The soul of my life…. Episode 16″ I can’t live without u”


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Recap: rags jealousy, San confession.

**** ngt******
RaI:baby u said we will leave her n enjoy ourselves. But she didn’t leave us.
Lak: raina plz leave all that lets go n m asleep.
He sees ragu sleeping. Vaise she is sleeping. Now don’t talk nonsense.

Rai: k bye baby how did she go inside. Shall I wake her up.
Lak: no….no… U go I’ll do something.
Rai: gd ngt baby. B
Lak: (fake smile):gd ngt.
Raina goes from there….
Lucky sees his lady love sleeping, a smile appears on his face.he stares at her..

Song plays in bg
Kabhi Jo baadal barse….
Main dekhu tujhe aankhen bharke….
Tu lage mujhe pehli barish ki duaaa

Tere pahloo mein rehloon
Mein khud ko pagal kah loo
Tu gam de ya khushiya seh loo
Mein saathiya….

Song ends…

He then picks her up in bridal attire….takes her inside.
Meera n reena are seen sleeping. Laksh knocks the door. But no one opens the door…
After so much of effort reena opens the door.
Reena still sleepy :who is this…. She sees ragini n is shocked
Reena: ragu what happnd. Laksh what hppnd to her.
Lak: arey reena just relax. She is just sleeping.
Ree: offf but y did u bring her u could wake her up. Ragu….she tries to wake her up
Lak: no no let her sleep I’ll keep her on bed.
Ree: yes why not.
Lak stands there…. N sees reena
Ree: y r u not moving.
Lak: if u give me the way then I can go.
Ree: ohhh sry
She moves laksh walks inside n keeps ragini on bed.
Reena went to sleep.
When laksh tries to stand but ragini takes his hand n keeps it as a pillow.
Laksh smiles seeing her.
Lak: ragu why u became my life. U know now I can’t even imagine without u. I love u… He slowly takes his hand n gives a peck on her forehead. I love you forever….she smiles in her sleep.he leaves for his room.

Scene shifts to swasan….
Swara was shocked to listen sankys confession.
Sanky still not in his senses….
San: u r mine swara did u get that. I can’t loose u. Don’t leave me. Once munni also left me. She promised she never leave me but she left. This is all because of him. That bloddy oldman. Because of him my munni left me. Now u plz don’t leave me. I can’t live plz.I don’t know y but u have to stay by my side. I won’t let u leave me…plz don’t leave me. He cries hugging her.
Swara was still standing numb. Soon she gains her senses n sees him drunk.
Swa: sanskar calm down…
San: frst promise me that u wont leave me like munni does.
Swa: acha baba promise I won’t leave u. Come we will go to hotel.

Swara made him sitsit in the car n droves off to hotel…
She takes him to his room…..she takes out his shoes n coat n makes him sleep on the bed.she goes to couch n sleeps there.she thinks to sleep there but she don’t know that after what all happnd she didn’t get sleep.
Swa(in mind): who is this munni. N she left him. But y… Who is he talking abt… Becoz of an oldman she is not with him. But who is he…wait wait is the one whom we took to hospital this mrng…. Suddenly she remember his confession. “I can’t leave without u. Don’t leave me plz” this words are echoing in her ears…. He meant this really or its all effect of this alcohol… It’s better if I maintain some distance from him… Yeah yehi sahi hoga.
Soon she too doses off…..

Sunrays fall on our sleeping beauty ragini
she wakes up n sees her in the room
Rag: how did I come here… Reena wake up..
Reena: what happnd ragu…
Rag: how did I come here n when. Mein tho lucky ke sath gaadi mein thi na….
Ree: ha lucky brought u here by lifting u in his arms…
Rag: kya…
Ree: haa now let me sleep….
Rag(to her self slowly): lucky brought me here… She slowly smiles thinking abt that….

Scene shift to lucky..
Lak: lucky today u have to do it. Yes u have to…. U can lucky… What if she reject me… No no she will accept. I know she also feels for me orelse she doesn’t feel jealous seeing me with that chipkali… Ohh God that chipkali y she is after me now… Lucky leave all that just focus on ur work…
He goes to rags room….
Lucky sees the door is open n goes inside….at the same time rags come out of the washroom wrapping towel…
Rag sees him n shouts…. ahhhhhhhhhh
Lucky comes to her n closes her mouth…
Lak: kyun chilla rahi ho sab uth jaenge.
Rag:(slowly): what r u doing here…
Lak: haa actually I came here to ask u something.
Rag: get out….
Lak: frst listen to me…
Rag: i said get out…
Lak: ragu plz listen to me once….(he goes towards her)
Rag: lucky plz go n let me change….
Lak: he then realises that ragini has only towel on her. He suddenly closes his eyes n turns
Lak: sry sry.. But after changing come down…
Plz I want to ask something.
He leaves…..
Rag: paagal…but cute wala pagal…hloo hlooo mein yeh kya kah rahi hu… Cute kabse bangaya vo…. Ragu… Kuch toh hua hai tujhe… She changes her dress n goes to lucky
Rag: tell me what u want to ask…
Lak: vo….vo….
Rag: what vo..vo.. Tell me clearly orelse I’ll go. She starts to go….
Laksh: plz wait ragu. Can u come to backside of the house in the evng.
Rag: y….
Lak: haa m thinking to propose my gf.I need ur help. Can u help me.
Rag: (angrily): why should u help u.(in mind): us chipkali ko propose karne ke liye mujhse help maang raha hai. But y m I bothering)
Lak: ohhh sry
Rag: sry kis bath ki
Lak: I’m a duffer. I shouldn’t have asked u
Rag: y that so…
Lak: yeh tumhari bas ki bath nahi hai. How can u ever help me that too abt love..
Rag: oyy I can do better..
Lak: no no even u can do better I dont want….sry.He starts going from there..
Rag pulls him backwards…
Rag: what do u mean…
Lak: becoz I want the one who will do best.Not just better..
Rags fumes listening to this.
Rag: I’ll help u had asked me already…
Lak:(smiles): OK… As ur wish… But don’t make it worse. It should be perfect… I want the best arrangements for my baby….
Rags was fuming hearing all this….
Laksh leaves smiling seeing her jealousy.
Lak: now see miss ragini I’ll propose u today…

Scene shifts to Kolkata….
Dp: Ap what do u think of sanaya….
Ap: ji….
Dp: vohi… The girl we have seen for our sanskar…
Ap: ji ek bath kahu
Dp: kaho ap
Ap: ji it’s better if we leave this matter to sanskar. It’s his life…
Dp: yaa i know. M just asking abt ur opinion.
Ap: Jo bhi sanskar ka phaisla hai vahi mera phaisla hai.

Scene shifts to sen family
Bua: haa did u get the address…(in phn)
OS: sry mam.. We r trying… But couldn’t get. We got information that they left India 19 ys…before.
Bua: get the information quickly as soon as possible.
OS: yes mam….
Bua: I’ll get u wherever u r….

Scene shifts to swasan
Swa wake up n freshen up.
Sanky wakes up n hold his head
San: ahhh y my head is paining…
San then sees to the side of his a glass of lemon juice n letter is kept.he take stated”drink this u will feel better”
He wonders who have kept it…
He then drinks the juice n feels better. Just then swara comes out of washroom
San: swara why m I sleeping on bed. N when we return to hotel…
Swa: without seeing him. U have drunk yesterday. So u dont remember anything i think. Get ready.we r going back
San: drunk. I hate alcohol. How can I….
Swa: you hate alcohol(confused) then y did u drink.
San: I didn’t drink. I just took cool drink. It means someone mix alcohol in my drink…
Swa: why will anyone mix alcohol.. I think u have mistook alcohol to drink. No prblm just leave abt it. Still avoiding eye contact.
San was trying to recollect what happnd. Swara was again avoiding him.
San: swara….
Swa: haa sanskar…
San: is everything alright…
Swa: yup what hppnd
San: no… Just I felt something weird in ur behavior..
swa: ntng like that sanskar. Just get ready we have to leave…
San: OK… He goes n freshens up…..

Swasan leaves for Kolkata….

Scene shifts to raglak..
Today is haldi of murali(lakshs friend)
Rags was descending stairs wearing anarkali….meera was wearing gagra….
Both lakkar are mesmerized to see their loves….
Rag: why he is staring at me.. Meeru m I looking that bad…
Mee: y di…why r u asking that…u r looking like an angel… But is my dress OK….
Rag: ntng ragu ur Bhai is staring like that so I thought m looking bad. Vaise u look stunning. Ur majnu tho phida hai tumpe
Mee: majnu….(confused)
Rag: haa she shows karan staring her…
Mee: di….(blushes) kuch bhi bolthi ho. There is ntng like that…
Rag: mujhe sab patha hai… He loves u. He when lucky introduces u to karan he introduced u as his darling. That time karan fumed… I saw that…not only that I can see love for him in ur eyes…
Mee: (blushes) yes di u r right. I love him. But plz don’t tell him. I want to listen from his mouth.
Rag:she sees lucky going somewhere. She remember lucky asking her to help…
Rag: acha meera u stay here I have some work…
She goes from there…

She goes from there n goes to.lucky.
She sees all lights are off..
Rag: areyyyy lucky asked to help me but where is he.n why the lights are off here.. Andaru tho lights hai….
Suddenly a voice is coming from somewhere
Voice: when I saw u frst time I didn’t knew that u will become my life… Actually our frst meeting started with a fight…
Then a pic is shown on a projector… It’s of a boy giving his hand to a girl for friendship.
Voice: like the person in the pic I made friendship with u. But that time too u n I are fighting…rags was confused till now…
Next pic shows a boy n girl pic in which the boy holds her n prevents her from falling (guys they all shows only shadowed pics not clear ones)

Voice: this is the frst position when I saw u very close to me. My heart beat raised when u r in my embrace…
Then a pic showing a boy giving a heart is shown.
Voice: now this is the time to express my feelings to you… I have given u my it’s ur turn… Now the projector is off n a spot light falls on a person…
Rags sees him n get shocked… Yes u all guessed crct he is none other than our lucky…

Lak comes infront of her n kneels down.
Lak gives a heart shaped gift n says…
Lak: think this as my heart.. Will u accept my proposal n will u be my side….
Rags was shocked to listen to him….
Rag: sry lucky…..
Lak was shocked to listen that…
Lak(smile): u r joking right. U might be thinking m going to propose raina but proposed u. But this is true… It’s true love. I love you.
Rag: no lucky plz try to understand. I don’t love u..
Lak was really Super shocked now.
Lak: ragu don’t play jokes.. I know u love me. Y can’t u accept. Plz I can’t bear it..
Rag: listen laksh I’m saying truth only… I don’t love u..I think I have given u so lease. I have to maintain some distance from u…plz m sry…. She leaves from there leaving heart broken laksh….
Lak:(shout): y ragu….y.. I know u r lieing I know u love me. But why r u trying to make me believe that u don’t love me…plz don’t leave me. I can’t live without u….plz ragini….I love u…

Scene shifts to ragini
Rag goes to some room n closes the door. Meera sees ragini running to a room. She calls her but rag doesnt listen to her n goes. Meera suspects something wrong…
Rag: m sry lucky… U don’t know how I felt when u proposed me. I was on cloud nine. But…. We r not meant together… Even though I love u… Yes I love u.. I love u lucky…. U have to move on…u have to hate me.. I will make u hate me….. This is my promise….

Screen freezes on crying faces of raglak.
Guys I wrote what I thought. But plz do tell me whether you like it or not. Whether u find it bored… If yes also no prblm. But do tell me.

Guess….. Is munni sankys friend or gf or sis… Tell ur answer through comments.

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    Awesome part….

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  3. y ragini

    1. Maha6

      Sry Lisa I didn’t get u. Y ragini means…… Are u asking y ragini said no to laksh or is there something else u wanna know

  4. awesome part di and its not atall boring its really lovely and the way u portray is amazing sanskar confessing everything and swara maintain distance and raglak cute moments but atlast rags leave laksh heartbroken loved the part hope they meet early and about the gguessing i think munni is sanky friend or gf because ap and dp also saying about the proposal and thinking about sanky and the old man is connected somewhere i don’t think she is sanky sis may be best friend

    1. Maha6

      May be may not be radhu. U will get to know soon.

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    1. Maha6

      Tq Anu. I have one doubt r u the one who is writing swasan destined to be together.

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    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali for reading. N yeah call me maha OK. BTW abt the drink it’s just a bet between a girl n a boy to trap sanky. Swara was not included in this. I didnt mentioned that it was to be given for swara. N yeah you might be thinking who are they. Why they want to trap sanky. Then let me tell you just for sanky confession I add that but may be I’ll include them if necessary in my ff. N yeah abt raglak tq that u felt emotional. We writers need readers like u who will follow their ff whole heartedly. Tq once again.

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      Tq fairy. We writers want readers like u to support us. Tq for reading.

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      Tq kakali. I’m overwhelmed to read it comment. Yeah readers comments boost us. With this support we write all this episodes. If u people don’t support us we can’t even write one episode. So all this credit goes to readers.

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      Tq anjali for reading n commenting. Yeah u r crct there is a reason for raginis rejecting. U will get to know soon. But u have to wait anjali till tomorrow for my next update. Tq once again

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      Tq kakali. Ur comment is very pleasurable for me. N m very glad that u like my ff.

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