The soul of my life…. Episode 15 “you are mine”


Hi guys. M sry I didnt give update yesterday. I know u must have been waiting for my update. So sry. Plz forgive me.

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Recap: new entry, rags jealousy

Episode begins……..

Swasan reaches temple.swara walks towards temple but sanky stands there itself.
Swa: sanskar aren’t u coming inside.
Sanky: u go inside….
Swa: y….do u have any prblm with God.
San: u go swara I don’t believe in God.
Swa: but y…
San:swa if u want u can go. But I don’t believe him anymore.
Swa: isa kya kiya bhagwan ne tumhare sath.
Sanky remember something.
Screen shows blurred images of a boy running here n there..
Person: sanskar come n eat something. Orelse see I won’t talk to u
San: munni u can’t fool me. I won’t get in ur words.

He was disturbed by swara calling him.
Swa: sanskar where r u lost. She waves her hand.
San comes into his senses
San: haaa ntng.. U go I don’t want to come.
Swa: plz come na
San: hloo madam if u go on pleading me u will become late n we can’t go to it’s better u go inside.
Swara goes Inside.
Swa:bhagwan ji I know yash is there with u. Plz take care of him. Yash are u listening to me. Plz take care of urself. N don’t worry I’m fine. Whenever I see sanskar I remember u. But y u left me…… I hate u for this. She cries silently.
Swa: no I won’t cry. If u see me sad u cant bear it. So I won’t cry. She wipes her tears.

She comes outside.
San: ho gaya….
Swa: haa cone let’s go to hotel.
San: hloo madam we aren’t going to hotel….
Swa: then……
San: hlooo madam we still have Time. He shows watch. If we go back to room dadi,dadaji will come n we have to act as husband n wife. So better we will roam till evening.
Swa: OK but….
San: but????
Swa: we will roam till afternn.
San: y….
Swa: we have to get ready na…
San: y afternn we ccan roam till we want and go to hotel before one hour of the party n can get ready na.
Swa: hloo m not an robot to work continuously. We will get tired na. So we will roam till afternn.
San: OK… Shall we go…

Scene shifts to raglak…
Rags(angrily to herself): she is really a chipkali. She even not leaving him for a second… Whoever he goes she is following him like a hutch dog…
Meera was giggling seeing rags jealousy.
Laksh didn’t even know that rags was seeing them n fuming with jealousy. He is trying to free himself from that chipkali(he he I’m talking abt raina)
Lak: haaa.. Raina can u plz get me some waterwater m feeling thirsty.
Rai: yes baby anything for u….
Rags listen to them.
Lak sees this as a chance n escapes from them
Rag: baby(imitating raina in a funny way)…. N laksh how can he be with that chipkali….
Lak goes to his friends
Frnd: lucky Congrats yaar
Lak: why…
Other frnd: areyy see ur gf. She is ready to do anything for u.
Lak: areyy she is not my gf now. If u want u can try her. She is not leaving me Yar.
Frnd: don’t u love her.
Lak: it’s just an attraction. We broke up then itself. But I don’t know why she is after me now… Hope ragini won’t misunderstand me.
Of: ragini
Lak( with a smile): haa my love…
Frnd: ohhh this is the reason behind this chori chupi.
Raina: laksh baby… Where are u..
Lak: ohh yaar she is coming bye I’ll go.
Laksh was trying to escape.
Rags comes to him n gives him water
Lak: why r u giving me water.
Rag: only that chipkali can u give u water but not me right.
Lak: arey when did I say that. Ragu…wait wait wait what did she say chipkali… So she is feeling jealousy seeing me with raina. It means she feels something for me. Wow…ragu I love u so much…. Now see this jealousy will bring u close to me.
Lak:raina baby…..
Rai: ha baby….
Lak: I’m thinking that…as we met after such a long time so why don’t we go for a drive..
Rai: yes baby as u say.. When will we go
Lak notices ragini seeing them hiding.
Lak: why can’t we go today itself.
Rai: yeah… I will get ready n come.
Rag: areyy they r going that too alone. I can’t trust that chipkali.but why r u worrying. It is his wish he can go with anyone. Yeah ragini just leave them. Haa….
Lak: baby where r u…
Rai: coming baby….
While laksh was going out ragini comes in middle.
Lak: oyyyy why r u coming in middle.
Rag: I have to buy some stuff can u plz take me outside.
Rai: baby who is she.
Lak: haa baby she is one of my friend.
Rai: but y is he disturbing us. See(to ragini) hloo m I raina lakshs gf. Can u plz gonwith someone we want to spend some time alone. Plz go na
Rag: (angrily): noni will came with u only. She goes n sits inside the car.
Raina: what the hell. Baby plz tell her to go with other.
Lak: ragini plz go with someone. See I have got time now after a long time. Plz leave us alone.
Rag: no ill come with u only.
Lak: raina she want to buy something. We will leave her there n go. Come inside.

Scene shifts to swasan
They roam till afternn n return to hotel
Swa: m tired. I’ll sleep for sometime
San: me too….
They fall asleep.
After 3 hrs they woke up.
Swa wake up first n goes to washroom
Swa: sanskar plz wake up see we have to go.
Sanky: just for some more time. I’m still tired.
Swa: plz sanskar uthoo na
Sanky wakes up sees her. He was spell bound to see her. She is looking gorgeous…
Swa: sanskar….sanskar…..
San: haaa……comes into his senses
Swa: why r u always lost in something.
San: ntng.. Vaise u r looking gorgeous in this dress.
Swa: stop flirting n go get ready.
San: aahaa m not flirting. Really u r looking gorgeous.
He goes n gets ready…
They reach the party….
Mr.karma: hlooo Mr. Sanskar. Nice to meet you.nice to meet u miss bose.
San: me too Mr. Karma.
Mr.karma: happy to see u. Thanks for coming meet my uncle…
San: hlooo sir.
(Guys I’ll call him as k2)
K2: hlo young man. I always thought to meet. U r an inspiring person for all the youth. U have achieved so much in this age.
San: thank u Mr.karma. but it’s ntng infront of u. We have to learn something from u…
K2: no no no sanskar. I have got this after so much effort.
Mr.karma: miss Bose y can’t u enjoy the party…
Swa sees sanky sanky sighs her to enjoy.
While talking to k2 sanky notices that swara was talking with someone with so closeness.
Sanky can’t take it anymore.
Someone comes n calls k2
San sees swara close with someone.
Someone gives him cooldrink mixed with alcohol.
Girl: now see ill spend tonight with him. N as per bet u should hand over the project to me
Person: yes. Sure if u do…
Sanky was not in his senses…
Sanky was fuming seeing swara with someone else.
The girl comes to him n try to seduce him. But he is looking to swara n the guy.
Soon he goes towards them n drags swara from there.
Swa: sanskar what r u doing. Leave me.
San: y if I leave u, u will go to him…
Swa: what happnd to u sanskar y r u behaving like this…leave me.
Sanskar pins her to the car….
San: listen swara I can’t see u with someone else. U r mine. U r mine swara. Did u get it…
Swara was numb to listen this from sanskar…

Screen freezes on shocked face of swara…..
Precap: lucky confession, swara avoiding sanky.

Guys I have wrote this ff with great effort. Plz do comment orelse its of no use to do much hardwork. N who is this munni? Is there any relation between munni n the oldman? Why sanky don’t believe in God? Is there any reason or just like that?

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  1. Maha6

    Excuse me. I didn’t understand……

  2. Maha6

    Excuse me can u tell me who is this. Becoz I wrote it on myself. Sry if u find me rude. But I wrote the episode through my ideas. I think name might be same but the concept won’t be same. Once read it. U won’t find it same.

  3. Its getting difficult to find previous chapters
    Even if u Google it ..
    I tried to find last chapter but couldn’t

    1. Maha6

      Tq shravya for reading n commenting. N yeah mistakenly I typed last chappy as 13 episode so u might not find it in that. I’ll give the link for previous episodes.

  4. Superbbb episode dear….loved raglak!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed???

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy

  5. Anniya

    Awsm part…

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      Tq anniya

  6. Soujanya


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      Tq soujanya

  7. awesome part di rags jealously on top level and sanskar saying swara au rmine and don’t see her with anyone else and the answers may be minnu is sanskar childhood friend who had been died and he think god is responsible for this maybe munni is the oldman daughter or relative and the old is the only cause of munni not there and sanskar start hating god now only as u mention that ab nahi manta this is my try for questions di i don’t know what is going on in ur mind and di what happen that u comment like excuse me and who is it if u want loved it??

    1. Maha6

      Radhu don’t think abt that comment. Just ignore it. N yeah abt ur ans u have given a good try. Congrats. But m not telling whether they r crct or not. Ok.

  8. Fabulous dear..?. what a dhamaal confession … i just loved Sanskar’s possessiveness towards Swara.. keep it up..☺☺

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali. Keep supporting n commenting

  9. Mica

    luv it Maha, ty

  10. Superb episode and Loved Raglak scenes. Waiting for precap

    1. Maha6

      Tq Ammu. N yeah I’ll try to give next update soon. Sry if I made u wait for this episode.

  11. Amazing dear… what a dhamaal confession… i loved d possessiveness os Sanskar towards Swara.. keep it up… ??

    1. Maha6

      Tq kakali

  12. Amazing dear… what a dhamaal confession… i loved d possessiveness of Sanskar towards Swara.. ??

  13. sry by mistake my comment posted 3rd time… sorry☺☺..

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      No prblm kakali no need to say sry. Sometimes it happens

  14. Akshata

    awesome dear, update soon

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  15. Sreevijayan

    Aew..ragu is jealous ..lovng it

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