The soul of my life…. Episode 2

Hi guys m back again. I know the two episodes which I wrote before are not at all interesting. But I have to some how make them meet so plz bare my nonsense. N cutiie I think u t restless to know abt the pairs. I thought to keep it as a secret bcoz if I tell u the pairs then there will no such big excitement to know who pair up with whom. N yeah I’ll reveal it when time comes… But I promise u guys that I won’t take so much of time to reveal it. SO till then stay tuned to this ff. But sry a for disappointing u.

So by ending my bak bak I’ll come to the story u r waiting for.

Recap: raglak meeting.

The episode starts with sanskar in his room.
Sanky: ha Mr varma I’ll be there within half an hour make the meetings get that I’ll get time to spend with my family…
Mr varma: yes sir.

Sanky comes down n see that everyone is waiting for him for bf.
Sanky: (keeping his hands on his ears): sry for being late.
Pari: devar ji don’t worry. We know u don’t want to make us wait.
Ap: now come orelse u will get late.
Varsha(adarsh n pari’s daughter): don’t worry chachu come sit here.
Sanky (smiles seeing her): arey I thought u all will be angry at me. So for convincing u I have to take u to the dinner tonight. But no prblm as all have got convinced….
Var: who said we r convinced. We r still angry on u. U r always late…huh. I won’t talk to u go.
Sanky:arey just now u said that u not angry on him.
Var: that time I forgave him because he has offc so if he go on convincing us he will be late.So… I did that.I thought to give him Lectures in evening.
Meera: but what hppnd now won’t he get late..
Var: but he is thinking that we have forgave him so I told him truth.(turning towards sanky): n chachu u have to anyhow convince us.
All smiles seeing her efforts to go to dinner.
Sanky: (acts like he is sad): now how I’ll convince them.
Var: just now u said that u will take us to dinner.
Sanky: is that so. OK varsha I’ll take but…
Var: buy what chachu.
Sanky: but I need a gift in return from u…
Var: oh OK I’ll give. Saying this she goes towards him n kiss him on his cheeks.

Sanky: OK i got my gift. Be ready by 7 OK.
All smiles seeing their bond n their happiness (sanky)

Screen shifts to ragini.
Rag sees karan flirting with some one.

Karan: arey what’s ur name.
Girl: sir sa…kushi..
Karan: oh so u r happiness… U know I always wanted to have happiness with will u be with me happiness as my frnd..
Suddenly someone taps him from behind…
Karan: hey whoever it might me plz don’t disturb.(to kushi): so say happiness will u be my frnd..again someone taps him but now somewhat harder…
Karan turns to scold that person.
Kar:who the hell r …..he then gets shocked to see ragini standing there with a stick in her hand.
As soon as he turn she immediately start beating him…
Kar: ragu plz sry yar sry.plz chod do na I will die if u beat me like this… Plz leave me…
Rag: how many times I told u not to flirt with girls but u won’t backoff Na…if I see u again flirting with girls I’ll surely beat u till death.
Karan: acha OK meri maa I wont. Ab tho baksh do.
Rag being tired stop beating him.she is breathing heavily as she is beating him while he was trying to escape while running.
Whole clg sees this n smiles.(all think that they are in relationship)
Karan: acha now relax say y r u late.
Rag: ha i met a man. He us such a dramebazz u know without any reason he started acting…
Kar: who??
Rag: I don’t know his name. Just leave all that now tell me where is our position.
Kar: ha I forgot abt that. We r third.
Rag: I said na we will win now don’t worry we will be in frst position during next competition.
Kar: I for that we have to be ready.
Rag: yeah. Now I’ll teach that sheethal a lesson.
Kar: arey ragu don’t worry WE will teach her a lesson….now come let’s go to canteen m so hungry.
Rag: so u r not hungry when u r flirting with her.
Kar: arey m not flirting with her m just asking her name.
Rag: (acting)ohh is that so then what is her name.
Kar: happiness..
Rag: what???
Kar: I mean kushi…kushi….
Kar: but ragu pls don’t beat me like this I’ll die surely if u again beat me like this.
Rag: next time I just don’t beat u but I’ll kill u to death. Arey try for one girl who will reach ur heart n who will keep u happy n who will become the reason of ur living instead of flirting with other girls they r not at all suitable for u…u r a gem u should get a gem.
Kar: acha ragu u r giving me this much Lectures Na tell me do u have anyone in ur heart.
Rag: arey it’s not so easy to win my heart.ha I think he is waiting for me somewhere when time comes I’ll meet him.
Kar: so whoever he might be but he has to work hard to win ur heart…
Rag: ha woh tho hai. Acha now come we will be late…
Kar: k chal…
They lead to their class…

Screen shifts to laksh..
Laksh: arey Bhai I know that anyhow mom informed I’ll be there by 7 PM OK…
Sanky: ha but u always make excuses.I won’t spare u today if u won’t come…
Lucky: I’ll Bhai…
Lucky: haa Bhai I’ll talk to u later I have to pick someone. Bye.
Sanky: bye take care…

Here lucky n rajeev are driving a bike…suddenly he sees a dog got stuck in the heavy traffic….he stops his bike n get down to save the dog…while he was going he dashes with a person n she was going to fall but in the Nick of the time lucky holds her.
Lucky holds her by her waist..
The opens her eyes. She then sees lucky.they share an eyelock…but soon both composes themselves..
Later they both notice that dog n saves it.
Lucky sees her caring the dog.
Girl: m sry I didn’t see u I just came to help this dog…
Lucky: lucky call me lucky me too came to save this puppy.
Girl: m swara…swara Bose…(yes she is swara ,I think u guys thought her as ragini right lol)
Lucky : it’s pleasure to meet u…
Swara: so lucky do u want to have a coffee with me…
Lucky: sure but before that I want some favour from u….
Swa: no….
Lucky (shocked): but y???
Swa: before that I want something from u..
Lucky:(confused): from me..what do u need…don’t say that u want to propose me..
Swa: ohh hello don’t u think u r thinking too much.I just want to ask u that (forwarding her hand): will u be my frnd. As I don’t want any stranger to come for a coffee with me.
Lucky: (smiling n acting): sure why not. So… Frnds..(forwards his hand n shake hands with her)
Swa: now come let’s go to coffee shop.
They go there.

At coffee shop
Swa: ha lucky tell me u said u want something to ask..
Lucky: ha shona…can I call u shona..
Swa: ha lucky by the way my Nick name is also shona only..
Lucky: hey hey what a coincidence… Actually I want a bouquet I saw many times near the flower shop…
Swa: so u saw me before…. But why to ask u can buy a bouquet right don’t say that u don’t have money..
Lucky: arey let me complete now give me bouquet later I want u to decorate a place for someone…
Swa(teasing): oh girlfrnd…
Lucky:’s not for a girlfrnd it’s for someone spcl.
Swa: ohh but what’s the occasion…
Lucky: birthday…
Swa: ok I will
Lucky then remembers something..: oh noo
Swa: why happened.
Lucky: with ur talks I forgot that I have to pick someone n I left my frnd on the road itself…plz can u give me a bouquet right now..
Swa: OK flower shop is nearby come ..
Later she gives him a bouquet n he drives off to meet that person…

Episode ends….
Precap: new entry..

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