The soul of my life…. Episode 14 “rags jealousy”


Hi guys. M sry I couldn’t post yesterday. But today m posting. Sry for all whoever is waiting for my ff. N thank u for supporting me.

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The episode begins…

San: swara…..
Swa: yes sanskar…..
San: we have completed our work. I thought it will take 2more days….. As we have party tomorrow we will get bored till then why can’t we go somewhere….
Swa: yes I was thinking that only.. But where we will go…
San: I know a place shall we go there…..
Sankh gets a call
San: ha papa
Dp: had the work is done?
San: yes Papa it is completed. Ha papa…how is varsha…
Dp: yes she is nice…arey haa ur mom wants to talk with u.
San: ha ma
Ap: sanskar how r u. Dont take too much tension no prblm if work is not done…(she says in one go)
San: arey ma just relax n ha I came yesterday only what will happenhappen to me.aur jisko bhi apni ma ki aashirwad ho tho kya ho saktha hai use. M fine ma…sanskar once bring the girl who saved our varsha..
Sanky then sees swara…
San(seeing her): yes ma. I’ll bring…
Swara was seeing him n giving what hppnd look.
Sanskar sighs no while talking to ap
He cuts the call
San: swara u have impressed my mom even before seeing.
Swa: (confused): impressed…
San: ha she want to see u…
Swa(still confused): why did she want to see me
San: becoz u have a great work…. In fact u have saved ou life…
Swa: how….sanskar what r u saying I can’t understand what r u talking abt..
Sanky smiles seeing her confused face.
San: don’t get confused… U saved varsha na so she want to meet u.. Can u once come to my house.
Swa: but sry…. I don’t know ur family members…
San: no prblm they won’t trouble u….plz come to my house. He stops the car n holds her hand n pleads.
Swa was seeing his this side for the first time.
Swara: OK OK I’ll come.
San: tq tq so much….he hugs her this made her numb. Soon sanky departs from her n starts the car.
Swa: sanskar can I ask u a question.
San: yes swara anything
Swa: u love ur parents a lot right…
San: yes they r my everything. I can’t deny if they want anything…

An old person comes infront of sankys car… As he was talking with swara he didn’t see him so the oldman hits sankys car.
Soon sanky applies break n gets down to see the person.
Swa: hloo hlooo plz open ur eyes plz…sanskar can u bring water from the car. He is unconscious…
Sanky was standing numb…
Swa: shouts sanskar bring water…
San: swara come lets go…
Swa: but sanskar see him he is unconscious.
San: see ntng happnd to him he is still breathing. Come…
Swa: how could u say liie that sanskar…
San: swara no more talking r u coming or not.
Swa: what hppnd to u sanskar he was hit by our car n u are talking like this… Lets take him to hospital
San: no i wont. I dont know him. Why should i take him to hospital.
Swa: sanskar are i taking him to hospital or not.
San: no i wont….
Swa: tho majbooran mujhe tumhe jail bejna padega…
San:fists his handn angrily ok….
Soon with the help of sanskar swara admits the old man in hospital.

Rec: excuse sir fill this form..
San: how can I fill this form..I don’t know who is he.(rudely)
Swa: give me I’ll fill this form
Swara fills the form.
San: if u have completed can we leave…(rudely)
Swa was amused to see his behaviour.. She couldn’t understand why he is behaving like that.

San: are u coming r not….
Swa: yes yes….they leave the hospital…

Scene shifts to ooty…
Rag: meeru can I ask u a question.
Mee: yes di….
Rag(hesitatingly): how many girl friends do ur bhai had…
Mee(in mind): ohhh So she is falling for Bhai..good.
Rags shakes her
Rag: tell na meera
Mee:(thought to tease): yes 8 or 9
Rags face was fading listening to this.
Mee: what hppnd di r u sad listening to this.
Rag(covering): why would I feel sad…
Mee: but y r u asking this…
Rag: yunhi….(fake smile)
Rag was a bit sad that lak has this many gfs.
Lak comes to them
Lak: girls are u ready for tomorrow. We r going at 7pm. So plz wake up fast(he says seeing rageena)
Rag: hlooo y r u seeing us. Yesterday we were tired so we slept more. It doesn’t mean that we will sleep more.
Lak: when did I say that u will sleep more.
Reena: ragu lets show them tomorrow. We will wake up before u guys…
Rag: ha reena…

Scene shifts to hugli
Sanskar was very angry…
Swara couldn’t understand why he is behaving like this.
Swa(to herself): what happnd to him. He is not like this. If I think he is behaving becoz he is a stranger means that’s not crct becoz for the frst time we met through an accident drama. He doesn’t know me then also he tries to help me. Something is there…
Sanky comes out of washroom…
Swa: sanky…
San: Swara I’m sleeping.
He goes without uttering a single word n goes to couch.
Swara also goes to bed.

Lak: off atlast we r going
Mee: duggu I was so excited to meet murali…he he was so cute that time I don’t know how is he now. I think he is handsome now also…
Karan was fuming while listening all this
Kar: whoz this murali she is praising him that much. Yeh lucky kam tha kya voh bhi agya mere pyar ke dushmandushman(guys he doesn’t know that lucky is her bro)
Lak: haa meeru. Now stop flirting with him he is going to be married. But why r u telling all that u don’t like him na.
Mee: when did I say that I don’t like him. I like him infact I love him….
Karan was shocked to listen her
Mee: but it is not that love I love him as a friend.
Karan was relieved….
Mee then then thinks abt rags question.
Mee: acha duggu vo ur ex gf raina is also coming na…
Lak: may be…
Now rags was fuming listening to this ex gf word.

Scene shifts hugli.
San: swara shall we leave…
Swa: haa sanskar…
They come out of their room.
Om: hlooo young man
San: ha dadaji
Om: it seems like u r going somewhere..
San: haa yes actually we r getting bored so thought to go somewhere…
Ow: let them enjoy their life…. They r looking like newly married they want to spend sometjmw together na
Swasan fake smiles….
Om n ow left
San: chale….
Swa: sanskar shall we go to Temple.
San: yes sure…
They leaves to Temple..

Scene shifts to raglak
Lak: yes we reached at last…. Soon some girl comes n hugs laksh.
Rag was shocked to see this.
Mee: raina plz leave him at least now. Vaise (seeing rag) u can stick to him becoz he is still single…
Raglak death glares to meera while meera chuckles…
Raina pulls laksh inside…
Rag(to herslef): yeh tho laksh SE cipak raha hai…chipkali kahiki… Man kar rahi hai ki uski hath pao thod du.

Mee: ab ayega maza…duggu enjoy ur lover jealousy…

Screen freezes on rag jealousy face.

Guys I hope it’s not boring. I tried a lot to make it interesting. But why is sanky behaving like this?Who is the oldman? What relation does sanky have with that person? Guess guess….

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    1. Maha6

      I can’t say tq to u. But u r thinking abt sanskar n yash na don’t worry u will get to know who is who soon. I can’t reaveal it now wait n read the episodes u will get to know. Phir SE skills ki bath offff tum nahi badloge

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