for coming out , pooja didn’t reply ,koushik came there and told all that happened with pooja.
Kriti got anger and took that assignment from pooja’s hand and went towards sathwik seriously and said
Kriti:. What do you think about you, you can’t even write your assignment and then why are you here??
All the students and staff in canteen looked her surprisingly
Sathwik:. Why are you shouting like that I didn’t gave that assignment to you and listen its none of your business to interefere in my way.Who the hell are to shout at me like this?
Kriti:. I am her friend and listen to me I wouldn’t shouted at you , If you give it without warning. Who gave the right to warn a person like that. And look I am not coward like you to give that type of warnings ,if you really have intention to study then you will not give your assignment like that.
Sathwik got so angry because he is college topper the before year. He didn’t listen this type of words in his life. He got so much frustrated and anger that he couldn’t control himself and lifted his hand to slap her ,meanwhile koushik came between and that slap went on koushik right cheek.
All the people were shocked.

Friends pls tell me how is this? Is this plot is going good?

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